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  1. That's what I got too. Can't use the glossy balm because it's in a super light shade (I mean, for a frosted lips look it would work, but not under normal circumstances)...I used the mascara, even following the directions, and I like it, but don't see anything all that special about it. Then I used it again, applying it how I would normally apply mascara and I got better results.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions I may check them out sometime, but right now I love my Estee Lauder Double Wear Max Cover. Also, I doubt if Rimmel comes in a shade dark enough for me. It's not a very colored friendly brand
  3. I used to get stuff from clicks frequently, but for over a month now I just get emails to update the same parts of my profile because there's "a study I qualify for" so I update my profile and then a day later get the same email to update it again. Definitely an error in their system.
  4. I gave up on Clinique and got Estee Lauder samples. I got samples of both the Double Wear Stay In Place and the Double Wear Maximum Cover, and what I did was put one on one side of my face and one on the other (while I was at home, not running out and about) and tested them out that way, and I actually liked the Maximum Cover better. It felt lighter on my face, [obviously] had more coverage, and looked more natural, plus it has a more matte finish. Then today I wore it to work to really test it, and now, 11 hours later, it's still flawless! So when I got out of work, I checked to see how it held up, and it looked great and felt great, so I said what the hell, I'm going to bite the bullet and get this one! Bonton didn't have it in stock so it's being shipped to my house, but I wanted to buy it there not Macy's because the beauty advisor there was so much nicer and more helpful than the one at Macy's. So even though I could have walked out of the store with the product in my hands at Macy's, I took my business to Bonton so the person I like could get the commission.
  5. I do have the right color, but I don't actually like the foundation It's not matte enough for me...I like a super matte finish. So I'll be returning it for sure.
  6. I'll look into that. My HG foundation is Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H, but the price is kind of deterring right now since I didn't have a job for awhile, just started my new one, and the holidays are coming up...so something cheaper, but not drugstore would be ideal.
  7. I just went out and bought Clinique's Beyond Perfecting 2 in 1 foundation and concealer, and while I like how it feels on my face, and the color is a great match, I'm not really liking the finish. It says it's a natural-matte finish, and it's more on the dewy side IMO...and I like a really matte finish. I want something that's a true matte finish, moderate to full coverage, feels light on the skin and won't accentuate my dry spots too much. Something that's long lasting would be preferable as well since I'm usually out of the house for about 10-12 hours, and most of that time is spent working so I can't really do touch ups. I'm going to give the Clinique a fair shot -- today is only my second day wearing it...but just in case -- suggestions please!
  8. Yeah, Clove isn't dark at all! It's too dark for me, but I'm not very dark in the world of black people! But anyway, I went back -- this time to the counter in the Bonton and got color matched -- again, to Amber. And the lady did half my face in Amber and half in Clove so I could see the whole picture better, and the difference was quite obvious...and it made me sure that I was given the wrong one (Clove) yesterday at Macy's. So then I went back to Macy's and said that I was just there yesterday and was matched to Amber but was actually given Clove, and they apologized and exchanged it for the right one. And it is definitely the right one! I have skin that's pretty hard to match, but this one is on the money. The only way you can really tell I'm wearing makeup is that my face looks too perfect to be bare.
  9. Interesting. It just shocks me that I'd be the darkest shade in the line...yes I'm black, but my skin really isn't that dark! Maybe it's just that Clinique is one of those brands that isn't really catered to darker skin tones...I know that definitely used to the case which is why I went towards higher end brands like Estee Lauder and Lancome.
  10. I went to Macy's yesterday, to the Clinique counter to get a new foundation because I absolutely love Clinique for everything skin, and I like dept. store makeup much better than drugstore, and Clinique is the cheapest. Anyway, I said what I was looking for in a foundation, and the woman suggested the dual foundation and concealer for me since I like moderate to full coverage and a matte finish. She then matched me and did up my entire face, and said the color she was using...but when I came home and opened the box, I saw a very dark foundation, and looking online, it's the darkest they offer in this line. It's called Clove, and I swear she said my match was Amber. There are 2 shades between the two, so I know I can't be good with both. After washing my face to remove what had been on it, I decided to do my face up half and half -- half with the new Clinique in Clove, and half in my old foundation, Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H in 460W Suede. The Lancome looked like it might be a little light since it gave me an ashier look, and the Clinique was hard for me to tell. So, how do I know? Should I go back and get re-matched by someone else to be sure I get the right color? Or what?
  11. Got my MC15-80 mascara comp, and I gotta say that I am quite disappointed. I got another one of those Garnier charcoal face washes (now I have 2 of them plus the grapefruit one -- how much face wash does L'Oreal think we need??) and then a Maybelline Colorblue lip pencil&smudger in "I'm blushing". I tried the whole "smudging" thing and wasn't impressed, but I do like the color of the crayon, so I'll just add that to my collection and use it like I would any other lip crayon.
  12. My main thing is I want something transfer resistant so when I kiss my fiance in our shoot I don't leave bright lipstick prints on him!
  13. I haven't gone yet I posted this at 6am when I was wide awake for absolutely no reason lol.
  14. I'm going out today with my fiance, and out first stop is Target where I hope to get some new lipstick in a color I don't have, and maybe a formula I haven't tried. I want a long wear lipstick that'll last through a movie, dinner, and our engagement photo shoot...so something pretty heavy duty. Suggestions?

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