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    I have a long time boyfriend and two adorable and spoiled kitties. I love sharing deep meaningful relationships with whomever possible. I really enjoy the opinions of others and love to share ideas and be as many might say a "sounding board." I was an artsy kid so the chance to do anyone's make up makes me giddy!
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    I love tattoos as I have several including a half sleeve. I enjoy traveling and visiting our cabin in the mountains of PA. I also enjoy my animals, reading, and being lazy with my man. I have an Ulta shopping addiction so glad to see that group is welcome here :) I really just have fun when I experiment with my skin care and makeup, but admit to wishing I was an Esthetician.
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    I am a licensed Cosmetologist currently working as the General Manager of a small time movie theater.
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    anything DDF or any super serum. Kinda big on eye creams right now.
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    Bare Minerals
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    I took singing lessons for several years.
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  1. I saw my friend at work today and her nails looked like candy canes. I want to do that but I am fearful it won't look the way hers did. I think I should invest in those cute wraps next year since I don't think I have enough technique or skill for doing my own decorations. Anyone have any super easy holiday nail ideas?
  2. So for the past 6 months I have had recurring...it seems like pimples popping up on my scalp. I thought that maybe it was lack of moisture so I made sure to use conditioner down to the root, then I switched my hair care products...twice. What could this be? I am using top of the line stuff right now with keratin and panthenol so should I try a scrub for the scalp? I have never had this issue till recently so anything you guys have would benefit. Thanks in advance!
  3. My personal opinion is that your concealer is to blame. I have sensitive combination skin and have had this happen with some makup products and it's not just under my eye but I get little white bumps on my upper cheeks as well since the skin in more fragile there. Have you switched out any of your make up recently? new eye cream?
  4. Hi Flaxen, I am 26 and struggle with acne and I find it best to alternate between two acne skin care lines I trust. One has the active ingredient salicylic acid and the other benzoyl peroxide. I cannot get away with straying from the BP too long. The skin gets used to one or the other so I alternate these by week. I find one spot treatment to work so much better at the begining of the week at the switch I also know that glycolic acid can be harsh so if it were me I would use that as you would a clay mask, a few times a week. I have a sulfur mask that I use at the end of the week to fight acne a gentler way and this helps with my redness as well. There are many awesome soothing masks that can help heal your breakouts as well. As far as healing goes I agree that we should focus on cell renewal to work on those dark spots. I am fair so they are so noticable when I get them. I focus on this area by exfoliating twice a week...even exfoliating night creams are nice, and you should always go to bed with moisture on your face or any where you have/get breakouts. Moisturizing is so important for every reason. Ingredients with vitamin C will do wonders for your issues. Check out my review hehe I did have great results when I used clindamycin once apon a time i think they were pads from my doctor. I also have just started using a retin-a moisturizer every other morning! The hormones present in is as teens often rear their ugly head again between the ages of 25 to 30, and again at menopause in some women. I know you can fight this as I have been! I hope this helps you some.
  5. I have heard not to use products with those ingredients before and cannot remember why. I use Exuviance "OptiLight" with great results by just using it in place of my moisturizer before bed every other night.
  6. I was just at Ulta today and could not believe the steal I got on Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter! I really am happy with this product as well. It gives plenty of moisture to my lips and the stain lasts a long time. I always go to Ulta during the holiday season to splurge on myself. Call me selfish but it really is the best time to grab any designer makeup sets since they are so much more affordable. This year I got Lorac's Unzipped palette of 10 eye shadows.
  7. Fast results! Excellent for C/O skin and has so many healing properties.
  8. Hello all! I am just playing with the idea of making my own skincare review channel on YouTube but wanted to learn more about the cyber beauty world first! I love playing with my makeup and am totally infatuated with healthy skin, hair, and nails. I am a licensed cosmetologist but do not actually work in the trade. While cutting hair on not my passion, I would love to share what products I have used and gain insight from like-minded beauties like yourselves! I really want to make this a hobby aka(expensive addiction) mean a bit more. I mean lets face it, every girl relies on the input she gets from her friends on products of all kinds not just the ones beauty related. I think this "free advice" goes a long way to helping those who just want one thing to aid a target concern. If I know anything it's that you have to be knowledgeable about ingredients. I look forward to browsing the site and getting to know some wonderful people! Jessica Jane

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