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    Fashionista on the outside, nerd on the inside. Equal parts girly and tomboy. Down to Earth. Video games. Model. Cat horder. Big dreamer. Beauty blogger. Diagnosed with CREST Syndrome, but I won't let that slow me down.

    - 'In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.'
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    Beauty blogger and student at Vogue beauty college with dreams of starting my own cosmetics company.
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  1. I use Caudalie Divine Oil as a foundation primer, but that doesn't have any SPF. Hmm.. Some suggestions: Smashbox PHoto Finish foundation primer with SPF 15 Mary Kay foundation primer SPF 15 And if you're looking for a 'drugstore brand' Physicians Formula makes a great primer with SPF in it.
  2. I swear by Clinique foundations. They have formulas for just about every skin concern and skin type. Looks natural on the skin, but still gives perfect coverage (I used the Perfectly Real Makeup by Clinique). I've never used a foundation that matches my skin tone so perfectly either.
  3. I got mine in the mail about a week ago (finally)! Love everything in it, and since the Venus with Olay razors are my favorite it never hurts to have another on hand.
  4. Your eye shape looks a lot like mine. Normal set, almond eyes (which is good, most people consider that to be the 'ideal' eye shape, so lucky us)
  5. I use Hard Candy liquid eyeliners! I never have a problem with them flaking or smudging. I've even worn it to the beach and gotten it wet and it still stays put pretty well. They work so well I've honestly never felt the need to buy a 'high end' liquid eyeliner.
  6. Neutral shades would look great with green eyes! My eyes change between green and blue, so a neutral smokey eye is my go-to every day look. It's actually pretty simple. I like to use the Urban Decay Naked palette (you can Google the shades if you're not familiar with them). First I apply Virgin to my eye lids, and bring the color all the way to about the middle of my eyelid. I also apply the color in my crease and above my crease to the same point that I apply it on my lids. You can use a regular sponge applicator for all that. Then using a fluffy eye shadow brush (I use EcoTools) I apply Sidecar to the outer corner of my eye and work it the the center of my eyelid so I can blend it with the color Virgin. Then I finish the look with Dark Horse in my outer crease and above my outer crease and work it inward to blend with the color Virgin above my crease. Hope that helps (it's be easy to explain with pictures, I know. Maybe I'll do a tutorial on my blog). I did a 'Purple Passion' tutorial recently too that looks great with green eyes. Hope that all helps.
  7. I got my May bag and I was very happy with it! I loved all my products and they were all full sized! Except for the lip gloss by Juice Beauty, it's half the size of their regular lip gloss they sell on the Juice Beauty site. But hey, I'm not complaining, it's still the same size of most lip glosses.
  8. I LOVE Sephora eye shadows, especially the Pro Lesson palettes.
  9. I'm the same way! I love neutral shades. The Saint palette is actually on my wish list, so I'm glad to see someone really likes it.
  10. I've been thinking about getting the In The Light and Nude'Tude palettes, but I have so many neutrals already lol
  11. Ohhh, I've never heard of Starlooks. How does that one work?
  12. Do they do it kind of like Birchbox does? Do 'spoilers' but everyone has a chance of getting different things, or does everyone get the same items in their bag?
  13. I saw in a couple of their bags they sent full sized Urban Decay eye shadows and things like that. Did you never get those?
  14. I love trying all kinds of different products, especially so I can do a wide range of reviews for my blog.

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