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  1. I'm picking the R&Co Paste and hoping the other hair item in my box isn't awful. I liked the curated box, but not enough to get all those dupes, so I cancelled my second sub. Depending on how my non curated box goes I may or may not cancel that one as well, since I think the sample choices have been really lackluster recently and there are other boxes I'd rather try.
  2. I got my box yesterday and it had the Nuxe Oil (not shimmer, which I'm actually really happy about since I have no use for shimmery oil), a Too Faced Melted Lipstick, the Fango Mask, Eyeko Crayon, Nail dry spray, and the Glov on the Go thing. I'm really super happy with it, but I also would have been thrilled with the Vichy/Tree Hut variation. (: Super excited for next month.
  3. Has anyone had any issues with their Coola sunscreen (the white tea one) being empty? I went to use it for the first time today and there was seriously a drop of product in there. I sent them an email, but it was on my non ace account so who knows how long it'll take them to reply. I'm hoping for more of a points deal then a replacement, since I'm sure the replacement will be the same and then I'll have to complain again.
  4. My bag is a big ole bag of disappointment. There were so many skincare things I'd much rather have and what happens, I get one skincare product I know Ipsy is more makeup heavy, but I have my profile checked so that there's like no makeup (except eyeliner and I think lipstick or concelear). I've been resubbed since January and while my bags are usually great, this is the only awful one, I'm just finding I'm not actually using like any of the makeup they send me, so I think it might be time to cancel. * Vera Mona Eye Smudger Brush. Third bag in a row with a brush. I'm bored of them. * Glamour Dolls Gloss Snob in Twirl. What even. I have no words for this. I hate lip gloss, I rate every gloss I receive negatively and what do I get? More lip gloss (and gross bright pink made for 5 year olds gloss as well). I guess if it's not sticky maybe I can use it over lipstick, but in reality I'll probably just trash it. * Jelly Pong Pong Carribean Sun Bronzer Duo. This could be okay, bronzers always tend to look weird on me, but the blush side looks like it could be okay, and who knows maybe the bronzer will be nice? I'm at least sorta interested in this. * It Cosmetics Eyeliner. I actually wanted this out of the original spoilers, so yay. Love It Cosmetics. * Vasanti. I got this before in a Birchbox and I think I have another DS sample of it somewhere. I love this stuff and I'm happy to get more since I can see myself purchasing one day. The only thing I'm disappointed about with this is that all the other skincare would have been new to me, and instead I get a repeat, but at least it's a good repeat! Overall my bag is like 2/5. Thank goodness both my Birchboxes are good this month!
  5. Does anyone know what day they charge for a monthly sub? Theyre FAQ says the first, but I havent been charged yet.
  6. I got my box yesterday! It was amazing I loved it! I know there were variations though and I'm really luck I got the one I did
  7. I'm actually really happy about the spoilers since I apply sunscreen everyday. I'll choose the sunscreen oil on one account and the Coola on the other, I'm currently using the Mango sport one and love it, so I'll be happy to have a new scent of it. I'd like to get the curated box on one account since that's why I have 2 accounts, but I don't love Davines products and I don't need more nude lip gloss
  8. This is what I'm getting: Tarte Lipsurgence in Wonder. It's red. I hardly ever wear red, but I like Tarte's lip products and it's better then the Benefit primer, so whoo! Luxie Tapered Highlighter Brush. This is so pretty. I have a Luxie blush brush that I use everyday, so I'm excited to get this! (This was something I really wanted.) City Color Highlighter Trio. This was another product that I really wanted. Ipsy posted swatches on their Facebook page of this and it looked beautiful, so yay! Adesse Organic Infused Gel Effect Nail Polish in Irina. I love lavender nail polishes. I can't wear polish to work, but I'll totally use this on my toes! (Not something I really wanted, but not bad either) Briogeo Don't Despair Repair Gel to Oil Overnight Repair Treatment. I like their deep conditioner and this seems like a brand new product (which is always cool to receive.) According to Sephora you put it on overnight and wash it out the next morning. (Like a sleeping mask for your hair.) I'm not sure how often I'll actually use this, but it sounds cool and I can always use it on days when I don't work the next day. I love my Ipsy bag, 3/5 is a win and the other two are products I'll totally use! Best Ipsy in a while. (Which is great since from the spoilers I didn't think it would be that great.) Unfortunately I'm not getting any of the skincare products, but I'm getting a Leader's mask that I redeemed points for.
  9. The moisturizer is a foil and the cleanser is a really nice tube! (I think it's .5 oz or 1 oz.)
  10. I'm thinking they'll be live tomorrow. They're usually live after the 4th sneak peek. In my perfect bag I'd get a combination of stuff from this list: -City Color Trio -Luxie Brush -Buxom (but the Tarte would be okay too) -EM Concealer -Novex Mask -Anything from the last sneak peek, but I'd really like the Purlisse mask or the Derma E toner mist. I really don't want anything starlooks, the Skinn eyeliner, or any polish (especially the strips) so that means that's everything I'll get.
  11. Yeah the clock still starts. Not so far as the risk of infection, because you haven't opened them yet, but opening them makes them dry out faster, so the next time you go to use it they could be dry or clumpy.
  12. I did! I snagged 4 of those Laneige mask duos. I'm obsessed with the sleeping mask. I think my mask is freaking my skin out, and that was the only product that fixed it!
  13. This looks like a great box! I'm super excited for it. Everything will get used.
  14. I think my box is sucky, but I'm thinking that after 3 years of boxes maybe they're just running out of things to give me, since most of the box combos I've seen have some sort of dupe for me. -Beaver Shampoo and Conditioner. Meh. It'll get used, but not exciting. -Au Naturale Trio. My PYS, excited for this. -Penhaligon's Levantium perfume. This stuff is almost $200. And it's full of a bunch of notes that I dislike. I don't really mind getting perfume samples, but I want something that smells good. (I hope the rose note is strong.) -Acure Pore Minimizing Face Scrub. I'm really excited for this. I love Acure and I've never tried this before. This box is weird. I love and am super excited for 2/5 products and I'll use the other 3 (I'll probably even trudge through the perfume even if I don't love it.) I love the curated box and I'm wishing I had just stuck with that. Maybe I'm at the point where it needs to just be curated or nothing, since I haven't loved my last 3 or so "mystery" boxes.
  15. Meh not super impressed so far. I really only want the Buxom Oh well last month was amazing, I'm due for a dud

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