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  1. I received my skin care box yesterday. There were no instructions with the mask and it smells really strong. I'll have to do a little research on how to use it.
  2. I got mine today as well. I like everything but the bronzer...too dark and too sparkly. Everything else is great though. I especially like the lipstick in Baby Doll.
  3. At this point, I'm counting myself lucky if I get anything, lol.
  4. Has anyone actually received the promised VIP box? I never did get the email. I sent them a follow up email today about it. Interested to hear what they have to say.
  5. That is good news..I haven't gotten the email, but hopefully, I'll still get the package. It sounds like a great box.
  6. I emailed them yesterday and got this reply: Dear Maria, Neither the May nor June package his shipped yet. We are working on resolving this. Our sincerest apologies. Kindest regards, Le Metier De Beaute I threatened to contact my credit card company (although now that I think about it, I used paypal to order) and ask to be refunded the three months worth of sub that may not arrive. I will give the a couple more weeks before I take action though.
  7. I thought it was odd that we haven't received information to sign up for another year yet.
  8. Every year, starting in May, I believe, they open the sign ups for the subscription. It's only available as an annual sub, at $348 (at least that's been the cost the past few years). If you pay via paypal, you can pay that amount off in 6 months with no interest, if that's a concern. If I remember correctly, it's only full size items and the retail value is well over the price you pay. The first year I subbed, the value was well over $1,000. The've sent some very nice items and I agree - I love the lip cream.
  9. I did great on my no buy until Monday when I took my daughter to Ulta for her birthday. There, I spent $15 on unallowed purchases. I had the Nyx Milk pencil on my list for ages and saw it in store and picked up two other colors I didn't need. I also grabbed a setting spray, but since I'm almost out, that was allowed. Back on the wagon again! My rules are that I can still have my subs (I have Julep (although, I skip most months), Fortune Cookie Soap Co, and Rickys NYC), and I can purchase an item when I am using the last one in my inventory.
  10. I just got back in town last night and found this on my porch. Beautiful colors and I'm wearing it today! Perfect item for December.
  11. I think I'll join you @@EdithS2! I've recently done a full inventory and I just do not need anything new right now (or probably all of 2018). I know I'm getting a few things for Christmas too. I'm planning to drop some of my subs as well, but I'm giving myself until the end of the year to decide which ones.
  12. I'm very excited to get this one. I used the BF deal to get it and I think it's the best one in a while. I was planning to give the necklace as a gift, but we'll have to see if I can part with it, lol.

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