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  1. Oopsie! Sorry, my bad for jumping the gun. Either way, I wouldn't swatch a VOV blush on my forearm.
  2. The VOV liner was liquid and did not go on my waterline As if I would use liquid eyeliner on my waterline! I had specifically said "It made my eyelid itch" in my post under the VOV liner section. The "waterline" part was mentioned in context with the other eyeliner sent in the box, which has not given me a reaction We just had a joke about "asphalt tar" and "pavements" in the context of VOV mascaras and eyeliners.
  3. @@MissJexie Awwww... hugs! @ It is touted as a "Korean brand", but for some reason, it is exported from Russia. If you go to the VOV official website, the whole thing is in Russian. It does say (Thank you, Google Translate) that the brand is "Korean", but why have the whole thing in Russian? Why not Korean?
  4. I got an email when you tagged me, so I thought I would share what I have been discussing with a couple of other bloggers. If you read the comments I got for that post, you will see that most of them are from people who know what VOV is, agreeing with what I said. It has a terrible reputation here as the cheap, allergy-causing, poor-quality brand. I love drugstore makeup but this is not even drugstore, it is something that is regarded as cheap ink. We have similarly-priced brands which work much better, and Korean brands such as Innisfree already have their own stores here, so it is not that we are new to Korean products. At the risk of sounding like a nasty, class-conscious snob - which I am not, but you need to understand the feudal context here - VOV is known as "the brand that even the household-help/char will not touch", as a joke. One way of insulting a colleague would be to spread the rumour that she had VOV in her handbag. Remember that email forward about flip-flops made from used condoms? There were rumours that VOV packaging was made from those. There are worse, extremely politically incorrect jokes about VOV among makeup lovers and bloggers, but I refuse to share them! I really, really hope Memebox never sends a VOV product in their boxes again. Rant over, and I'm back to lurking
  5. Sorry you were trolled for just posting what is essentially a news item - release of a new box! Some people! SMH. It is the opposite with me - if I happen to rant about a product I don't like, or a box that I found meh, or even the customer service (I have had serious issues with unsent boxes), even a personal dislike of lip gloss, I get a tonne of comments telling me the product is brilliant and I don't know how to use it.
  6. I agree. The only product I know I want, from what I've heard so far, is the Miguhara B.P. cream. But if I knew for sure that there was something, anything, from the Etude House Princes Etoinette range, I'd buy on the spot. They could at least give a vague hint or even say Etude House!
  7. The Princess boxes sound like they will have more makeup than skin care. But if they have the Etude House Princess Etoinette collection, I NEED them!
  8. Two emails a day, Instagram comments, tweets, FB messages and the emailed draft of a seriously negative review, with screenshots of my followers, worked. I got an email from the new ID, heretohelp, saying they would refund me in Memepoints because the Scent box and blue lipstick were both sold out. I don't know how much they will refund, but at least they WROTE to me after one whole month of ignoring my emails.
  9. Thank you! I just emailed them about my missing Baby Powder box. Hopefully they will respond positively, unlike [email protected] Two emails per DAY about it now, and still not a word from them. Are they hoping if they ignore me long enough, I will cut my losses and forget I ordered 2+1 and not just two?
  10. Two emails per day about my missing baby powder box and nothing from them, not a peep. It is well over 45 days, I paid on May 15, so Paypal told me to "take it up with the seller" and closed the dispute. So I'm supposed to tell myself I only ordered two boxes in the bundle and not the free third one, right?
  11. That is my issue with Memebox - great box, HORRIBLE customer care. When it goes well, it is all brilliant. But one thing goes wrong and we're stuck with nowhere to turn. I'm glad it finally resolved - kind of - for you. It gives me hope. I've taken a leaf out of your book - four emails have gone out today, and two Instagram comments - one was on the Memebox Korea account. No reply. I will keep sending. I paid for the bundle of three, not two. I am going to have to force myself to wean away from them as well. Maybe bring it down to 1-2 boxes a month first.
  12. I just sent another message out. As polite as ever, essentially saying the same things, but with one addition - having bought 57 boxes so far, I am not out to con them. I know, I sound so desperate
  13. Yes, the boxes are brilliant but the communications and customer services are irregular at best. I don't know how it works - do they reply to the top few emails in a day and then run out of time, and by the time they come back, there are too many new ones at the top? I keep emailing once a day, since it is all I can do now that Paypal has washed its hands off the case. I am wondering whether to review the bundles without the Baby POwder box and with the broken blue lipstick, saying this happened, they didn't reply, and to send them the review link. Or will that antagonise them into messing up further boxes? If anyone here has annnny contact for Memebox apart from hi-at-memebox and affiliate-at, please do let me know. I would really appreciate it.
  14. At first, I didn't ask for either but just kept saying "Please look into this for me". Later, I added, could you please either replace or refund or give me store credits? I have been attaching the same photos in every email. Just went on their Instagram and left a couple of comments now. I just cannot get over the missing Baby Powder box. Even the broken blue lipstick, I can live with.
  15. On May 15th I ordered the Color bundle and Scent Bundle. I got the bundles without the Baby Powder box and the blue box had the blue lipstick broken. Memebox has simply not responded to my emails, which have been absolutely polite - in fact, I have only copy-pasted the same email over and over or reworded it. I have messaged them on Facebook, tweeted and tagged them on Instagram. Paypal has just closed my dispute because it is way past the 45-day deadline. I have ordered 57 Memeboxes so far, and will continue to order. NO email of mine to them has been remotely rude, angry, impolite, frustrated or negative. I am a journalist and have been well-trained in keeping my tone neutral when required, irrespective of what I really think. In fact, I have not even reviewed those bundles on my blog. Yet. Almost three months after I paid for the bundles, I think it is safe to conclude that one box and one broken lipstick are lost forever and they don't give a toss about it. I work overtime to splurge on Memeboxes. Had I known this was going to happen, I would have gone home early a couple of days.
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