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  1. What is BA?? I think there is reputable doctors in other countries and bad doctors too. Same for US and Canada. I had some "somewhat cosmetic" surgery on my eye (only 1 eye...long story), it was done by one of the top Dr. in Canada (one of the top for eye and face) and I had to go back for the same surgery a year later as my eye muscle went back to how it was. Not that pleased, now having to go back a 3rd time........and insurance is only paying for half I think?? As long as you check the Dr. background and the facility it might be ok...
  2. I FINALLY!!!! got my money back from my credit card. It should not have taken scotia visa 3+ months for an unauthorized charge for the year 2014. But on a good note I had asked for $80 credit for the 4 months I was owed from last year and ended up getting back $250.... That is always nice for once! But the minus in this is when my credit card changed so did my cheques I had written for my condo fees....and those bounced So now have some extra $40 fee as I did not realize this.... I will try and see if my bank will cover the fee- kind of doubtful, but who knows...
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by naturalactions Just got the spoiler for this months product. I am excited to try it! Transforming Hair Cleanser No. 724. It’s a truly revolutionary oil-based shampoo that cleans, conditions and detangles. Simply put, it’s the new way to wash your hair. I'm glad I canceled then. I am not too crazy about hair cleansing oils or creams and have a bunch and always need some extra conditioner after. I actually put some oil in my hair after conditioning it most days (or use potion 9). my hair type is pourous, curly, dry, fine and long. -a very annoying hair type to have
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by CuriouslyAmanda On a somewhat unrelated note, from reading your blog @OiiO (and likely others), I know you share my dislike of products in pots due to contamination risks. Have you identified a good solution for those? Are there mini reusable spatulas? I particularly hate it when eye creams are in pots. Thanks for your knowledge, ladies! I have some makeup spatulas from blush/dermstore. Makeup miser spatula set is amazing and I use it every day. or the cheap version is use a plastic knife or metal knife and clean w alcohol between uses. I actually have one of those disposable plastic knives in my bathroom for some cosmetics that are hard to get out of the container where spatulas are too soft
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by CuriouslyAmanda Very clever; I have a few sample-sized jars so I'll employ that technique for my larger products in pots! And agreed on cleaning the pump bottles; although I have a few nice ones that should be freeing up soon and hopefully they'll clean out thoroughly. We'll see ... Product management would make an excellent post, by the way. These are great tips! Some packaging companies send out free samples of packaging. I've gotten some before as I wanted to buy some glass containers to make a ton of gifts. If you do searches online there are quite a few packaging companies... er or some of the asian sites sell cheap packaging too. to clean cosmetic pumps I put alcohol in them and it cleans well. walmart has cheap 70% santizing alcohol in first aid. I use it to clean my makeup brushes quickly too (been doing that for years and never ruined them).
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by brandyk I also got charged after cancellation. I thought it was ap is whatpalling. They should have reversed the charges but I think they did it another way so we ended up having to pay. Fwiw mirenesse glam box also ships from Australia and it is super speedy. If they do not reverse the charge or do nothing you can always contact your credit card co and tell them the charge was unauthorized- as that is what it would be. Usually you have 45-90 days to file a claim. If you want to do that....
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Saffyra Oh, man. I hate those subscriptions!! I dont even read magazines. I dont know why I didnt think to take them out of my cart when I bought stuff from them (not the mystery box). I need to call someone and have them stopped. I *did* follow all the instructions to get money back instead of the first batch of subscriptions that came with an order I made but I havent seen that check in the mail yet. I should call them too. Sheesh. If only I didnt hate talking on the phone to strangers so much I would be more likely to have taken care of this already. Time to buck up and do it! I dont mind the magazines. I have a lot of dr apt lately and bring my magazines there as they do not have any. Also I take the city bus and there is no internet on the bus, so reading magazines is easier. I have also left tons of magazines at one hospital dept I had apts at and it seems I am the only person that has left anything to read there. Not even the hospital volonteers left anything that I saw. I walkled by that area last week and there is a huge pile/box with at least 100 magazines I've left there (I know they were mine as I either cut out or ripped the address labels off. Nice to know people are not "stealing" my old magazines I guess... Also public libraries and even group homes like magazines. One of my friends, she is in a group home/shelter right now and she tells me the people there do not have too much "extras" like magazines or fun things. They have one computer for 20 people and a tv room with cable. So if you really hate extra magazines, many other people would like them..... I've even given a magazines I was just done with to a teen mother on the bus a few times and they seemed quite happy about that
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by ajkballard I'm not sure if it's just me but I always like to have matching shampoo and conditioner. Amazon has the conditioner that matches the shampoo in this months box, for under $10. I like having matching ones but tend to use 2x as much conditioner as shampoo as my hair is long, dry and very thirsty. -even hairdressers are like "omg...where does the conditioner disaper to....??" lol. So, as much as I try and have matching sets that never works for too long for me.
  9. From what I read about this service, the website that used to carry the products was Spalook and I remember they always had coupons in the Test Tubes for them. Apparently now the Spalook site closed and they are doing this beauty DNA thing. If they actually shipped to Canada, I might be interested....
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by SubJunkie I mean I actually received the serum in my box. So, you should too. Good to know they are actually sending out the correct items lately! I doubt I am getting a box, my sub is supposed to end with April 2014. Seeing as how confused they were about my act who really knows....
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by SubJunkie Looks like we finally got that antioxidant serum. Well, the image of it anyways...lol. My credit card somehow ended up crediting me for most of the seasonsbox year- even though I was just asking for a partial refund. Not sure why exactly. Now let's see if they actually send these items out this time.....
  12. Just when I finished following up on my Visa claims for Seasonsbox I went to check my mail again and................ Feb Seasonsbox was there in a large Canada Post "garbage bag" - well one of these clear bags from canada post that has print that says "sorry your parcel is damaged in transit" with a phone number to call.... I haven't unpacked it yet, but the incense sticks are sticking out of the box. I'll look at it later, as after spending 3+ hours making phone calls yesterday is exhausting. (had at least 10 calls for stuff to do....still not done yet...).
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by pinkgirlie Oh ! I need to try that Amlactin on my daughter, she has a skin disease on her arms too ! Im currently trying the Paulas Choice Ski Perfector (on my third day) and my pores are looking better. Thank you so much finaly for a review of Blush Mysteries skin care they sent us. . We have so many makeup ladies here comparing colors but very few skin care ladies. Lots of skin problems in my family If you have some skin issues like Eczema, inflamed skin or some mystery rash and redness that I had (redness from biking that neve ir went away). Try Zyderma cream that is made with silver. It worked so well for me I ended up sending the company some before and after pics. I tried pretty much every ingredient and it was what actually worked for me. I have Amlactin here, but haven't really tried it yet, but have used tons of creams with the same ingredients.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by chelsealynn Looks like you received a nice fix. The crochet V-neck blouse looks nice. Too bad it's dry clean only. I see what you mean about the dress. It looks like there is a seam or something going across the bottom that breaks the pattern. Glad you found a few pieces you like though. For stuff that is hand wash only I just put that item in a zip up pillowcase from walmart and wash on the cold hand wash setting of my washer. My washer is one of those front-loading things with no wringer inside- so stuff never gets caught. I've been doing that for years and have some sweaters that look like they are crochet from thread and those are still in perfect condition. I also have a lot of expensive socks and tights and havent ruined them by washing yet
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