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  1. My current favorite makeup item is Nyx Liquid Liner. I got this in my PopSugar forever ago but just recently got around to testing it out. The brush is amazingly thin so I can create really nice wings with it and it doesn't transfer to my lids like some liners tend to. I love when a product is both super affordable and an amazing performer!
  2. This is what I got in my most recent pick two a few days ago. Meh....I don't use moisturizers except maybe once in a blue moon so this really didn't excite me. I can use the cleanser foils but that's it.
  3. Hmmm...hopefully "fresh" means something fresh laundry scented, or maybe fresh flower delivery. I have wanted them to do a gift voucher for The Bouqs for forever now! I like lemon, lime, and orange but not so much grapefruit. As long as there is no grapefruit included I'm happy! For "traveling" I would guess maybe a luggage tag?
  4. Oh no! Sorry about your cutting board. I'm sure they'll replace it for you immediately. My chocolate was also broken (and my blush/bubble bath was in perfect shape). Used some of the bubble bath today after work. I ended up liking the rose scent more than I expected, but it's not something I would ever pay full retail for. ETA: I also tried the blush and I REALLY like the formula and color. It didn't look overwhelming like a lot of blushes look, but it still noticeably added color to my face. It's hard to say with just one use, but I'm pretty sure it's my favorite blush, ever. The chocolate bar is over halfway gone. I think the marshmallows are a unique edition to an otherwise boring chocolate almond combo. I didn't really get much "caramelized" flavor from the almonds. I think I would have preferred crispy graham cracker pieces instead of the almonds to make it a s'mores bar. Even better if the milk chocolate was spiked with peanut butter.
  5. I got my box today...wow, I love it!! The cutting board is just the right size. Perfect for cutting fruit or cheese, which is usually how I use a cutting board anyway. You could also use it as a serving platter for cookies or something like that. I usually don't get wooden dishes or utensils but I will make an exception this time. I got the silver necklace, which is what I was hoping for. It is indeed nice and delicate which is good since some of the jewelry I have gotten from PS is way too loud for me. I am really bad at changing necklaces out regularly though so it might be awhile before I actually use it. I also got the sparkley red polish. I am glad I got this option of the three, since I think the pink would be too sheer and you can only use so much red nail polish. I would have preferred a non red or pink polish but I guess that's not as festive. I am not big on rose scents but I do love baths and rose does seem appropriately festive. I will probably take a bath tomorrow night with it after work. I have a waterproof iPad cover so I can watch TV shows in the bath now! I am a little worried that the bottle is glass since my cat has a thing for knocking stuff over while I'm in the bath. I am so excited to try the Chuao bar! I have tried pretty much all the other flavors so I am curious to see how this one is. My lip balm was in the cherry flavor/scent. I haven't used it yet. I'm not excited about the cherry flavor but then again pomegranate and the lemon berry aren't really my taste either. I would have loved tangerine or strawberry or vanilla. The Tarte blush is something I have considered purchasing for awhile but haven't been able to justify the cost. I will test it out before work tomorrow. The color seems like a nice medium shade. Overall, definitely a winner of a box this month! I love PopSugar!!
  6. I bet you will be great! Being nervous just shows that you care. I am starting my first real grown up career job tomorrow and I am feeling similarly. I'm trying not to think about it too much (easier said than done) since I know I won't do my best if I'm not well rested. Just think, in 24 hours we will be done!
  7. I had a string of shitty Windows computers too. All of them would get very sluggish, eventually had battery issues, and would often overheat. I had the Mac itch, so I got a Macbook Pro and had it for four years. It started having issues with the touchpad not picking anything up, and I had to plug in a USB mouse instead. The issue resolved itself within a few weeks, but by then it was Christmas and I got a MacBook Air. This was Christmas of last year. Both computers have been champs so far (knock on wood) and seem very well made. I have never had any viruses or issues aside from the touchpad thing. The MacBook Air is shockingly light. If you are still a student or part of a military family you would be able to get a discount. Apple also usually has deals around back to school time so you might want to wait it out for a little longer if you can. As long as you like the Mac OS I think it's a good investment. I'm on my computer for lots of hours of the day and also use it for TV, so it's important to me that I have a nice computer that operates well.
  8. Wow, I would have LOVED this pick two! One of the best ones I've seen!
  9. So I just got a new job. I start Monday, hooray!! I'm nervous but excited. Anyway, I've been thinking about what I should stock up on to pack for lunches, and I thought about Nature Box. I always thought their snacks looked delicious, but they had this policy where you have to call to cancel the box, and my rule is that if I can't cancel or at least skip online I don't subscribe. I was considering picking up a prepaid debit card to use for this subscription if their snack selection was decent. However, now they have changed their policy--you can cancel online at anytime! Boxes are $20 a month, less if you prepay for several months up front. You get five medium sized bags of the snacks you rank on the site, kind of like a Netflix queue. (If they are out of stock of #5, they may have to send you #6.) They also have a free trial offer, four single serve snacks and one regular sized bag of snacks, for the first month. Each 30 g serving contains less than 200 calories. So far, my first box will contain: Toasted Cheddar Stix Asiago and Cheddar Cheese Crisps Cashew Crumble Dark Chocolate Nom Noms Strawberry Crispy Chews Yum!
  10. Ooh, I am totally going to try this on my feet! I used my Keep Cup for peach iced tea today, how versatile!
  11. I'm not sure which thread this was mentioned in, but I saw someone talking about Aztec Secret clay mask a few weeks ago. I have plenty of masks already but this one had lots of extremely positive reviews. Not just 'this product worked well' but 'this product changed my life!' type of reviews. It's pretty cheap ($10), so I decided to give it a try. It is Amazon's #1 best seller in beauty! Oh my gosh, this stuff is crazy! My face has never gotten tighter with a mask. You aren't supposed to use metal spoons to mix it and you're also not supposed to get any down the drain so it's kind of a hassle. I mixed mine in a plastic baggie so I could toss any excess, then removed with paper towels. You kind of have to "soak" it off of your face so for me it takes three paper towels which seems like a lot. Anyway, I have used it twice now and it basically has seemed to time progress my zits. My skin has been REALLY bad this past week or two for some reason, maybe stress? This mask essentially made mid stage zits into late stage zits so I could pop them with my little extractor tool and get all the oil out of my face. After all the gunk got drawn out my face started healing up a lot faster! I will have to use this a few more times to really tell but I do definitely think that the Aztec Secret stuff is worth my $10. Also, free two day shipping with Prime!
  12. I was kind of grumbley about the tattoos last month, but I took them out to a birthday party last night and they were actually pretty fun! They ended up looking festive. It's less than a day later and I am already seeing some wear, but it looks okay that way somehow and I'm not sure I would want it to last too long anyway.
  13. I am dying to know what's in this box for some reason! I hope there is something time sensitive like movie tickets or a voucher people might prefer to use for Valentine's Day. I would love 50 Shades of Grey tickets or a free bouquet from the bouqs.com as others have mentioned. As for other items, I would love a makeup brush set or something spa-related, maybe a bath/shower item? A nice scrubby soap would be a good change of pace for my dry winter legs. http://www.sephora.com/seaberry-exfoliating-soap-P374544?skuId=1439777 I am hoping the food is Valentine's Day themed. Gourmet chocolate bars, pink and red gummies or truffles would be great. A mini fondue set would be cute too although I think that might not fit in the outer box. I would really like to see a home item in this box. A room or linen spray would be nice, or a wax warmer with a coupon for free wax melts. A fancy pen for writing valentines would be one of those things from PopSugar I would cherish even though I'd never buy it for myself. http://www.katespade.com/To-do-List-Ball-Point-Pen/133745,en_US,pd.html
  14. I made cocoa in my new mug today! The Swiss Miss box says to use 3/4 cup of water and one pouch of mix. I am a rulebreaker though and usually make it with one cup of water and two pouches of mix because it tastes richer. I get the Marshmallow Lover's kind because it comes with 4.5x more marshmallows than their regular marshmallow cocoa.This cup is the perfect size!
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