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  1. Cool idea! I've been a bit mia on here and Instagram lately (I really need a better camera lol), but yeah, it'll be cool to connect with others on here. Though I've done drag and theatrical makeup in the past (used to work in a theatrics/costume shop), I'm still very much a newbie with most of the makeup I've been buying lately, so I'm looking forward to following everyone's posts for inspiration! Oh, and I follow back too of course Almost forgot! I'm @caseyarobertson
  2. Picked up this chalkboard nail art kit from the dollar store recently and decided to give it a go finally. While the black coat is actually not a bad looking matte polish in itself, I found the color pens kinda tricky to use. I'll try it again, but it wasn't as easy as I thought on my first attempt. Anyway, I did some random abstract designs with them lol[ attachment=14203:chalk.jpg]
  3. I initially thought the question asked if we spend as much time getting ready as we do going out socializing after. I was going to say I'm pretty sure I did that last week lol. For me, it really varies. I often go out socially when pretty low maintenance, but still like to go full-out with everything (makeup, false lashes, etc) at least once a week if I get a chance. Sometimes, if I'm bored on certain days, I may also go out after trying a new makeup look, though it might just be for a coffee or a drink somewhere after the fact; I guess that's kinda socializing lol For work, I'm often rushed while getting ready, so makeup is usually quite minimal; just the very basics unless it's some time of event where I might get photographed for something lol So for me, I definitely spend much less time on makeup during workdays,
  4. Awesome look! Love the eyes
  5. As someone that has done all sorts of stage looks in the past (performing in drag shows, bands, etc), I have quite a collection of wigs and extensions that I'm always creating new looks with these days, so I was just wondering if anyone else here uses wigs, or add-in extension pieces for any occasions, and if so, which are your favourite brands/types? Though I often buy random wigs off eBay, I have a number of pre-styled (french-braided/updo-styled) ones from makers such as SIS, Freetress, and Outre, which I have really liked. I used to sell wigs back in the day, and met many interesting customers; some using wigs for performances and events, others just for fun. I always had a great time helping people find the right style for whatever the occasion
  6. Great look! Figured I might jump in here as I wear false lashes quite a bit; not only when performing, but also casually, too. One thing that I've found is the glue itself can make quite a bit of difference in the ease of applying them. In some cases, the little packs included with the sets aren't so great. In the past, I often lost a lash after a couple hours with the cheaper glues and almost gave up on using them. I recommend Duo's products; especially their brush-on formula. I prefer the brush-on type as it doesn't drip and get messy like some of the traditional 'squeeze-out' types that would sometimes drip into my eyeliner and botch the look. Mascara can definitely help too if you prefer not to do false lashes. In my case, I have incredibly short, blonde, non-existent lashes lol, so I really love the dramatic change toward more feminine-looking eyes that I get from false lashes. I never do any looks without them these days lol
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