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  1. Joining in on the 'go to a professional piercer!' bandwagon. Your piercings will hurt less and heal faster if a professional with a sterile needle pierces you vs some gnarly blunt force trauma a gun inflicts. The studs they use aren't very sharp and have a *huge* taper. It's really rough on your poor ears.
  2. I'm a huge dork, but I'm actually happier about being allowed to keep the sunscreen samples than about the compensation, though I do love the mascara! I needed some new sunscreen for the upcoming fall weekends when I'm stuck outside for 12 hour days! (yay Texas and your never ending sun and heat)
  3. Just got into the Dr. Scholls for Her campaign! I'm glad I'm in something again...my last was the Garnier!
  4. I use a few to organize my purse, and the rest I've been using to help keep my crafting table organized! (wire all goes in one bag, large focal point beads and pendants in another, etc.)
  5. So, despite a comedy of errors with UPS, I got my moisturizer survey comp this afternoon! I'm so thrilled. I'll use most of it, and what I won't, I can swap for. The epic haul: Essie Protein Base Coat $8 Essie Toe separators $2 Maybelline Master Duo Eyestudio $7.99 Maybelline Fit Me Blush (Light Mauve) $5.51 Lancome Color Design Infinite (Timeless Taupe) $24.50 Lancome Juicy Tubes (Pure) $18 Lancome Nutrix Royal Body $30 Lancome Powder Brush $48 Lancome Definicils Precious Cells Mascara $29.50 Garnier The Ultimate Cleanser 3 Way Clean $7.99 Vichy Laboratories Normaderm Total Mat $25 Total=206.49 I'm in awe at how generous L'Oreal was with us. Also, my survey number was S13-77, so they're working their way through all the respondents!
  6. My bag! Pardon the crappy photo, sorry. My shipping weight was 0.5448 lbs, UD shadow included. I got: 1) Zoya in Blu 2) Yaby in buff (much loling about this on my part. I'm a whiter than white redheaded Irish girl) 3) Mirabella Lipstick in Daydream, which is a lovely sheer berry 4) Juice beauty gloss in pink 5) St. Tropez 6) UD in Glitter Rock! Honestly, I'm thrilled with everything except the St. Tropez and Yaby. I'll trade the St. Tropez, and I think will just use the Yaby as a primer.
  7. Ahhh! My ipsy is here! I can't get it for another two hours (out running errands), but omg, yay! So excited!
  8. Re: the perfume forum...are you a BPAL fanatic, by any chance?
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