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  1. I wouldn't wait to cancel. They changed their policy sometime last year to where I think you had to cancel by the 20th of the month before or something to avoid getting charged for the next month. So they might have already dinged you. I ended up getting an extra box at the end of my last sub that I hadn't wanted because of that.
  2. I had one of the toffees from the Escape Mini after lunch today and they are delicious. Am swapping the bus on MSA for some other items I want and am happy with the rest. I'm not sure it's worth what I paid for it in a strict dollar amount, but I think the curation was good this time around and I do put some of the cost toward that and the surprise factor. Much better than Puerto Rico. And I'm looking forward to Hawaii next month.
  3. I emailed about a leaky item from the Vegas box (IIRC) and the response was pretty quick as well.
  4. I think this is my fourth month with them and the first stinker of a box. I don't think it's a bad track record though and I'm looking forward to what they do for London.
  5. Damn, just tried to use that rougehair code and it gave me the hand. LAME. This is what happens when you're rouge and still don't get their emails. So irritating. Of course I haven't tried calling customer service, but it doesn't seem like I should have to call them to get on their email list, you know? It seems so very silly.
  6. I didn't have anything lost month and got the sponge this month. Course I bought myself one last month that I still haven't used, but I'll just add this one to the stash and get to it eventually.
  7. I had a $50 credit with GroupOn, so I just sprung for my first box. It was the apron that did it, those are just really cute.
  8. I've never worn an apron in my life, but those are adorable! I haven't ordered a FFF box before, but maybe I will this time. Or else swap for one of the aprons.
  9. My review: Meh. It seems like the same stock they've had at the last couple of sales that I've gone to, just less of it. I think they teamed up with Cargo because they couldn't have done a sale on their own with what they have left to unload.
  10. I've managed to control myself and skip the last few sales, so I think I'm overdue and will be checking this one out. And it's literally like four blocks from my office.
  11. Mine got to my local post office really early this morning and it says it should arrive today, though it's not out for delivery yet.
  12. I tried logging in and logging out and then tried on my phone too. Still nothing. Maybe it's because I got a bunch of things last time. Oh well, maybe next time.
  13. I'm not a parent and there's zip for me. Super disappointing!
  14. No movement on mine yet and it doesn't have far to go - Lake Oswego's only a few miles from me.

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