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  1. I got charged yesterday. I'm pretty excited for this box. It's only 5 bucks so it doesn't take much for me to feel I got my money's worth. Looking forward to it!
  2. It seems to work quite well, kind of plumps the hands up and it feels nice! Packaging is not too pretty, but other than that I like it.
  3. Do any of you ladies wear Gorjana gold necklaces or bracelets near constantly, and if so do they keep their color pretty well? I've had a few of them from sub boxes, but never wore them consistently due to worrying it would turn green as it's only plated. I really love the Plus options this month and may grab them both if they'll wear well, as they are the type of thing I'd like to wear daily.
  4. Sounds like it could be intriguing, as I enjoy Target very much...but I'll wait for spoilers because PS and collabs = problems a bit too often for my comfort level.
  5. Ha, I got the same weird tracking. Email arrived last night, informing me that the box was on its way. I received it weeks ago. I click on the tracking for the heck of it. It showed delivered on dec 22, which is true. I like this little box for 5 bucks but holy heck they are horrible at organization, aren't they lol
  6. Yep, the name is absolutely not going to help them get business. When you add to that the fact that it's a niche market...gonna be hard to find success with this one, I think. Somewhat in the vein of LootCrate, but LC already sends a fair amount of comics, plus they send cool toys and other memorabilia in the comic vein, tee shirts and occasional treats, etc for less money. If this box was say ten to fifteen shipping included ....maybe.
  7. It's actually quite a nice box...but for $25, like some of you have mentioned already. Nice stuff, but nothing stands out and says that it's worth the money. Comparing it to FFF VIP, which is the same price...absolutely no comparison whatsoever to me, FFF kicks its butt.
  8. I've had pretty bad luck with gifting subs, also. My mom and sister both just didn't "get" the point of trying samples. Both already have their products that they use regularly and aren't into trying new stuff... I have a friend I got a sub for and she is lukewarm with interest on her items at best, and NEVER reviews for points. That just kills me. I reminded her every month, finally gave up and realized that not everyone is gonna love this stuff like I do.
  9. Just my opinion, but I think the main thing with the MSA box not being such a big hit overall was that there seemed to be a ...disconnect?...between the first and second box. The quality drop in items felt too big for me personally. Tatcha and then yes to Carrots was a huge drop. Nothing wrong with yes to Carrots, but its not too exciting and most definitely does not feel "luxury." The two eyeshadows, while perfectly nice, made up too much of the box. When you have very few items in the box, it's pretty dicey to make two items the same. It really kinda kills the discovery aspect. We're already getting an intro to the brand, and doing it twice in a box with so few items is pushing it to me. A different makeup product from another company would have been a much better fit in that second eyeshadow slot. The blanket, well I think the problem is basically the material. When I saw the spoiler I wanted to love it so much that I somehow convinced myself that a wool blanket could still feel luxe. That's silly because I know what wool feels like, and luxury just isn't it. But, that was me being silly lol. Obviously, a blanket is an awesome inclusion for many of us but the throw just didn't quite feel right in a women's lifestyle box that is meant to feel luxurious. Just my two cents!
  10. Could have done without the filler stuff, but ... the two big items, just amazing. The big name brand is something I never really thought I'd see in a sub box, especially one at this price. I had no idea that Quarterly curators even had access to brands like that!
  11. Interesting. I see a box I'd love, with the clutch, but having all the variations would make me too nervous to gamble that much money.
  12. Looks like I was charged for one box yesterday. Since I have forgotten my email login, I am just looking at it as a pleasant surprise whenever the heck I get it. But, I am kinda curious to see what we're getting I can never resist spoilers.
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