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  1. @@Suzaqu I love those palettes! My one complaint so far has been that capsule wardrobes are BORING and neutral. I found a blog called Mom Advice that had a nice bright one! I'm using her for inspiration!
  2. @@SneakyBurrito I am usually in a hurry so it does get annoying! Yes, sunscreen forever! And avoiding the sun! Gotta love the indoors, lol. @@turntrekgodhead thank you!!! and Happy Birthday!!!
  3. Totally thrilled I've upped my skincare routine!!! My cashier today triple-checked my ID when I bought wine (I'm 32!) As far as flossing goes, I use the floss picks. My sister in law, a dental hygienist, said they're ok to use IF I do the following steps (normally they're not OK because they can transfer bacteria between teeth). After going between 2 teeth, wipe visible plaque off with a clean tissue and dip in Listerine. Use a separate pick for each quadrant of the mouth (upper left & right, lower left & right). At the very least, use a separate one for upper and lower teeth.
  4. Updated progress/completion in my post above! Yay me, and I do believe I earned another happy WOOT face!
  5. Yay! New 10 Days, New Goals! 1) Continue No-Buy of anything beauty related (makeup/skincare/perfume/nailpolish). I've only slipped up once so far, and managed to turn 3/4 of what I bought into a gift for someone else, AND I'm adding one thing from my stash to make the gift 4/4! 2) Continue to use stash! I've been doing great with using skincare, but I definitely need to do makeup more (even if I'm not doing anything more than picking the kids up from school that day!). I need to see makeup as more of a fun, relaxing thing. Plus the more I do it, the better I'll be! So my current goal is skincare EVERY DAY, makeup at least 5/10 days, and paint my nails at least 3x. And now for the house! I'm sticking to 5 total house goals, which worked much better for me in days 21-30. 3) Finish that cursed Spare Bedroom & Closet. I made great progress this time, and I'm about 80% done. My goal is to finish it and NOT let it get turned into the upstairs dumping ground anymore! 4) Re-clean kids' room & closet. The bunk bed drawers are unfortunately not quite enough storage for their winter wardrobes, so I'm going back through and removing any shirts they don't regularly wear (honestly my 5-year-old has a rotating tshirt wardrobe with dinosaurs and superheroes and WILL NOT WEAR anything else without a fight, and I refuse to fight him at 6:30 am every day!). If they wear it regularly, it can go into the drawers. If not, I have to find a way to either store it in their closet, or donate it. There is no reason to keep clothing they don't wear, unless it's a few "dress-up" type outfits that we need occasionally. 5) Sort toyroom. I do NOT have to clean it yet (next time! that will be next time!) but I need to go through while the kids are at school and pull out all toys that are way too young for them. They do not need baby toys hanging around! All age-appropriate toys will go into 4 bins, and we will rotate the bins every two weeks. For every toy they bring in, they have to donate one they already have. If the dog chews up/damages a toy, then it will be thrown away, and not replaced. They need to learn to take responsibility for leaving stuff where the dog can get it. 6) Living Room: I've been doing a good job of keeping it "picked up", but there are a few areas (TV stand, end table) that end up as catch-alls for STUFF. I want to get these areas clear, come up with a plan for storing the boys' video game figurines (Skylanders and Super Smash Bros), TV Remotes, and board games. Then I'd like to implement a new furniture arrangement! 7) Husband's side of Office and Closet. I've gotten mine organized, he comes home tonight, and he's getting his areas organized next week! Muahaha. I'm listing this as a goal because I'm pretty sure I'll be putting at least a few hours in on this. Sounds good for now! Of course, all goals are subject to change, update, or complete abandonment if I deem necessary for my health or sanity! Good luck ladies! I can't wait to hear what you all have planned!
  6. Yes! I've had this bunch of cilantro last me a whole month now! Plus I'm cooking chicken in the crockpot, and shredding it because 1/2 the recipes I find online start list "cooked shredded chicken" as the first ingredient. Hellooooo, all I have is frozen raw stuff. It's put me in a whole new mindset of being prepared and building a stock of staple ingredients in my pantry. I'm still building it for now, but I've vastly increased my ability to cook Asian, Italian, and Mexican foods without having to buy every ingredient on the list. Totally looking forward to when I only have to buy meat, produce, and pantry replacements!
  7. That was pretty much my grocery buying habits before January. Buy a bunch of stuff I don't need, it goes bad, end up having to go to the grocery store 5x anyway to get the one ingredient I *did* need once I figured out what I was making. At the beginning of the year I started menu planning (shortly before each paycheck, I figure out what we're going to eat each night, look up the recipe, make a shopping list from those recipes, eliminating what I already have in the pantry. Shop *only* from that list, without extras.) I have saved so much time, money, and absolute AGGRAVATION for myself just in this month that I'm honestly annoyed that I never did menu planning before. Plus I'm trying all kinds of new recipes, eating healthier, and feeling better. I still end up at the grocery store once or twice, but it's to pick up things we naturally run out of (like milk, eggs, or bread) and not half of my hastily decided dinner recipe!
  8. @@ellabella10 YES! I've been so much better about not tacking on 5 more things when I'm "just picking up a gallon of milk". Now I just get the milk and get OUT! No sense in tempting myself by wandering the aisles and adding chips, an individual drink, hm, we might be out of green beans better get some of those, ooh and a nail polish because why not? Then I'm spending $20 instead of $3. Now, I just spend $3. And it feels good!
  9. Day 28! I got my "oops" order from Glamour Doll Eyes, and happily was able to stick to my plan to only keep ONE eyeshadow and put the other 3 into an upcoming exchange gift! I might even go through my stash and see if I can find a brand-new shadow (from my hoarding-rather-than-using tendencies, I have so many new ones!) to sub in for the one I took - which you can pry from my cold, dead, fingers, thankyouverymuch. I ended up getting a discontinued shade that I have forever mourned not getting til now. STILL. No more slip-ups! I only made one more beauty purchase, and it was for cotton rounds and cosmetic wedge sponges, both of which I was completely out of. This is allowed per my no-buy rules! I was practically giddy walking down the beauty aisle, lol. As for my other/cleaning goals, I'm almost done! Master bedroom is complete as of today (there are a few things left on hubby's nightstand and I don't know where he wants them. He'll be home this weekend so he can put his own darn things away. Ditto for his half of the closet, there are now 4 canvas-lined baskets in there waiting for him to get some organizing done!) and linen closet is 90% done - my craft today was painting red crosses on the canvas bins I'm using for medical stuff! It was so much fun getting my craft on! Alas, yet again, the spare bedroom/closet defeats me. I'm starting to realize why, though! As I clean/organize other areas in the house (linen closet, office, laundry room, master bedroom), anything that doesn't belong in there gets tossed into the spare bedroom, undoing the work I've done! I think I'm finally to the point where I at least have everything IN the bedroom that belongs in there, and MOST of the stuff out that doesn't belong. I need to make a "master list" of what belongs in the bedroom (furniture and art pieces) and the closet (gift wrap supplies, empty luggage, storage for fans in the winter, space heater in the summer), and figure out what to do with the rest of the stuff in there (get donations to thrift shop, distribute framed photos throughout the house). So once again, spare bedroom will be added to my next 10-day master goals list. UGH. I just want to get it over with! I might need to bribe myself with a milkshake or something!
  10. Rawr wrong thread! Lol it was bound to happen sometime. Carry on!
  11. Maybe give yourself a certain amount of time to make up for it? (You're going to be selling things to make up the $ spent, right?) So as long as you can make that money back by, say, Valentine's Day, you don't have to list it in your signature. But if you can't get anything sold to make that $ back, then into your signature it goes! But yeah that is a challenge! Good luck figuring out how you want to handle it!
  12. Oh no, @@EggyBread I hope your doctors are able to help you make a treatment plan and that you recover quickly! Stress buying is totally understandable at this point.
  13. @@kawaiimeows truly a thing of beauty! I hope you have fun playing with all the pretty colors!
  14. @@Suzaqu I think the restrictions you set for yourself on the lotion are just fine! There are going to be times when an unexpected "good deal" pops up, and as long as you're reacting in a logical way (waited awhile to buy it, you know you're going to have to drive much farther/order it online now, it was a great sale price, you're out of that type of lotion), and not just reacting (LOTION! BUY NOW! BUY ALL THREE!) then you're fine! It sounds like you're doing a great job of retraining your buying habits, that's so awesome!
  15. I'm definitely still taking baby steps towards a smaller wardrobe (after all, I did just learn about capsule wardrobes today!), but I took some time tonight while an indie flash sale was going on to go sort through and try on a bunch of dresses. It helped me avoid the temptation of shopping online AND helped me eliminate more from my closet! There are now 7 dresses in the pile to go to the thrift store and 3 still hanging in the closet because I'd like to try to sell them rather than just give them away (One was a too big ModCloth surprise, two are thrift shop finds that fit when I bought them this summer, but then I lost about 10-15 lbs and now they're also too big. And if I have to give up White House Black Market AND Ann Taylor (not Ann Taylor Loft, BRAND NEW with the $178 price tag still on!) dresses, I'm gonna try to get some of that money back! And then because I was feeling bad about trying on a bunch of stuff that was ill fitting and just not right for me anymore (silly bubble dress making my booty look big!), I tried on a few dresses that I know make me look AND feel amazing, so I could end my sorting session on a positive note! I have a fabulous dress that looks like it came straight from the set of Mad Men that is just waiting for warm weather for me to debut it! So now I *do* feel better that I've yet again eliminated items from my closet that I don't absolutely love, and confirmed some pieces that I do love and can't wait to wear!

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