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  1. I have been seeing sales for the knock off naked 4 palette and wanted to know what you guys thinks. Is it for real or is it a urban legend?
  2. It was a bit disappointing. Not as many high end makeup booths and MUFE was sold out of a lot of thing the first 15 mins.
  3. Looks like ipsy offered Bondi New York in this months bag. It was at the bottom of company card. Angie, It did not show up on my bill. I didn't buy any thing with my credit card for the month of April and notice I was charge 20 dollars in my purchase. I said that is weird I didn't buy anything took it to my bank and they looked into it for me.
  4. Yes My Bank is working with me. They are going to refund me the 200 dollars and send a note to the USA Goverment. About the fraud.
  5. I just notice last week on my credit card that money was missing from my credit card. Like 20 for the past 5 months with the total of 200 dollars. My bank called yesterday. It would seem that Bondi New York has been helping themselves to my money. So I cancel my credit card.
  6. After this drama and ipsy deleted my post about at the beginning of it all. I end up canceling.I am glad to see I was not the only one who got the product.
  7. How does this make you feel? Sorry if I posted it in the wrong group admins. I had no clue where to put it. Sephora want Canadians to pay 13% taxes plus 2.5% Duty to help open stores world wide. Should we be charge it plus the 10 dollars more then the American price. How do you feel about this?
  8. Why is that when you have a group and everyone one is fine. Till they find out one member is a male. Then all hell breaks loose. You see nothing wrong with it. He loves makeup and you love makeup. He has been in the group for 2 months and no one notice he was a man. I am admin of that group. You think it does not matter. I think its sexiest and they think its not. What is a girl to do? I can't make everyone happy. I think I don't have to right to say sorry I am kicking you out cause you are the wrong gender sorry.
  9. So I am getting mine on Monday. Super disappointed with the bs Sephora has to put me through. All the girls in my area got theirs before me. When mine was shipped out before their. Called was told they call me back never did. I called them on Friday got hung up on and the list goes on. It will be 16 days after it crossed the border before I get it yeah. I won't be shopping at sephora for the next year. I will take my money to MAC.

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