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    Let's talk about me! I'm pushing 50 and married to a man I absolutely adore. We have a gorgeous granddaughter, another one on the way and a gazillion cats. I'm misanthropic, a little bitter, a lot jaded and kind of cranky. I'm also squishy about babies, relatively bright and I have a great sense of humour. I love to paint my nails and I'm obsessed with watching youtube nail art videos.

    I'm currently addicted to makeup, nail polish and skin care subscription boxes. I love to read, play Sims 2, crochet and bake. Other than that, I'm pretty boring and mostly normal. I used to be a lot more interesting but then I stopped arguing with stupid people on the interwebz. Now I just mind my own business and watch a lot of TV, collect nail polish and paint my nails. What more could one woman ask for?
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    The Sims2, blogging, gardening, reading, crocheting, baking, nail polish collecting, painting my nails.
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    I adore MaskerAide paper masks. I can't get enough of them.

    I want ALL of the Londontown Lakur polishes! (except Purple Reign, Thames From the Eye & Guarded Jewels which I already own.) I'm always looking for rich facial moisturizers for extra dry skin. I also love floral scented body and hand creams and I adore dry oil sprays and shower oils.

    Favourite brands: OPI, Essie and China Glaze

    Favourite colours: Red & yellow.

    Want to try: Poshe and HK top coats, but I love trying new products of all kinds.
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    My blog: http://thedailynail.net/
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    Pintrest: http://www.pinterest.com/dslip05/
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  1. Just request no international delivery when you sign up. I, personally, always stay within the USA because even shipping to Canada has exorbitant shipping fees...you'd never guess is freakin' attached to us! You don't have to accept an international secret santee. I believe it's asked of you in the sign up questionnaire. .
  2. Opinions please. I love the pattern, it's very cute for little girls but I'm on the fence with the yarn I chose. I can't decide whether or not I should just rip it out and do something else with that yarn. I thought it was stripes not "splashes".
  3. Hi girls! I'm just dropping by to check in. I love the pictures of all of the gorgeous crafts. My craft fair is Saturday and I have successfully crocheted myself into a major arthritis attack in my left pinky. I hold my yarn oddly and working with thin yarn stresses it. Meh. It's all crooked and red. Now I'm binge watching all 4 seasons of Downton Abbey again in preparation for the start of the English season at the end of the month and trying to finish off two more shawls before I try to rest up. I don't know what I'll do until it feels better...I absolutely hate idle hands. Of course the new J.R Ward Fallen angels book hits my Kindle at the beginning of October so there's that. My poor pinky: And some more stuff I've made...hopefully I'll sell everything on Saturday and I won't have to bother with the 2nd craft fair on the 27th.
  4. I love that colorway. It's so pretty. I'm glad you like it.
  5. Awww! Pm me your address and I'll send him a little hat!
  6. I'm a giver not a seller. I have a lot of trouble taking money from people and I don't know how to price stuff. My sole goal is to keep myself in yarn so I can keep crocheting. I don't show my things here in hopes people will buy them...I show them because I think they're pretty and I wonder if other people think so too. You know how it is, you can be blind to your own stuff. But I have actually sold a few things including the shawl and that means MORE YARN! So yay! But I am gonna give the craft fair thingy a try and see how that goes. I'm making a metric truckton of cute kid hats...owls, dinos, minnie & micky, etc...and I'm gonna price them at $5 each. $10 for adult hats and $12 for adult scarves. I think that's entirely reasonable and hopefully it is. I have such a hard time thinking this stuff through. It's always seemed to me that everyone wants it but nobody actually wants to pay for it...I dunno. What doesn't sell, I can give away so in the end, I'm no worse for the wear.
  7. I realise some people do need the extra income but nobody is ever going to make a living wage off of crocheting...well, no regular person not connected to a yarn company anyway!!
  8. I actually just opened one and most of the stuff I've posted here is listed and it's MUCH cheaper than the horrifying amount people seem to think they can get for a flippin' hat. I can't link the store so pm me if you want to know. I had a convo with @@Babs28 about pricing, which I had no idea what people were charging...I've never looked on etsy for anything other than patterns...and it offends the crap out of me how much people are charging. The thing about crocheting is that you're going to crochet anyway. The by product of that is you end up with a crapton of finished stuff and there's only so many hats you can give to one person before they don't want anymore...ya know? So $30 for a hat that costs maybe $5 for the yarn and a few hours to make? I can understand charging for your time if you're working but charging for your time when you're doing something you enjoy? Puh-leeze!!!
  9. It's seriously gorgeous. I found the pattern on ravelry and had to try it.
  10. That is adorable. I envy people who can sew...well, not in the sense that I would ever want to do it because my least fav thing is sewing but because it's so professional looking. I love the colours you chose!
  11. The reason they do that is more for reliability and longevity. Anyone can come on the board and have 10 posts, sign up for a swap and never send something to their person. If you don't post, not only does nobody know who you are but they have no way of knowing if you could be trusted.
  12. And that's exactly what multiple people (including @zadidoll) have said was the whole point of ss to begin with. And it's where my frustration an anger comes into play most because they keep saying it but then say participation should be optional...which is a total contradiction. I know I come on strong. I think I read nastier than I actually am and angrier than I actually feel. I got really angry over being made to feel like I was being an unreasonable b*tch and a bully when the only thing I was trying to say is that the whole thing is supposed to be about bonding and getting to know each other and if people are too shy or too busy to participate, then they're defeating the entire purpose of the exchange....to get to know each other!!! It frustrates the crap out of me when people speak out two sides of their heads. It's either social and about getting to know each other or it's not. You cannot get to know someone who doesn't participate. That's the long and short of it. I just want to know what it's really about if participation isn't expected.

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