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  1. ledfordica

    Julep June 2013

    Sometimes I feel like the only person who doesn't like holos or neons!
  2. ledfordica

    Julep May 2013

    Snatched up Audrey and a jewelry box from the secret store. I loved this month!
  3. ledfordica

    Julep May 2013

    I want the New York Jazz Trio (Tea for Two is so pretty!) but I don't like the NP in the boxes with it. I'm thinking I might do Modern Beauty with Myrtle and Zelda. :x
  4. ledfordica

    Julep May 2013

    I'm so excited, I hope it's a good box. I skipped last month and I feel like I'm crawling through a desert of no nail polish.
  5. I just have naturally short nail beds. Sometimes it's just the luck of the draw! Good luck!
  6. ledfordica

    Julep May 2013

    Same here. That was the first month I've skipped. I'd like to see some soft shimmers.
  7. I posted mine 10 minutes ago and it got approved. My score jump up 2 points as well.
  8. ledfordica

    Julep: April 2013

    why haven't I ever thought to look for a coffee box! How does it come, whole bean or ground? Do you know of any tea boxes?
  9. ledfordica

    Julep: April 2013

    There are rumors on the Julep group I'm in that the upgrade box is sold out?! I'm on my phone so I can't muck around on Juleps page, is it true?
  10. ledfordica

    Julep: April 2013

    Looks like we've got a sneak preview! NEONS!! All of the colors are posted here https://www.julep.com/april-maven
  11. Watermelon is Sarah. I got that one in my cupids box.
  12. Maybe it will be a special effects top coat like Shine of the Times. I'd just die if it were clear!

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