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    *~* The Higher THe Hair The Closer To Heaven *~*
    Waterford City, Ireland.
    Hair,Makeup, Leopard, Zebra, Cheetah!
  1. alisonkelly89

    Best makeup brushes?

    did you ever try BCC? Blank Canvas Cosmetics ..
  2. alisonkelly89

    BCC, Blank Canvas Cosmetics??

    i recently ordered some brushes from BCC and im just wondering does anybody find these any good whats your reviews?? xxx
  3. alisonkelly89

    Bright Pigmented Eyeshadow Palettes...

    haha lmao easily amused
  4. alisonkelly89

    Bright Pigmented Eyeshadow Palettes...

  5. alisonkelly89

    Bright Pigmented Eyeshadow Palettes...

    i absolutely love the vice palette the pugmentation is unreal
  6. alisonkelly89

    Bright Pigmented Eyeshadow Palettes...

    haha u have tried them so lmao welcome to the family haha xxx
  7. alisonkelly89

    Bright Pigmented Eyeshadow Palettes...

    have you ever tried sleek makeup? they have bright neon palettes and are so cheap with great pigmentation we have them here in ireland
  8. alisonkelly89

    Most recent purchases?

    i recently purchased a few things from nyx on an online shopping department as we cant get any nyx in the shops here in ireland, i got the concealer wand and concelaer jar, HD studio photogenic primer and a couple of eyeshadows, the only thing ive tried out is the concealer wand white i find very good and it covers up everything well, has anybody ever used any of these products and what did you think of them?? i have also purchased a Daniel Sandler Blotting powder, i find very good also im not sure if that brand is out in the US but anybody ever try it? xxx Alison xxx
  9. alisonkelly89

    Finally! Swatches of 6 Makeup Geek Shadows!

    these colours look fab! marlena obviously worked hard on them fair play to her xx
  10. alisonkelly89

    Lip Exfoliator

    good luck xx
  11. alisonkelly89

    Makeup Kit Suggestions

    i wll be applying on models i must try out that foundation it sounds really good thanks i have a brand new burts bees plain balm and labello so im sorted there and i will stock up on lipglosses and lipsticks xx thanks for the advice, very much appreiciated xxx
  12. alisonkelly89

    Makeup Kit Suggestions

    Im starting a diploma in makeup course and need to build up my own kit, does anybody have any suggestions in what staples i should have including products brands etc also any tips are welcome xxx
  13. alisonkelly89

    MAC Lipstick Dupe List

    great info ...... thanks xxx
  14. alisonkelly89

    Lip Exfoliator

    i make my own lipscrub a different few ways, vaseline and sugar mixed together with a drop of honey an unscented or scented lip balm and sugar with a drop of honey
  15. ive been looking to try these ive seen few pics of people using them, has anybody found them and good and what did you use them for?
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