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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by BlackMagicRose I just tried the Le Edge on my face along my jaw where I have really flaky skin, and it seemed to actually help a bit. My skin felt a little smoother after. This tool actually works a lot better on the body, believe it or not. There is a promotional video on youtube that shows you what it is supposed to do. It says you just use it with water, but I think it works better with body wash. If you are not sure how well it works, just try it on your feet. I get pedicures, scrub my feet, and use the Theraplex cream (which I love), but when I used the Le Edge on my feet I was blown away. Holy crap, it took off a crap load of skin and my feet have never been so smooth and soft! (Just be sure to sanitize before you use on your face, yuck!) Here is the video link if you are interested http://youtu.be/MAVRAIp1FX8
  2. Wow, my box came today and it is beautiful! I think this may be my favorite!
  3. I ordered 2 bags and they both came with the Mirenesse #27 On a good note, they both had all the contents and were in good condition. One had the NYX in Margarita and the other in vitamin. I do like the bag other than the Mirensesse, I will use everything else and the other is a good gift for my sister.
  4. Just received this email- To our valued subscribers, It pains me to have to contact you about another issue. You may have already received your box. We just want you to know about any delays. Thank you so much to those thoughtful subscribers who knew what was going on and contacted us about what’s being said on the forums. We were going back and forth about whether or not to go into detail because we didn’t want to offend our subscribers that work for the postal service. When we began to read the comments on several forums we realized how bad this is making us look. If you have been with us for a while you may remember that our boxes were being lost or stolen from the Orlando and the Miami post offices. That is why we stopped printing our logo on the outside of the boxes. Soon after that, we found that if our boxes arrived at the post office on a Friday or Saturday, they were not being scanned in until sometime that next Monday (If at all). After addressing these issues with the post office and finding that we had to stick with the post office in our area unless we delivered the boxes to them ourselves, things seemed to get better. Now once again we have an issue. First of all, stamps.com, the service we use for your shipping labels, emails your tracking information on our behalf. Most were never received this month. When asked why, stamps.com stated that there is something going on where email servers are blocking emails from stamps.com (whatever that means) and that everyone should check their spam. Then we began to receive many emails and posts from subscribers asking about their boxes. On our end the boxes showed “in transit†but had never actually been scanned in at the post office. They leave our office with what is called a scan form. The post office is supposed to scan that form which scans in every box in the shipment at one time. If they lose that form they have to scan in each box individually and we are talking hundreds per day. On this occasion nothing was scanned and the boxes seemed to have disappeared. This week, I flew back into town and went straight to the Post office the next morning to address all of this. Believe me they were not happy with me. Later that day, boxes that were, “lost,†somehow reappeared. This is the reason why the tracking is now updating. As a result, we are trying to switch to UPS for all domestic shipping as of August 1st. Going forward (until we switch carriers) I am personally taking all of the boxes to the post office myself so that I can see that each box is scanned in. You guys have been very patient and understanding. You can’t imagine how upsetting this is for us. We don’t want to do anything to lose your confidence or trust in us. If you are a new subscriber, please give us a chance. I assure you that next month will not be like this. Thank you so much for your support. Sincerely, Laurie Best, CEO
  5. I have never had any problems with this sub, my box came around the 15th this month, which was actually earlier than it normally does. I definitely think this is out of the ordinary for them.
  6. Box 17 for me: Not a big self tanner (or tanner of any kind), but I will try it out. The Wei samples are small, but I have never tried them and I definitely want to and will use them. The No. 4 hair prep smells good, but I haven't tried it yet to see how it will do on my hair. I really like the Benefit Hello Flawless in Honey, which was a shock. When I saw it was called honey I thought it would never match my skin tone, but it looks perfect, I may have to buy a full size! All in all, pretty happy because there is nothing I won't use.
  7. Even though this was their anniversary box, I wasn't supper crazy about some of the items either. The lip pencil is really dark brown/red, definitely better suited for a woman of color than my skin tone. The nail wraps I probably won't use and the polish is a terrible color for most people, I would never wear it in a million years. The black eyeliner is almost a joke around subscription boxes, isn't it? If I get one more I will barf! The rest of the items I will use, so I do like most of the items in the box. My point is, give it one or two more months and then decide if you want to keep it. I think giving most subscription services 2-3 months gives you a better idea if you are going to like it overall. (Although sometimes there is the rare occasion it is not all right for you and you know the first month!)
  8. Received my box yesterday and here are the contents: Pureceuticals Clarifying Skin Creme Kur Nourishing Cuticle Oil $25.00 NCLA Nail Wraps (in "It Don't Matter") $16 LaSplash Cosmetics (Smokey Eye Shadow Duo) $7.99 LaSplash Nail Polish (Blowfish) $3.99 Bellerne Cosmetics (Don't Smudge Eye Liner in Black) $5.50 29 Cosmetics Line Maker Lip Pencil (Woody Cab) $23 Two Lips Gloss (Heart) $6.50 Blender Sponge $4.99 I don't know the value of the PureCeuticals sample, but without adding that in the retail value came to $92.97
  9. I am tempted to cut it loose, too. I think this is the 4th or 5th month I have skipped. I don't know why I keep hanging on to it, I have lots of other subs. I guess I just keep thinking the next month will finally have more than 1 or 2 samples I actually want!
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