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  1. I'm glad I cancelled. I gave the box a few months, and found that I didn't like anything in it. I ended up giving most of the items away.
  2. haha glad to know I am not alone on that. trying to wear eyeliner on your waterline when you also wear contacts is a real pain.
  3. Everyone is different.... but like I said above I was awake during my procedure and only one tooth really really hurt...but it was so long ago I barely remember the pain.
  4. Thanks Marci, I understand the needing to change the rotation around when trying to fit the colors and looks into current fashion and the time of the year, I was just a little confused. The barbie blush has been my staple... but I got the Lauren Clark corally-pink blush in recently, and I like it just as much as barbie if not more I did notice however that it wasn't as dry as the barbie.. it came out more liquid like, whereas the barbie took a little effort to get out of the tube.
  5. Yeah I thought it started at bold (January) then mixed (February) and was supposed to be neutral next (March) ...?
  6. I am excited to see what they come up with! Would love a noce flower spring type sentes candle
  7. I purchased the subscriber set today : ) I justify it because 1. I LOVE the blush.... I have never used a blush that blends this seamlessly and looks so .... beautiful on. 2. I have been searching for the perfect corally pink color since last summer, and have been disappointed with everything, until I used the Tipsy lip liner. I can justify spending the 32 because I know I already love the way the blush applies, and will get great usage out of the Tipsy gloss, lipstick, and liner from spring up until the end of summer. : )
  8. Why would you get yelled at? They are cute! My husband and I have two rescues, Mrs. Kitty, who is a main coon, and Pip who is a mixed bag. Mrs. Kitty will only respond to that so that's why we call her that. a few summers ago we were helping my husbands grandmother move some stuff around and we heard this LOUD crying noise. We found out that the neighbor from two houses down had a cat stuck in the garage... If anyone knows ANYTHING about Texas, it's that the last place you want to be is trapped in a garage in 100+ weather, especially if you are a furry main coon. We called the owners who came back and opened the garage and Mrs. Kitty darted out, hot, scared, and hungry. We posted signs for her around the neighborhood, but no one claimed her, so we kept her. She loves us both, but has her own special sleeping spot next to my husband. Every night she climbs up next to him and rests her head next to his. It. Is. So. Cute. She also makes this weird noise when she runs. (we call it the Jetsen after the spacecraft zoom noise from the tv show) Pip is just as funny, my husband says she looks like a pacman frog because she has a little head and little feet but a large body haha. I love them both
  9. I had my wisdom teeth removed 2 years (I'm 24 now) and I regret not getting it done sooner, as it moved some of my teeth around slightly ( i wore braces for 4 years) now... I did NOT go under, and was completely awake during my extractions, and all of my teeth were impacted (which meant stitches afterward). They gave me a local anesthetic, and laughing gas... that's it. in fact I remember the nurse talking to me while the dentist did his thing. I didn't feel ANY of the teeth being removed except for the last one ( I screamed because I felt him pulling it), to which he said, "Damn... I can't give her anymore anesthetic, she will have to go have surgery at a later date"... and I stupidly told him (while giddy because of the gas) "oh noooo, it's ok, haha (like an idiot) go ahead and pull it" so he did, and it hurt... a lot. he gave me some hydrocodone (I took a few and it made me feel sick and tired all the time so I threw them away) he said it was difficult to extract my impacted wisdom teeth because my roots were not normal and twisted around my nerves like tree roots. In fact, they had to leave some of my roots in my jaw for fear of causing nerve damage. People say I am crazy for not going under... but it didn't hurt, I felt nothing "/ I think the worse thing that happened that day was me eating an ice cream on the way home and my husband (boyfriend at the time) going "aawwwww maaann" because I dripped ice cream all over myself and his truck. I couldn't feel the ice cream and instead of getting it in my mouth, I had it all over my face hahaha In all it took about a week to recover, I went back and they removed the stitches and all was well
  10. I made this using clay and two pieces of cuttlefish bone. You carve out your design, and a channel that will allow you to pour metal into it. Place two cuttlebone pieces together, seal edges with clay, and pour metal. once its dry you break the cuttle bone off, and brush excess out of crevices. I then dipped it in Liver of sulpher which is a petina, so that the detail would show. I also sawed off the channel (excess metal) A tree keychain made out of copper and bronze ^ holds my bracelets in my bathroom

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