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  1. I saw the spoiler pics and have to say I'm pretty excited! I didn't get the August box (and I wasn't interested in anything in it) but I definitely see myself using everything in this box. I'm actually really happy about it which is the first time I've felt that way about ps in a while
  2. I haven't even been charged for this month so I don't know what's going on. I'm guessing I might have some sort of problem that I need to sort out so I emailed CS.
  3. I'm excited for the gorjana necklace because it is exactly the type of necklace I like wearing. I've worn the tassel one they sent a while ago a lot more often than I ever expected! Plus, I even like the July necklace even though the haterade in the July box thread is pretty strong
  4. Lolllll I feel like there will never be anything that everyone likes so I just try to wait and decide whether I like it myself when I actually get the box. I've actually sort of avoided coming on here because reading complaints makes me almost question what I liked in the first place. As for the August necklace, it's completely my style so I'm one of the happy ones
  5. I hope my new debit card gets to me soon (I shouldn't even need a new one but my bank created a major mess up they then tried to pin on me; suffice it to say it was nuts) because I'm very interested in getting BOTH boxes
  6. Omg that Instagram picture!!!! I'm already so excited!!!! I have a feeling I'll be buying everything Ariel related. Plus, if those are the colors, I'm so happy because they actually look good on me unlike the Jasmine palette!
  7. I looked at the spoilers and I have to admit I'm much more excited than I was for the April box! Now I'm anxious for my box to actually get to me!!!
  8. I haven't gotten charged yet and I've gotten no emails about this month plus I checked my sub and it says no current recurring profile? Is my sub cancelled without me knowing it?
  9. Just checked my track by reference and it said the anticipated ship date was 5/9 and got the 3.2 lb weight. No clutch for me lolllll
  10. I missed out on the summer box and now I'm sure it'll be awesome! Agreed on the whole soap and garment bags comment, I'll def. give up on ps if I'm stuck with another garment bag (although it has actually been useful since I have to store newly purchased formalwear in there for an upcoming wedding) or soap or perfume I don't like/want.
  11. Me too. I'd be willing to shell out more $ for a box that with mainly high end makeup. I'm struggling with whether to give ipsy another chance right now (last month was my first and I was NOT impressed) and I was thinking about the same thing.
  12. I agree. Honestly, now I have more of a feeling of dread each month when I'm looking for ps spoilers rather than excitement. I keep hanging on but I'm not excited about it anymore, it's more of a 'what if' feeling that keeps me going. Good thing I don't like gambling
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