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  1. Sorry can't quote everyone on my phone but did. Y of you guys ever try BEnefits perk up artist? I was using BM well rested and I liked it and then I bought this set for the gwp. I didn't like it at first but after I played around with it a few times I fell in love!!! I found if I use that on my bags and eye and then balance it out with Mary lounge over or Stuka kitten smudge stick under my brow bone it completely brightens up the whole eye and my cicles virtually disappear!!! I will have to post pics this weekend!!!
  2. Has ANYONE received their hookup cards? I know someone said they got ONE. I literally spent $50 on stamps sending requests. Each one is hand written. Only five were sent a day. I read the rules like 10 times to make sure nothing happened and I wasted $50 for no reason. I know UD gave some lame excuse like they are sending them when the promo starts but hasn't it started???? It's going to be over by the time I get my cards!!! And trust and believe if that happens, I WILL be getting the $50 back from UD...I have literally been writing a customer service complaint letter every day since before christmas. I must have been hitler in a past life because everything seems to be 10 times harder for me that it should be. I'm not exaggerating. My bf jokes about it. Literally 80% of my shopping or returns turned into ordeals this year. My promo code didn't work at old navy, the computer froze BOTH times I was doing returns at Sephora. The girl @ b&bw works didn't know how to do a return for my candle that arrived broken in the mail and tried to make me pay an additional $2.50 for the same candle when I was trying to do an even exchange, the e mail you are supposed to print to return an online order In the store at Macy's didn't list an item number for the coat I was returning so she couldn't process the return, I had to go to best buy 3 nights in a row--a combined total of 6.5 hours- trying to purchase and activate my boyfriends note 4 I got him for x mas...I can go on...and on...AND ON...I have become a PRO at writing complaint letters. In all fairness, i write my share of praise letters too. I'm not just a miserable horrible hard-to-please customer
  3. Love it!!! That is pretty much my every day look. For like two years now lol. Naked 2 light smoky-ish eye and a light floss. Ps. Still look great. It's not the sunglasses lol
  4. @ Sooooo judging by your profile pic (which is GORGEOUS!) I thought you were in your mid 20s...I saw you say you have a grandchild (Congrats!) So I checked out your profile and it says you are in your MID 40S!!! OMG Girl! Whatever you are doing, keep doing it! You look AMAZING! Disclaimer: I am truly not a creeper, I swear! LOL...I was just really taken aback!! (smileys inserted to make me seem less weird;-)
  5. The site I buy my Latisse from sells it. Always a fresh good product. Never any issues with money and dash shipping. I don't want to violate any tos so ill inbox u the address.
  6. Ok this may sound a little morbid or creepy or whatnot, but you can remove the fragrance very easily using a syringe. I had the same dilemma a few months ago and found this solution. It is amazing! I was able to salvage EVERY drop!! Here's a youtube tutorial: https://www.ulta.com/ulta/myaccount/template.jsp?orderId=A791560671&page=ordercontent The hardest part is finding an insulin syringe. I luckily was able to get a few from a friend with diabetes (along with some sideways looks until I explained what I was doing). I know you can buy them at pharmacies around me without a prescription but I don't think I could ever walk into a pharmacy and buy needles. If you venture to try this, I hope it works for you!
  7. Yeah. I'm gonna talk to my daughter and ask her to "trade" with me. I bought her a real naked three. I am just going to trade her my naked 1 and two and see if she will "trade" me the 4 and 5 for the electric pallet I told her she couldn't have because the colors were too crazy for a 14 year old. Off subject: I finally got my lush order complete. Great deals but sadly, shipping will end up being $46...
  8. Thanks everyone for your input! You know I didn't even think about the safety issue. I mean I obbiously knew they were fake and I was trying to get more info. You are right. Her step mom and I don't have the best relationship. I tried very nicely to talk other about it today. She isn't into makeup and she argued with me telling me they were real. Luckily they are at her dads house and she won't see him again for a week and a half so I have time to figure out my course of action....
  9. So my daughters step mother got my daughter naked 1,2,3...4 and 5!!! Obviously fake but where did she find these! She won't tell me and I have been searching online all day!!!
  10. I think you are right....I figured it out and was able to put my order through. Now the codes i already used are double stacked in my account-like permanently. I placed my order and then there was still a smashbox pallet and the same two codes in my cart lol. Tempting, but I am done. All said and done, I got a smashbox full exposure mini pallet, naked basics, 3 pack eos (GREAT deal @ 5.99), #12 Anastasia brush, Stila Cheek Pallet, Brocato Vibrastraight flat iron, 2 oz bio oil, 16 piece GWP, and two 3 piece variety sample packs for....Are you ready?????????? $55.30!!!!!! Well over $200 in merchandise for $55. Merry Christmas to me!!!!
  11. nope. everything that was in my cart initially (before I logged out) is gone. So when I log in again after adding another item and a different promo code, those two items are the only things in my cart. I am not so concerned about my spending not showing. If the codes stacked, I would complete the transaction anyway. I just can't get the codes to stack anymore because of it. Bothe are firt time use codes...Maybe they are fixing the glitch???? (I sure hope not!)
  12. I am having a problem double stacking ulta codes and I was wondering if anyone else was having the same issue.....I log in and add something to my cart with a promo code. I log out and then add something with a new promo code (while not logged in). Then when I log in again, I am logged into my account, but instead of sh owing my real YTD spending, it shows $0 and it lists my reward points but they have no value. All my past orders are there, but my cart is empty (ie the original item and promo code i added are gone). I was having the same issue yesterday randomly, but after a couple times, it would load properly. Today, I must have just completed this process 50 times and it is not working. When I log in, it takes me to this account which is my account, but with no spending accumulation or reward days....Hmmmm....Just wondering if anyone experienced this and found a way around it...
  13. Log into your account. Enter an item and one coupon code. Log out. Put another item and a new code in your cart without being logged in. Now log in again and both coupons should be there. A few times when I would try to log in again it would log me into my account but my original order wasn't rhere. If that happens just start r e process over.
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