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  1. Due to what happened yesterday here with the mods all stepping down and then being forbidden to say why, I'm leaving the forums. I'm going through the threads I was active in (at least at one point) to say goodbye and good luck to those of you choosing to stay here and not join us elsewhere. You are all very kind and amazing women and I appreciate your feeding my indie addiction. If anyone would like more info about where some of us are going, feel free to PM me. I do hope to somewhere somehow see most of you again
  2. Same. I'm 28 (so a bit younger than either of you) but I'll turn 29 in a week so I feel comfortable saying I'm almost 30, and I still get carded I'd say over 75% of the time. That's all fine (if annoying) but what really really gets me about it is that people will not card my partner (who is a bit older at 31, but this has been going on for YEARS) but will card me. And I honestly don't think he looks older than me, so it is a true mystery. This happens nearly every single time we go out together.
  3. Something I really don't get are when foils for skincare only have enough in them for one use. How am I supposed to know if something is a HG or works with my skin after only one use? I can tell I guess if I've had a really awful reaction, but the absence of a really awful reaction isn't exactly enough to make me run out and buy something. I guess in this case it's a good thing sort of though- another foil bites the dust.
  4. Fortune Cookie Soap has some conditioner bars. They smell yummy. Mad City Sue also makes conditioners: https://www.etsy.com/shop/madcitysue?section_id=7477780&ref=shopsection_leftnav_4 I think she is a very underrated indie fragrance person in general, though I have had a few 'misses' with her over the years, mainly on her seasonal scents. Her dupes are great, as are the scents she offers year round.
  5. Okay so other than my large overarching goal which is simply not to buy anything beauty related, here are the 7 I decided on (I explained in the other thread that I think 7 is a good number for me since that is evidently the number of things an average person can keep in mind at once, and I think it's nice to be able to easily-ish remember your goals): Makeup/Beauty 1. Wear full makeup 8 of the 10 days. I think even as much as I love makeup, full makeup all 10 days is not realistic given my current unemployment and the fact that my partner is now living out of the country (I know, I know, we should only wear makeup for ourselves but I can't lie it is nicer when someone other than the grocery store clerk will see it). As well as the fact that I can be kind of lazy. Oh well. 2. My hair is really long and probably one of my better features but until recently I have never done much other than putting it in a ponytail. Recently, I have realized there is a lot of really cool looking stuff you can do with long hair (well, sort of I guess I knew that part) AND that not all of it is really that complicated once you know how. So I am going to try to keep watching some youtube tutorials about hairstyles, and I am going to make it a goal to do my hair in some actual style other than a plain ponytail 5 of the 10 days. 3. Last time I had a goal to polish my nails 5 times; that was unrealistic. So I am making it my new goal to Polish my nails 3 times. 4. I want to use up at least 10 beauty items over the course of the week. This can be in the form of empties, including samples, or it can be things like a bath bomb. The only rule is it has to be a beauty or hair or bath product and it has to be gone. It counts if I try a sample or product, hate it, and toss it, but I have to have given it a fair try. Unfortunately, given the size of my stash, 10 things should be totally doable with a bit of mindfulness and planning. In fact depending how it goes I might end up trying for 20, but I will give it a few days and see how it's going. 5. Use at least 3 face masks. Non-makeup goals 6. Continue to plan out goals for the next year in all areas of my life. I currently have goals set out in 5 of 10 areas but they need to be refined and the other 5 areas also need goals. I also want to make a sort of bucket list, generally, but that can come after. I don't necessarily want to finish this in these 10 days but I do want to make real progress. 7. Clear out my bedroom and bathroom entirely (minus essentials) in preparation for upcoming move.
  6. Yeah I 'only' have 5 (I think) palettes myself. 1 is BN from a trade, so I won't count it, but of the other 4, I actually have one I have not even used (but really! do keep meaning to! no, seriously, i love it... I just never open it...), one I have gotten moderate use out of but nowhere near pan on ANY of the colors, and two that i have used maybe 20 times total (each, but still). It is pathetic. But then I see new ones and they are soooo pretty.... I am not even kidding, they are downright seductive.
  7. It did. I have closed the sale window of doom, and am distracting myself with other things...
  8. Oh God someone please tell me I DO NOT need another palette...
  9. I hope no one will mind that I made a thread for the next 10 days so we can start sharing our goals http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/topic/135715-days-31-40-of-the-100-day-no-buy-challenge/ I'm still working on figuring out my goals. I'm trying to keep it to 7, I think, since I've read that's the largest number of things we can easily keep in our head at once, and I think it would be helpful to actually be able to remember all my goals, unlike this time
  10. I hope no one will mind that I start this thread for us to track our goals and progress through days 31-40. Looking forward to reading about everyone's successes and triumphs, and also commiserating about the slip-ups! Very exciting that in a few days we'll be 1/3 of the way through this
  11. I finished my rose toner this morning!! I am proud of myself since that was one of my goals for days 21-30. I know I did not meet some of my other goals but that is okay. It gives me feedback for how to structure my next set of goals
  12. This is REALLY true. I've actually been surprised at how quickly MANY things get finished (not even just samples) if you just commit to actually using them on a regular basis for real. So sorry to hear this!!
  13. I'm bummed about the old thread since I don't 100% remember my goals, but c'est la vie. I've been doing well with not buying. I've been doing less well with using stuff up/doing my makeup this week. I've been telling myself my face needs time to breath Not much to report, just wanted to get back in on the thread. I haven't been getting updates and was like WOW everyone is quiet but now I see the issue

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