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  1. I bought the urban decay palette cause I couldn't resist. The colors are super blendable and very easy to work with. These colors are very neon and glide on so smoothly. A good dupe is the bh cosmetics take me to Brazil palette which is currently on sale on their site now. This palette has similar shades but no full on dupes, and some of the shadows can be chalkier than others. If you love to stand out with lots of neon color, buy the electric. However, if you just want to experiment, get the take me to Brazil.
  2. So I placed a huge order in October and my package was shipped on the 24th, USPS attempted one delivery on the 26th but did not leave a missed notification slip. I was expecting them to redelivery and there have been numerous times where they do no reattempt the very next day. So I waited and waited and finally I went to the post office to finally check if it was there and they said it was sent back to the company! It wasn't even 15 business days and they sent it back. They told me they could not do anything and that I had to call the company. I called stila cosmetics right away but they said there was no representative available at the time so I wrote an email. A representative replied saying they would have to refund me and I would have to reorder. Ok fine. But then they also added that I could not get the promotion prices from my original order. WTF. I asked why and they kept repeating their FAQ policy. I indicated to them that it was not my fault my package was sent back. They responded again with the same FAQ policy bs. Then I insisted that I am not at fault that my package was not delivered and that they are responsible for fulfilling my order. They again responded with the same policy crap. Sure it is policy, but in this circumstance, it was not my fault that I did not get the package. I guess they really didn't want to fulfill my order again because I ordered many sale items. But still, I find it very ignorant that they are not doing a thing to even make amends. I work in retail, and I'm always bending over backwards for customers. Stila cosmetics isn't even trying to win back my business even though I wrote in my last email to them that I was not going to purchase anything from their company anymore because their customer service is horrible. /end rant
  3. I was double charged and I'm wondering what is the extra item?
  4. The jcp one had better goodies, IMO. It had an ud mini liner and mini muf lipstick. Also a tarte and benefit mini mascaras. Philosophy miracle worker, murad moisturizer, bare minerals wrinkle filler. The only thing that was the same was the sephora anti aging product.
  5. Ugh I have the perfect cart but I want the clutch with my online order
  6. I received the orange lip bomb but I really wanted the white one, anyone up for a trade?
  7. On a side note, there so be a show called extreme makeup collecting. Show off hoards like they do in extreme couponing.
  8. I have 6 full sized and 5 deluxe sized mascara in rotation, but in my defense, I use two at a time and some are brown tinted. Still doesnt justify the 15 full sized and 6 deluze sized (i had over two dozen deluxe but i gave most away) that are waiting to go into rotation. My blush and bronzer rotation is at 12 but I have double that amount waiting to be opened. I can't even get started on how much lip stuff, I have unopened. I have one whole glossybox packed of lip stuff and a beauty army box packed of just lipstick. I should do a no buy on lip stuff for two years. And I weeded down my black eyeliner rotation to 7 instead of 12. But I still have 9 in overstock. I relieved I only have five big palettes on rotation and 7 small ones but I have two dozen singles. And there's 5 palettes unopened ( but they're either gifts or bonuses). Granted, I take a little pride in my box organization of all my overstock and samples, but Its just sad to know that I could prob live without buying new makeup or just even face, body, and hair products for a year or so. In my defense, a store was closing down and selling off at 90% so that's why I have a years supply of hair care, hair color, body wash, lotion, and toothpaste.
  9. As hunters and gatherers, I believe we are genetically susceptible to hoard stuff. We hunt for good deals, and we buy so much. But what do we do with all the stuff? Honestly, I may not have as much makeup as some of you, but having 27 lipsticks on rotate is kind of scaring me and the infinite number of glosses I have is just sad. And seriously, what do I do with 100+ polishes? I have a lot of items I haven't even opened, but have bought because they were at a good price (50% - 90 % off at stores that were closing). But then I don't even use them because I have similar items I should finish first. Once every six months, I tend to open my "overstock" stash to my mother in law and sister in law so that they could take some off my hands and yet I still pile up more after they do. What to do? How to stop? I'm sure I'm not the only one with this issue. Lets discuss.
  10. Some of the loreal stuff seemed marked up $1-2 more, but the stuff I bought had the same prices as my local drugstores.
  11. I just visited my local sears beauty dept in jersey city, nj and I have come to find that the stuff is now markdown to 50% off. I read about two months ago on nouveaucheap that they were marking down to 30% but now the markdown has increased. I'm sure they will finally markdown to 75% in another month or so, but probably all the good stuff will be gone by then. I bought: Physicians formula ph bronzer with bonus lipgloss, 50% + $2 off attached coupon = $5.50 Physicians formula organic mascara with bonus mascara, 50% + $2 off attached coupon = $2.89 Nyx mosiac blush, 50% = $4 Rimmel 25 hr foundation, 50% = $3 Olay regenerist wrinkle treatment, 50% = $12 Burt bees body wash = $2 Sears carries mainly drugstore brands, mostly makeup, low-end perfume, and face care.
  12. You're better off using this deal http://www.totalbeauty.com/shops/deals/pacifica
  13. Ugh, I just realized I spend at least $100 on beauty products each month and $100 on subscription boxes each month. I really need to cut my spending because I have way too much makeup and samples now and if I save $300 a month, for the next year, I will be able to afford my wedding on May 2014! *gasp I have to cut some of these boxes, but I can't decide which one.... Birchbox Sample society Ipsy Lip factory Glossybox Beauty army Goodies Love with food Julep The last five would be easy to cancel because I haven't been liking them. Plus, julep and beauty army allow me to skip. Now as for the top four, I can't decide if I should keep them or cancel. I really don't need anymore samples, but its just so nice to get a package every month from them. Advice please! It would be really hard to let go of birchbox and ipsy just cause they're so cheap. As for buying products, that really must end. I'm also thinking of selling a lot of my full sized items I got from boxes but I don't know how to go about it. I know I could definitely get $200 if I sold them all.

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