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  1. All the urban decay naked foundations for my kit (cheat but valid) lol
  2. Sigma precision and real techniques are my fav cheaper brushes.
  3. dheartsmac

    Grossed Out!

    I shop a lot so I have seen everything from people using gloss with the wand to using mascara straight from the wand, recapping and putting the tester back...I'm always internally like yuck! The stupidest thing to me which usually happens at mac where they try to cut the tips off the mascaras and glosses--is when i see their sales associates show a customer a product by swatching it on their unsanitized hand, then asking them if they'd like to try it on. YUCK! They should know better. I've also seen them just grab shadows, not wiping or anything and apply it on people. I've even complained to the manager before to come back after walking the mall and see the same product half empty not replaced back on their display. Sephora and ulta gross me out even more than MAC. It ticks me off bad because I like to go and try on different things before I buy but now unless they open it brand new in front of me, I will not try it on.
  4. Hibiscus looks about right to me too, at least from the picture.
  5. I keep it all until i get bored with it except mascara. I feel like mascara is the most bacteria filled piece of makeup a person can have so I change mine often.
  6. Makeup forever aqua cream in black alone works for me.
  7. I love bi-facil and hate Mac charged water remover. The charged remover takes so much to remove eyeshadow, never mind fluidlines etc.
  8. Occ is really on the ball. I love that they are still around and improving every collection. Bravo!
  9. I know I don't need makeup but it definitely enhances what's there. Going without it doesn't break my heart, but piling it on doesn't change my life either.
  10. Looks like sephora to me. An older logo, but I think it's a match.
  11. As the queen of de-potting, I can honestly say packages never sway me to purchase, but they will make me not purchase something.
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