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  1. Awesome! I know how you feel. I heard that an Ulta was opening at a mall that is nearly two hours from me- and that got me excited! They're really a rarity in my area.
  2. Oh, I've read crazy amounts of water, including for some ridiculous amount for every 25 pounds you're overweight for, etc. I've also read to drink when you're thirsty, and to make sure you notice signs of dehydration such as headaches or hunger. I personally drink 8 cups a day..In the form of four 16oz water bottles. I can keep track of it that way, lol.
  3. I just got an e-mail about the $10 in points..I've honestly been so busy I haven't been thinking of my box. I do enjoy their customer service, for sure! LOL, nope, I totally hope the same thing! I need the new Benefit lip balms! (Doubt they're on the website yet, but probably by Christmas..)
  4. I started taking Viviscal as well. I take biotin as you said. I actually switched to a hair/skin/nail pill from nature's valley, I think. It has the same amount of biotin, but other added vitamins to it. I actually take them for my eyelashes. I never really had problem with my lashes, but they are longer/thicker than ever thanks to the biotin.
  5. Super pretty! You're making me want to buy the palette lol.
  6. Thanks sweetie! <33 Yeah I was bummed when I found that out! But definitely will be trying for other stores/counters. Thanks for the support! <3
  7. Thank you so much! <3 Thank you for the advice. I definitely put on my most confidence face- also regarding my makeup! First thing out of her mouth was "That lipstick color is gorgeous on you!" I counted that as a win. I agree about a handshake! I've been working on mine haha. Thank you dear! She didn't ask much about my other jobs. I did work at a daycare though previously, and her grandson attends there. It's unfortunate but she said flat out she could only interview me so much- the rest was up to the account rep. Unless she adds her notes and what not, all that account rep will see is my application. The only things on that application were basic information things such as name, address, previous employers and schooling. I don't have a history within cosmetics yet so I completely get it if I don't hear back..But at least she told me she would keep me in mind if any cosmetic counter positions opened..This was actually for a counter manager! I had no idea. A woman I know from Estee Lauder just told me about an opening and to apply.. Thank you! <3 I felt it went well. I've only really had two interviews in my life (first job was given to me because I knew the boss) I appreciate the support!
  8. I just bought a Shea Cashmere dry shampoo from Bath & Body Works. I'm super interested to see how it works!
  9. I have an interview with a local department store tomorrow. I applied for a position at a cosmetics counter. I'm unsure if I'll get the job due to a lack of experience. I know the beauty advisors that work there though..and my chances sound good. I always sell myself short, to myself at least. I'm just looking for any advice on the interview and/or experiences from anyone here! I've been fine for any interview up until this one, I guess because it is something I ACTUALLY want lol. Thanks everyone. <3
  10. I went to purchase a new game from Walmart..Remembered I wanted a Flower cosmetics eye shadow cream.."so close" to getting free shipping, pushed it to $50 with some other makeup goodies..Does this happen to anyone else?! You're so close to "another deal" or "free shipping" that you end up spending way more than you wanted?
  11. Totally have to second the bad plastic surgery. Other than that, I rarely dislike looks. I will admit some people may struggle with certain aspects of makeup..I remember seeing a worker at Deb (it's clothing store) and on her one eye, she had her liquid eyeliner smudged up to near her brow bone..It was clearly unintentional, but you know. I wouldn't go as far as saying it's a "bad" look, she just needed a bit of guidance.
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