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  1. Thanks Noel! Beaver shampoo huh ...... I guess I didn't miss much! I don't use shampoo anyhow lol. I tried to go through all the numbers but got to about 13 and said whatever!!
  2. OK forgive me guys I have been MIA since November and just resubbed last month to BB. I can see which box I'm getting this month (FINALLY!!) and it has 7 items, what's up with that?? I didn't upgrade either. But how do I find out which box # this is? Everything has changed lol. Also, what's the prize stuff I keep reading about? I tried to go back and figure it out but couldn't find anything.
  3. On my main account I'm getting the brow gel, beauty protector spray, kind bar, color club polish, supergoop cc. On my second account I'm getting exactly the same thing except for Sumita eyeliner instead of brow gel. I'm okay with the dupes b/c I've been wanting to try the Beauty Protector spray FOREVER!! And had been contemplating buying some of the SuperGoop CC to try it. The color club polishes are usually okay, hopefully I get two different colors. I have a 10 year old daughter though who will take them if I don't like them. Kind Bars are fine with me too. And I'm also hoping for the plum Sumita eyeliner. The brow gel is the only thing that I'm like MEH. I have a chella brow gel and an anastasia brow gel already that I don't use.
  4. lol I guess I'll have 2 of the BH palettes in my trade pile now lol. Okay just got my box .... So glad I went ahead and cancelled this sub. Hate the lipstick color (for my skin tone), the tanner is for medium skin tones (which I am not). The lip liner might be an okay color for me not sure yet, and the wipes are cool. Very meh.
  5. Woohoo got shipping on both my boxes! One of them isn't working yet but the other says it was shipped on the 3rd 2 days after I received my March box on that account lol. Big improvement!! Luckily, there wasn't anything I really wanted in the limited edition box. Whew.
  6. I think if you didn't get that email then you're already an Ace? I got it on my new account and not my old account. When I clicked on the link while logged in to my old account it said non aces (somewhere, don't remember where). Then at the top it says "Welcome to Birchbox Aces! You’ve racked up 500 Birchbox Points, which means you have earned a spot in our VIP program through the end of next year. " Then it shows my points progress for this year. But when I click the link when logged in to my new account it says: "Earn 500 Birchbox Points in the calendar year and you'll automatically gain a spot in Birchbox Aces, our VIP Program. Once you're a Birchbox Ace, you'll unlock a whole suite of perks and privileges."
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by jayeme I got two orders with pick 2's today. One was Smashbox full exposure mascara and a chapstick - pretty decent! The other was 100% Pure mascara and....100% Pure mascara :/ I heard it's a bad mascara anyway, I certainly don't want two of them! But I emailed CS and they are sending me a replacement pick 2. Also, I currently have way too much mascara. I have like 5 full sizes and 2 sample sizes open, another 2 full sizes and 4 samples unopened. And I just threw out 3 old ones this weekend. I don't mind the Pure mascara, it smells fruity, goes on pretty thin. I got it in a birchbox and I'll use it but wouldn't order it and yeah I wouldn't want two of them lol.
  8. Just used the bb100 code! Also, just checked my tracking and my box went from TN to NJ...Then I guess it will head back over this way to NM? lol shipping logic......
  9. how long is the bb100 code good for?
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by puppymomofthree The BB founders are about to do a twitter chat. I asked about the shipping issues, but I doubt they will answer me. Let us know if they do!
  11. Arrrgh I missed the last circular swap signup by one day too!!!! Dang it!
  12. I e-mailed Jenna again at BB and got her to update my box for me. I'll be getting box 42 (surprise!!). I got the Havvn night cream and Jergens BB lotion in my other box, but I'm excited to try the balm blush. I'm eh about the hair oil and the shampoo. Hopefully next month is not so stressful!
  13. Yay! I got a tracking # too. Box page is not updated and I didn't get an e-mail, but baby steps!!!
  14. ARGGGGHHH still nothing on my second box I ordered on the 7th.
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