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  1. Forgot to mention the purpose of this post ~ if any of you DO or HAVE had this, how did you cover it up? Desperate minds really, really, really want to know!! Thank you so much! <3
  2. First of all, misery loves company (plus, I'd like to know that I'm not a freak), so I'm hoping someone out here in MUT land has either had this problem (and found a solution) or knows someone who did. I'm 45 and I've noticed over the years ... for lack of a better term ... my upper lip area's skin has gotten ... coarser. Think of a man's upper lip ~ not so much the hair, but the texture. I do have hyperpigmentation ~ but that's more easily covered up than the actual texture. I've tried B's PoreFessional, Smashbox's line of primers, Tarte's Clean Slate, and TF's Primed and Poreless ~ none of them really seem to do the job. I've come to the conclusion that it's either hormonal (thank you to my "early menopause" genes) or dry, dry skin. I actually broke down and used a *pumice stone (yes, you read that right ~ but it's never been used, so there's that, at least) on that area and it seemed to help with the texture some. *For the last two weeks, I've been having to wash off and reapply my makeup at least 4 times each day ~ none of the millions of products I've got seemed to do a damned thing, so I'd wash my face and start over. The pumice stone was, I think, a desperate cry for help. I will admit that I do have terribly dry skin (yet, still combination skin). I look fine (but with a pale face and a fake tan everywhere else) without makeup, except for a few hyperpigmented spots ~ but as soon as I put on foundation, my skin gets so dry it's like a cracked eggshell. There's nothing like having the Sahara desert on your face to really accentuate fine lines! o_O I am taking steps to fix the problem, though. I did a 50% glycolic acid peel the other day, and I'm going to do another one in a few days (I'm an old pro with GA at this point). I might even end up doing another 12% TCA, too ~ though, obviously, not at the same time or even within weeks of each other! So ... am I alone with this? Does it sound like dry skin or do I need to talk to my doctor about hormone therapy (or whatever old women like me are supposed to do!)? My deepest thanks in advance for any commisseration or advice! <3
  3. I'm in the same boat, but I'll bet that I've been in it longer (meaning, add into the mix aging skin ~ yuck ~ 45 years old this month!). I (currently) use Tarte's Waterpoof Creaseless Concealer (on Paula's Choice's Beautypedia reviews, it's rated "Best"), which is supposed to be very hydrating since it's oil-based, but it ends up drying my undereye out. And it doesn't really even cover the dark circles very well. Plus, it's really, really sticky feeling until it sets. So, dark circles + dryness + crepeyness = yuck. So, needless to say, I'm looking for better options and I'm subscribing to this thread.
  4. As someone with mature skin, I'd have to say that leaving out the SPF is a ginormous NO-NO! Whilst we'd love, love, love, to look amazing for our child's big day, we'd rather not risk looking 20 years older the next day. Think about it: We put TONNES of creams, serums, moisturisers, lotions, etc, on our faces (and likely, the décolleté area) just to turn back the hands of time. Even if foregoing SPF for one day won't undo all the work we've put in, we're likely to THINK it did. :/ I'd recommend, instead of foregoing the SPF, using a chemical sunscreen. It's the physical sunscreens (think titanium dioxide, among a few others) that, because they reflect the sun's ray back, have the white, shiny cast. The ones with avobenzone (a chemcial sunscreen) *absorb* the rays, so there's no cast nor awful reflection in photos. And I'd rather risk a little potential irritation (YMMV) than foregoing sunscreen altogether. Just MHO. A really good moisturiser with sunscreen that I use and love is Paula's Choice Moisture Boost + SPF. Very moisturising on my dry, dry, old skin, and no oogey cast or flashback. And yes, you're going to want to moisturise the bloody hell out of every woman over 40. And they'll thank you profusely for it. <3 Best of luck to you!
  5. ... a-n-n-d its gone. I guess Patsy decided that discretion was the better part of valor and drove off into the sunset (in her fancy-schmancy sports car), trailing cheap sunglasses, sex toys and expired makeup behind her. IOW, her drama-llama FB page is gone. Vanished. Poofed. Amscrayed. Auf weidersehn. Buh-bye. *Apologies to the mods if I'm out of line, here, or simply over the top. I promise, it was all funny in my head.
  6. I found it on GWPAddict's blog (hope I'm not breaking any rules mentioning that). It's $39- and ships for $6.22. It's my first purchase with QVC, so I'm hoping it's a good experience. Thanks for giving me the deets on the products. They're big enough names that I figured it was worth a risk, but having a first hand review from someone I trust is invaluable! <3 http://www.qvc.com/QVC-2012-Customer-Choice-Award-Winners-11-piece-Collection.product.A240007.html
  7. Anyone else jump on this? Hoping that the products are good and I won't feel like an idiot when they land on my porch! They are: 6-fl oz WEN Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner 1-fl oz philosophy purity made simple 3-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes 0.5-fl oz Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment 0.25-oz Peter Thomas Roth Laser-Free Resurfacing Eye Serum 0.5-fl oz Dr. Denese Triple Strength Wrinkle Smoother Advanced Treatment 0.5-fl oz Perricone MD Neuropeptide Facial Cream 0.5-fl oz Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil 0.11-fl oz IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer, a neutral medium shade 2-oz Laura Geller Spackle Under Make-Up Primer 0.12-oz Mally High Shine Liquid Lipstick in Starburst, a shimmering pink shade 0.39-oz Mally Volumizing Mascara Any opinions?
  8. I'm getting #43 ~ I'm happy I'm getting the Pür minerals CC cream (I've been using the "Color Balancing" primer for over a year now and LOVE it!), but the rest is meh. I could always use more cleanser (and I love green tea ever since using MUAC's green tea cleanser). And the Caudalie Divine Legs might be nice (though it doesn't seem like much of a sample size). But I'm not feeling the curly shampoo. And whilst bobby pins are always nice, I rarely ever use hair accessories. :/ DD is getting #19 ~ She'll likely enjoy the bobby pins and lippie and she is a HUGE nail polish addict, so she'll love another CC polish. But the rest is pretty meh for her. She'd not really be all that interested in the Ceramidin cream, nor would she be huge into the Caudalie (she's a lifeguard at our local water park and ALWAYS has a nice tan). She really could have used the DDF ~ she gets flare-ups occasionally when she's got that time o' the month. I was REALLY hoping for the Hello Flawless Oxygen. Oh well. Maybe another time. Or maybe I'll just toss caution to the wind and buy it full-size.
  9. Great point! <3 It's so easy to think that everyone at BB's in the loop, but I'll bet that, like most large-ish companies, it's totally not the case.
  10. No, no trade's necessary. I have TONS of argan oil and since hub's beard isn't that long (but don't tell him that! LOL!) and I use it sparingly (again, baby fine hair that gets weighed down easily), what I've got should last nearly a lifetime! Now, if you feel you MUST send me something in return, some "good BB box karma" wouldn't be refused. My last few boxes sucked. ,') Holler at me with your addy ... I'll be hitting the PO early next week.
  11. I'm not getting mine until the 16th, but if I get any of those perfumes, I'd be happy to send them on to you. I just stocked up on MCMC Phoenix and Juicy Coutures (all thanks to BB points and Ulta gift packs), so I'm good for the next millennia! I'm super boring when it comes to perfumes. Before these subs, all I ever wore was Chloe ~ and that's been for the last what? 20 years! LOL!
  12. I agree. I tend to excuse a lot of what most would consider PR BS, figuring that as long as no one's being conned or harmed in some way (such as deliberately lying about something that's either dangerous or illegal), and the end result is the same (updating boxes at midnight), it's not a big deal. To me, it's the motivation of the PR. If it's excusing a mild cock-up that was really no one's fault, it's excusable ~ I understand the concept of wanting to save face ... especially if it's a business. If it's covering up a situation that's potentially harmful, that's when I get insulted and pissed. But then, I'm an ex-gubmint employee ... so I think I'm so used to bullshit that I may have developed a palate for it. At this point, I only ask that they use some imagination and creativity in it's crafting. :/
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