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  1. I do swatch stuff from drugstores....BUT! I'll look high and low for one that someone else already swatched. I feel less guilty that way
  2. Welll, you're 14. He's 14. He's wayyyyyy too young to even think about having a kid. You've just started high school and have already ruined your life...my advice is to get rid of the thing before you get ridiculed for being the school slut, that's just what they'll say, not that you are one, but they're going to call you every name in the book. A girl at my school got pregnant when she was 17 and the torment was so bad she had to change schools. She now works at kroger and the father isn't in the picture--even though he was supportive at first
  3. Swaps are over. Maybe there will be a new one in a few months
  4. Purple necklace? Oh. I see what you're talking about. The box. All that was there when I got it was the box. Lol. No necklace though. But I liked the box so its currently holding my safety pins
  5. Its going to take some finnagling to get blonde hair that dark red. I'd go to a salon where the work they do is guarantee'd
  6. I got the nail polishes all leaky too. I just thought that's how they had been put into the box.
  7. Sent it out Tuesday night. Should be there Saturday. I sent a you a message but I guess it didn't take because I was on my phone.
  8. Hey guys, got the box last night. Should be going out monday/Tuesday. What I added^^ What I took:
  9. I tip. Sometimes I don't really think they deserve it, but I do. I tip my tattoo artist 50% logic there is: I'm pretty loyal and I want the guy putting ink into my skin to do a damn good job.
  10. Yeah but that's not the naked palette..
  11. I really really like that. I hope its more towards the $30 and not so much towards the $45. But I wouldn't be suprised it it was like $42
  12. 5' 7" wooh for being a little taller than the average. My mom is 5'4" and I always assumed that was average for a woman. Buttt. My boyfriend is "5'9"" psh yeah right sweetie. Keep dreaming. You're 5'8" at the MOST. Poor baby. I've always been into realllyyyyyy tall guys (like...around 6'5" tall) so he is a bit of an outlier
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