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  1. http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/topic/135734-stepping-down-as-community-manager/
  2. @@meaganola - for some reason it never alerted me to your question about chromecast. if your tv has a usb and your apartment has wifi you're good to go! it'll stream over the wifi and you can use a laptop/smartphone/tablet as the "remote" to control hulu, netflix, hbo go, etc.
  3. @@meaganola have you thought of getting chromecast? its like $35 and basically the best thing ever. i can control it from my iphone (or any other thing that can download the app), stream a page from my laptop while running a different page, and i think you can control it from other places too but i dont remember. its easy peasy.
  4. @@Shalott ahh thanks for the info. my brother just moved to LA and i want him to shop for me but i dont think that's going to happen
  5. @@Shalott are you planning on going to a warehouse sale? Do you think there will be zip up hoodies or are those hard to come by at those types of sales?
  6. I got my SiJCP skincare bag! I returned a gift and used that credit toward the Skincare bag. I got 4 glam glow thirsty Muds (2 oz. what what what) and one Purity (lost my travel size) for $7 out of pocket. HOLLLLLLAAAA. I'm also super annoyed - my SiJCP also has a bunch of Christmas sets on sale - $22 for 6 OCC pencil set, $29 for the $59 sephora favorites, some random benefit ones I can't remember... So mad I paid full price on that OCC set!
  7. @ last year I think some stores let you pick 5 of the same and some didn't. Let us know how it goes!!
  8. A ton of Ciate has popped up at my TJ Maxx especially that giant nail lab thing from year or two ago
  9. Not gonna lie, as soon as I clicked to the etsy page and saw those explosions of color on the raised hand I was IN LOVE. so unique and it makes a seriously bold impact
  10. i have super dry skin too and i loved how the bounce cheese cream (woah throwback) felt on my hands when i tried it once but i'm mostly dairy free and lactose intolerant. how would these milk masks, milk skincare, etc. work on someone who is lactose intolerant? should i just find something else to try?

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