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  1. I imagine snacks marked "new" are new for graze UK. Things that we get added to our choices are probably not marked new unless they're new graze wide. BTW, the trick we used to find out the expected ship date for our boxes by looking at the title of the tab of a shared box no longer works, maybe they realized it's not very accurate for US subscribers, or that the more detailed "your deliveries" page replaces that.
  2. I can't remember if I've posted this yet: http://www.graze.com/us/b/THHY9/ I just got this box in the mail today, probably should have received it Friday or Saturday, but due to blizzard Nemo, I got it today. I'll be bringing it to a little getaway this week! http://www.graze.com/us/b/O4KLL/ This is my next box, can't wait for the mango lassi! I've tried two flavors of the flapjacks, apple and cinnamon in my box, and orange and ginger in my boyfriends, and I feel like the latter was too strong and the former was just right! I'll be curious to see how this fruit and nut flavor compares.
  3. Yes, even though they claim to have 90+ varieties, they had 89 when I signed up, and now only 88. I would love to try the olives, or bread, or any of the pastries (not to mention the tea)! I think I might drop them an email to let them know I'm still willing to try their pastries, even if it's a day or two past the best by date! At least eventually, when they work the kinks out... Is that too annoying?
  4. I've noticed something interesting: Compare the two screenshots taken from my phone of my boyfriend's boxes. The first was taken maybe a couple days ago, and the next one was taken tonight. Notice something missing? The "invite your friends" tab is gone! I believe you can still invite whoever you want, but they are not currently trying to encourage an increase in their number of American customers. (When I visit someone's box contents, it still gives me their promo code, and I had no issues viewing my rewards once I use the "click to claim your reward" link in my emails.) The FAQ on the graze website says that existing graze members "have a limited number of invitations," but I'm not sure I believe that when I got 39 people to join... This is evidence that they're trying to concentrate on the customers they have rather than getting even more new customers! It also might mean that they are a teeny bit in over their heads, though... good luck graze!
  5. BTW, did anyone get a little booklet aside from the one with the 4 sets of nutritional facts on the back? From what this little pamphlet says, it sounds like there's supposed to be another booklet, it tells me to "read through the little book in your box" to find out more about how graze works. Am I missing this little book? Are we all missing this little book? Am I just reading too much into it?

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