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  1. Does anyone know if the $25 off $75 code is only good for the Saturday collection or can you use it on the regular Kate Spade too? I'm really not seeing anything from Saturday that I can't live without.... Maybe that's a good thing though. At least for my wallet!
  2. Do you earn jules if you pay for your box with jules? I have 2100 right now, but I'm wondering if I should wait to use them so that I can earn the extra jules this month. Also do you earn jules for add-ons? I'm torn about what to select. I love all the colors in the Color Crush box, but I really want to try the Plie wand. If Iona or Paulette weren't out of stock, I could just do those as add-ons and get 4 polishes + the wand for $30. If I get the Color Crush and do the wand as an add-on I only get 3 polishes + the wand for $33 so it makes no sense to do that. Maybe if I wait around long enough they will be back in stock?
  3. Anyone have any general thoughts/reviews on this stuff? I have a friend with dry skin tell she did not like the liquid powder texture at all, but I have combination skin so I'm not sure if it would be any better for me.
  4. I would love to participate! I have plenty of stuff to swap!
  5. Love this deal! A lot of the chevron scarves we out of stock so I settled for a black and white one and also got the pink striped summer scarf. Can't wait to get these in the mail!
  6. Got an email today about how much they miss me and an offer for 30% off if I signed back up. I actually almost did it until I remembered that shipping is an extra $10 so it would be almost $30. I've been too disappointed in the past to risk it again. I am interested to see what you guys get in the tubes this month though.
  7. Julep has a radiant orchid polish add on this month named Rae. I grabbed a color card from Lowes this weekend and compared it to my polish collection and found a really close match Lancôme's violette coquette. I actually really like this color so I'm looking forward to seeing it around a lot this year. I wasn't a fan of the emerald last year though.
  8. I finally decided to skip. The only color I really really wanted was Rae. I grabbed a Pantone radiant orchid color card from Lowes and comparing it to Julep swatches, Rae looks right on. I took a look at my collection though, and I do have a dupe from Lancôme called violette coquette so that helped me feel like I'm not really missing out.
  9. Thank you!! I got the beauty protector oil in my birchbox this month, and I can not stop smelling my hair LOL I love the way it smells. I'll def be picking myself up some pink sugar!
  10. That's awesome! Thanks! I'll have to hunt for my code when I get home tonight and place an order. Or I wonder if I can combine it with the one coming in this box for $20 off?
  11. I got my shipping notice too! I can't wait! Also, I just realized that I never used my $10 off from the last box. Does anyone know if the codes expire?
  12. My box still hasn't shipped! I cancelled for Feb and emailed about getting a refund for Jan. I don't want the stupid box anymore. They said since I already paid that I am stuck with it though. Does anyone know how long I have to wait to dispute the charge with my credit card? I paid on Jan 7th and my approx delivery date range is until Feb 1st. Obviously I won't be getting it by tomorrow unless they personally drive it to my house. I know it might seem extreme to dispute when I know I'll probably get the box eventually, but I really don't want to support a company that does business like this!

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