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    Crayon lipstick (it's exactly what you think)

    I once had to take a picture of me with red lips and I didn't have red lipstick, so I microwaved a red crayon with a little bit of coconut oil. It ended up working really well, and it ended up staining my lips for like 12 hours. It didn't even live a lipstick like residue- just lip color! It was great.
  2. captainamanda

    Moisturizer for sensitive skin?

    I use 100% Argan Oil. It has stopped my breakouts and doesn't leave me greasy.
  3. captainamanda

    Can I trust Tmart.com?

    This is another fake review... hahah
  4. captainamanda

    Most recent purchases?

    There was a special at Ulta, so I bought Tarte's Amazonian Clay Foundation and got a deluxe sample of their eye primer and Lights, Camera, Lashes!
  5. captainamanda

    Can I trust Tmart.com?

    I have no experience with Tmart, but if you look at all or most of these positive posts about them, they all have only one or two posts and all have some issues with grammar. The same also goes for many negative posts about them- they also only have a few posts and and similar grammar. I'm guessing that Tmart is creating fake profiles to give positive reviews, and possibly a competitor is writing many bad reviews.
  6. captainamanda

    Porn Stars Before and After Makeup

    Strange, it's working on both of my computers. It does take a while to load, and I'm pretty sure it got DDOS from Reddit traffic last night... so here's the link again, hopefully it will work for you now! http://izismile.com/2013/03/08/porn_stars_before_and_after_their_makeup_makeover_93_pics.html And yeah, I also saw an AMA by a porn MUA and they mentioned that it's not uncommon for them to need to use sweat-proof makeup on girls for razor burn.
  7. captainamanda

    Porn Stars Before and After Makeup

    Link deleted since it didn't work. I found this on Reddit. It's so interesting to see what the women who are known as the most beautiful actually look like without makeup. I notice that most seem to have a heavy foundation, heavy, smoky eye, dramatic brows, and light lips.
  8. No problem! If you sign up for their newsletter you get $10 in store credit, so that's pretty awesome
  9. http://www.misskl.com/Browse.htm#Pdept=12&Onsale=True&PageSize=30&Pgroup=2 Sugarpill Cosmetics The Darling Loose Eyeshadow for $7.95 Stila The Luxe Eyeshadow Palette for $31.95 Butter London The Lips and Tips in West End Wonderland $18.95 Lime Crime The Nail Polish in Creme de Limon $4.95 I think those are the more interesting ones, although there's more. Keep in mind that you can also a promo code and rep code on it (you can combine them). I used a promo code on the Karmaloop website (not the one I linked, although I'm 99% sure it's the same stuff) yesterday and got 20% off and free shipping, plus I used a rep code and got another 20% off. They have really good promotions, too.
  10. captainamanda

    Ulta Friends & Family Sale !!

    Quoting this so that everyone sees it ^
  11. captainamanda

    IMATS LA 2013: Stila

    I actually tried the 3 piece skincare try-me set and I really disliked it. I got it for free at Ulta with a Stila purchase a couple weeks ago. It smelled gross, and made my face look waxy.
  12. captainamanda

    Makeup is oppression.. end of story

    I'm not so sure what you mean by "the American equivalent of 'royalty'". As far as I know we have no equivalent of royalty. Also, "fancy" department stores are not limited to upper class- middle class shops there too.
  13. captainamanda

    Has anyone tried snail skincare?

    I've heard that snail products work really well, but there aren't too many brands in the US.
  14. captainamanda

    I HATE MY HAIR!!!!!! How do I fix it???!!!

    Yeah, I definitely agree. Argan oil products, for example, I choose because they have argan oil, and then if they work, I keep them. Also, not all cones are bad- there are ones that don't create build up. I do straighten my hair, and cones are pretty much necessary in coating the hair for heat protection.
  15. captainamanda

    I HATE MY HAIR!!!!!! How do I fix it???!!!

    I would 100% recommend a keratin treatment. They are amazing! No matter what hair type you have, it will smooth and soften the hair. I've had a keratin treatment and I loved it sooooo much. It is extremely important that if you choose to get one done, it must be formaldehyde free. Also, I suggest using sulfate-free products. It has made a world of a difference for me. I have super damaged hair from bleaching & dying tons of times, and this is the only thing that has worked for me. I use: -SudzzFx Cashmere Shampoo ($20) -MoroccanOIl Moisture Repair Conditioner ($20) Once a week or so, I use this product and leave it in for about half an hour with a shower cap and blow dryer: -Hayashi System 911 Emergency Pak Reconstructor for Damaged Hair ($15-40) When choosing styling products, go for items that contain Argan Oil/Moroccan Oil or Keratin. I use all these products when wet: -One 'N Only Argan Oil Spray Treatment ($12) -GK Global Keratin Serum ($25) -Ojon Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum ($25) Some cheaper options: - Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Oil Treatment ($5) -Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Heat Defense Leave-in Conditioner ($3) -Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smooth & Shine Serum ($3) -Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Oil ($7) Organix carries a bunch of Keratin and Moroccan/Argan Oil Products too.
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