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  1. So is that all of them? I'm gonna miss all the pretty reveals if so....
  2. The green is Color Club, no name on the bottle, the glitter topper is Rainbow Honey but I don't remember which one. Yet another one that I love, and got lots of compliments on. One of the girls at work had on a pair of green pants that exactly matched the green on my nails, it was too funny!! ETA-not sure why it shows up sideways, sorry!! Also, it looks more teal or turquoise, but they are green....weird.
  3. Had a few friends over for a spa day over the weekend...here is my creation, polish is by Nails, Inc. I forget which color it is, but I can look when I get home from work. On top are some nail decals I found at Dollar General. They are the kind where you peel off the plastic & wet it down, like temporary tattoos. I actually really like how it came out.
  4. You're welcome!! I'm always up for a sneaky surprise, especially such a good one!!
  5. So are all the reveals done?? Who had who? I lost track...lol!!
  6. I'm not sure what day I'm on, but I have a ton of decluttering to do, so I'm just going to keep pressing forward. Plus I don't do stuff every day, so I'll just post as I get rid of things. 3-4 Christmas/Holiday shirts, they were the ones I don't wear because they were too small, itchy or just not my style, donate Lone sock-haven't seen it's mate in months, trash Already took back the few gifts that we got that we didn't like/need. We are SO bad at returning things that this is a huge plus!!
  7. Eeek, that was awesome!!! I knew you were getting something, she messaged me for your addy!!
  8. Here is my first mani using items from my Santa....it's Revlon Wintermint. I just love it, the scent lasted about a day and was a really strong peppermint scent. It smelled SO good...I can't wait to try the Spun Sugar and see what that one smells like!!
  9. Yeah!! I'm glad they made it. After I shipped out your box I saw them lying on the floor near where I was wrapping and packing and I thought oh crap!! Lol...they were too cute, I hope you enjoy them.
  10. Ok, so in addition to the Wintermint I used the Julep top coat because I was too lazy to get up & get the one I have open. Wow, it's pretty amazing. It dried super fast under the light in my living room. And I used the Julep clean up tool as well. It'll take some getting used to, but it did help a lot. I think with a little practice with it, it will be a great help. Once again, thank you @@Lolo22 for such a an amazing gift. I am still in awe over it all!!
  11. They are awesome, I can't wait to see what Spun Sugar smells like!!
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