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  1. I'm excited for the curated box - I've received the Jane Iredale stain before, actually I loved it so much I bought a 3ct lot of the minis on eBay haha. So I'll be glad to have another spare (worth giving up the 10 review points since I've sampled it already!) edit: I keep screwing up and posting in the wrong post, haha. I got the curated box this month (like I obviously plan to do for December too, lol) and I'm pleased with it. I do love that the curated boxes come so quickly, usually at least a few days faster than my boxes come otherwise. My favorite sample was the LOC shadow stick. I wear contacts and have sensitive eyes, it's usually a toss up whether a shimmery shadow stick/cream will end up wearing off into my eyes and causing irritation. This one didn't so yay! I'm considering getting another color or two eventually.
  2. I'm really particular about saving the cards (I've saved every one from the three years I've subscribed) and I'd be pissed if they forgot my card, too. So I feel your pain/frustration - they should've thrown you some sorry points at least - hell, even actually reading your email would have been a lot better than the response you did get lol.
  3. Best Pick 2 I've had in a while! Benefit They're Real! mascara Clarisea Sea Salt Solutions Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliant Last time was ok - Vasanti BrightenUp! Exfoliator Scrub and Harvey Prince body butter (in Hello, of course). Both products I like but have received already, my third Vasanti in fact. So to see two new products - from BB, anyway - was really nice! Both genuinely deluxe sized samples. It's hard to read the text but the Clarisea is 1oz. The order this Pick 2 came with included the Complexion sampler, and one of the products was duplicated (Marcelle BB Glow) so along with the freebie pretzel treat I'm very pleased today! I just love Birchbox.
  4. I received the Chosungah in Guava Jello (the translucent orange one) and I was pleased to find that I LOVE it. I swatched it on my hand first and it definitely leaves a nice tint with a bit of a staining effect (lasts around 4hrs). The shade is flattering with my skintone (neutral to yellow). I doubt I would have been as happy with the pink. After the Jane Iredale last month, and then this one, I'm becoming a huge fan of these slightly staining, lip balm-type products. They pack a decent punch of color, last as long as a lipstick, but unlike lipsticks and gloss they don't leave a weird film on the lips as they wear off. I'd consider them sort of in between a tinted lip balm and a long-wearing lip stain: application is much easier than the latter, and granted they don't last as long, but patchiness/uneven application is a non-issue. I've happy enough with its performance that I would heartily recommend the Jello variety of the Chosungah lipstick for anyone on the fence about purchasing. It doesn't have any taste though, not sure why it's marketed as "flavorful"
  5. My mom cashed in her points from a 3-month sub I gifted her and I made sure she added a Pick 2 with her order. Her samples were a tube of Vasanti BrightenUp! and a cardboard packet of BeeKind shampoo. The size of the latter is actually pretty decent, 1oz I think. Definitely enough for a couple uses (she has shoulder length hair). She's happy with it.
  6. My Pick 2 from the Aces sale: Cynthia Rowley Creamy Lip Stain in "Heartthrob" (Sample Value: $9.29) Mereadesso All-in-One Moisturizer (Sample Value: $28.80) This is THE BEST Pick 2 I've gotten... ever. Really high value, though I have to ask myself if these two samples are really worth $38. A lot of Birchbox's prices seem inflated, so I guess it's completely subjective. Having the opportunity to try such an expensive moisturizer is really nice though, it's not something I've ever buy blindly. I do love the packaging, I actually have some Wei BB Cream that comes in this same re-sealable type packet. I love how portable it is. I received a different color of the lipstain in a Birchbox, Valentine, which is a bit bright for me. Happy to try it in a different shade. The last pick 2 I received was a 3pk of Derma E foils and a 4mL bottle of night cream, which wasn't terrible but it came the same day I received the Rent the Runway editor's box (which had a large sample tub of Derma-e day cream), so a lot of skincare that month. This is the first sample pack I've been this excited about in a long time... back when we could pick from pre-selected Pick 2's! (I also got a 3pk of tea, so they must still be sending those out!)
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  8. It's not just you! I just tried and it's not loading anything at all. I was able to sign in just fine yesterday, I think around the time boxes start loading their site gets a little messed up. For the first year and a half I was subbed to Birchbox there were at least two days a month where I couldn't sign in at all. I'm thinking it should go back to normal at least once the box pages get updated.
  9. Aww, reading your post made me so sad! I'm sorry you're so disappointed. What about seeing it from the perspective of those getting only 1 really crappy box? They'd probably be so glad to be in your shoes! Yes you got some dupes, some products that aren't very exciting, but you got THE coveted sample for this month - an item that's included in very, very few box combinations. It could be worse - you could have gotten TWO punishment boxes. Instead you got the hands-down best sample out of the 60 possibilities, two makeup items (I personally love the formula of the Eyeko liner, just make sure to store it vertical and upside down!), and the makeup remover, which is one of the monthly sample choices. It's a great staple item, who can't use a spare eye makeup remover? And a great size for travel. Now I did get the lipgloss in my own (picked the curated box). It IS a pretty light color so I can see why you'd be disappointed if it doesn't work with your skintone. That is a super annoying thing about BB, getting an unflattering lip color does kind of put a damper on things. So I feel you on that. I was so pissed this one month last summer when they sent me a NUDE ModelCo lipstick, along with 4 other lackluster items: bobby pins, a tiny moisturizer/primer, two Kerastase foils, and a CC cream that was way wayyyy too dark for my skin. It wasn't enough that they sent me two hair foils and two tiny tubes of face stuff, including one that I couldn't even use... but the worst lipstick color possible? It kind of made the rest of the samples look worse and made the whole box that month super disappointing. I did end up LOVING the hair pins and the Kerastase once I tried it, so looking back it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. But a couple wrong-color samples can definitely make it seem that way. All I'm saying is, objectively you DID get lucky this month. That's the thing about Birchbox we've all noticed by now though, one person's ideal box is someone else's punishment box. Except maybe those with the Beauty blender haha, can't see anyone unhappy with getting that one
  10. I didn't get my email until 8:30 EST, but all the choices were still available. I picked the curated box mainly because of the navy Sumita, gloss, and the pretty box! I almost picked the makeup remover, but that's more of a staple product and not as fun as cosmetics imo. Also I'm excited to get a dark colored eyeliner that's NOT black! In my past 5 boxes I've received 2 black eyeliners.
  11. I've gotten two curated boxes, the November one with the candle and the Tone It Up this month. I've been happy with them, I'd been getting some unexciting throughout 2014. Worst box was October, I got the Lord & Berry liner, Camille Beckman hand cream in that tiny pot, a perfume, a heavily fragranced face serum and a silicone filled hair gloss. Ugh. So I did the Guest Editor box in November and was happy, especially with the Amika and the Dr. Jart mask. I think I'll pick the Rent the Runway box this month, the box itself is beautiful and the samples look interesting.
  12. I gifted my Mom to my mom, picked the Classic (I'm irritated that it's the only one of the 3 options that comes in the plain brown box, as the Trendy and Customer Favorites apparently both come in the pretty blue one...), and I peeked at the contents already - not bad of an assortment. 1) Suki Exfoliate cleanser 2) Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Moisturizer 3) theBalm Stainiac 4) Gilchrist & Soames Spa Therapy body wash 5) Harvey Prince "Ageless" perfume sample For her - not terrible, just not the best box for her. She's 65 and has a skincare routine, out of all the product possibilities I wish it wasn't so skincare heavy. Of course, BB is known for being "skincare heavy" anyway so I was expecting that I suppose. Suki is good, but I don't like Juice Beauty products (I find the juice thing to be kind of a gimmick). G&S body wash... eh. It's okay, but I admit I'm a bit prejudiced against the brand because I think of it as a boring hotel brand, lol. The perfume sample is decent, I think she might really enjoy the scent. Finally, the Stainiac is a good sample because I know she hasn't tried anything like it before. I can teach her how to use it So, a perfectly decent assortment... I just wish it came in the pretty blue box.
  13. So Birchbox finally made up for the multiple Hairkop Pick Two's I've also had the pleasure (ugh) of receiving! After my third one, I was really irritated and wrote my second email to CS about it - only after sending, I realized I was erroneously charged for the sample pack (Used a 25% off code for a $30 CC cream, a $30 3-month gift sub, and of course the $10 Pick Two. Didn't realize that I was charged 25% off of $70 versus the $60 it should have been). So I wrote ANOTHER email that I was unhappy about being sent a Pick Two of Hairkop foils again, on top of being charged when it should have been free. I didn't even bother to check their replies since the last time I complained they sent a "sorry" email and that's it. Well, it wasn't until I got a random bubble envelope from BB that I checked and realized they not only sent me a handpicked sample pack but also gave me 200 sorry points! AND refunded me $7 for the latest Hairkop pack (though they did deduct 7 points for the refund lol). My replacement Sample pack: Real Chemistry peel, the Mirenesse curling mascara, and an Agave hair oil pouch. I've already sampled these products but I'm always happy to have extras! And I loved the Real Chemistry peel first time I tried it. Either way, I'm more than happy with this resolution... they totally made it up to me, and I'm also SO glad to see that they've finally improved the Pick Two situation for everyone else as well. Edit: the return address for the Pick "Three" (lol) said "ATTN: KATIA" at the top. Thought that was odd enough to be worth a mention!
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