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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by emilylithium Anyone know how the sample squad works? I check their website once in a while for any samples. I saw today that they had a latest sample of Secret Deoderant but it was ended already. How do you find out about the samples ASAP before it runs out? Crap! Looks like I missed out on another one. Unfortunately they never send out emails to let you know when a new sample it up. You just have to randomly check if one is available, but they run out quickly.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Kimb3rly You can get it on the It Cosmetics website with their 25% promo code. I think someone posted the code earlier in this thread. I managed to snag it the other day and it just arrived...I Loooove it!!! The code is CELEBRATE and shipping was free. Wow, that's an even better deal. My wallet thanks you! Thanks, @Kimb3rly
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by tweakabell Can I come hide over here? I forgot how many stupid people live on the internet and piss me off! I also have an extra Ulta code if someone needs one! I'd love that code if you still have it. I need an excuse to get that It Cosmetics palette
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by DivaSaurusRex I think it just depends. You just have to find a good store. I've given up on these spotting things (I'm in Canada and I can never find it if I'm looking for it... My stores. NEVER have anything other stores do.) and yes, some stores just suck lol. Plain and simple... You just have to find a good store and be prepared to dig a little I agree...some stores are better than others. Most are a mess with stuff all over the place and you have to search a while to find some good deals. I'll find a great deal every once in a while (especially perfumes and skincare) so I go in randomly to see what they've got. Supposedly they get shipments in every weekday so I try to go earlier in the week before the packages get opened and smashed.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by meganbernadette Does anyone know where the kits ship from? I'm waiting on my fiber one kit and the website says they mailed it on 01/20/13 via USPS, its been a week and I haven't received it. I'm still waiting on the fiber one kit too. Maybe the polar vortex has slowed them down? Hope they arrive soon.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by hsalt Rumor has it on the BT boards that VIBs (not just VIBRs) were able to use the Dior code and that's why it went so fast...and that Sephora is busy deleting comments on their Facebook referencing that. People are pissssed. Yep, just saw that on FB. No wonder it went so quickly. Come on, Sephora! We spend LOTS of money...we deserve some actual perks.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by hsalt How the heck is the lipstick gone already?! Ugh. That was the only one I was really interested in. It's back up now!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by KNJScorpio I waited too long! The lipstick is sold out now LOL. That was really, really fast! Not surprised, though. Wow, that was fast
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