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  1. boxesandboxes

    Luxor Box

    Man, what I wouldn't do to get someone's $95 box subscription! LOL
  2. boxesandboxes

    Le Metier De Beauty swaps

    ...crickets. crickets. ....
  3. boxesandboxes

    Luxor Box

    what color bracelets did everyone get?
  4. Same. Finally moved out of label created stage on saturday. still in cali tho
  5. boxesandboxes

    Le Metier De Beauty swaps

    seeking this months lip product
  6. if anyone has this months up for swaps - or if there is a swap thread for LMdB - let me know
  7. boxesandboxes

    Quarterly Co Nina Garcia *SPOILERS*

    If anyone gets the box and wants to swap, I;ll take it. I was in Guatemala last year
  8. boxesandboxes

    Quarterly Co Nina Garcia *SPOILERS*

    carry on, lone Soldier! haha
  9. boxesandboxes

    Quarterly Co Nina Garcia *SPOILERS*

    Do it! Take one for the team!
  10. I'm sure they will send something amazing. It took them 2 weeks of me reaching out to them before they sent me July. One of the excuses was that they were focusing on the 2016-2017 season. Another was that their records showed shipped and saw that it delivered (but when asked for a tracking number they created a new one and THEN shipped). Oh they also said they replied to my email...but of course there were no replies (and I sent 4 emails plus reached out on Facebook - first time they said "team said it responded" then 2nd time the team ended up responding). That kind of shadiness isn't for me. If records indicated it delivered (which it didnt because I have 24 x 7 people at desk) then send me the tracking number (and respond to the first 4 emails).
  11. I'm ok with the "cape" - but that video was annoying and didnt really show much
  12. fascinating. still no response. and even wrote to the person responsible for the VIP program. hope whoever signed up again faces less challenges. i'm thrilled i am out!
  13. boxesandboxes

    Luxor Box

    I didnt get the summer one. But did just buy the black box. I was hoping they would offer additional ones for sale.
  14. boxesandboxes

    Luxor Box

    And that's my answer. Yes, they are selling additional ones.
  15. boxesandboxes

    Luxor Box

    Is anyone getting the Black Box? Think they will release a couple "extras" before they ship? They tend to do that right?
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