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  1. OK I just have to say this, is anyone else comparing LLBs response to Browning to the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld No box for YOU! Man I hope they dont figure out who I am and cancel me, I really like this box
  2. I am so pleased with the box this month! The first thing I saw upon opening was the jewelry dish and I was delighted with the lace pattern.....but it seems as though some of them have the pattern on the bottom of the dish where you can't see it? I agree with what others have said about the curation being the best I've seen in a sub box and brought back so many warm memories of both of my grandmothers, even though they were both Dutch as opposed to Italian! I do think I really enjoyed the experience of opening without seeing spoilers, wonder if I can convince myself to do this more often????mmmm, probably not
  3. I agree that you get some pretty cool things for $50...FFF is at the price point and I enjoy this box more I think. That is if I ever get it....was suppose to be here today but its still on its way to the local PO so should be here Monday
  4. Thanks, I think I am going to like it...I really love unique home items and whats not to love about tea, poprocks and socks
  5. hmmm...I....hmm, I think I am going to need to see this in person to decide....I see the pillowcase, an illume candle, poprocks (my family loves those things ), socks, empty travel bottles?, a bowl/cup, the Stella and Dot necklace...honest company something....the seed bombs, tea...and I think that looks like either a charging cord or beaded jewelry, lol. Mine says it won't be here until Saturday...anyone else receive theirs and have any variations? Thanks for posting the pics!
  6. Hope they deliver for you tomorrow! Can't wait to see what's inside
  7. I am waiting on this too and even though its currently in Michigan, I know it is going to head to Ohio before reaching me on the west coast of Michigan. For some reason it goes to a hub in Bellville, MI and then usually heads to another in Ohio before coming back??? Darn smartpost!
  8. Oh, gotcha, thank you! I never think to look on Facebook.
  9. Got my box...I am excited about the canvas...it will be fun to see the choices offered. I looked at the site (re-registered,etc) and I can't find anything about the canvas or a "unique code"...anyone have success finding theirs?
  10. My experience with Birchbox codes has been that you can use any of the anniversary codes during certain days of the month as long as you haven't used it in the past....for example, if you didn't use your 3 month code yet, it will still work even if you have been subbed for 2 years! Also (and this may have changed), the TAKEOFF20 code has worked for me several times....my suggestion would be to try a bunch and see if they work....I think it is usually during the middle of the month that they tend to work....
  11. I couldn't copy and paste the product photos so that they weren't HUGE but here is a description of the replacement products for the February box. These replacement products share a common point: an enchanting smell! * An exotic and delicate amber & vanilla hands scrub from La Sultane de Saba. * A shower gel scented with Lanvin‘s timeless and elegant fragrance. I checked my tracking and they were delivered today but I am at work so can't check them out until later Look pretty nice, I am intrigued by the hand scrub!
  12. I received this email too and as far as I know there shouldn't be an issue with my card...thanks for posting, I was a bit anxious to receive it and then not be able to do anything about it due to the site maintenance. I thought it was because my debit card expired this month and I hadn't updated it but I was pretty sure I had!

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