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  1. I'll miss all of you! <3

  2. I first saw someone post it on Instagram and I thought it was fake until I saw Too Faced post a sneak peek and I was like SHUT UP. Gimme gimme gimme!
  3. Heavens....if I could find a beauty subscription service that sent kittens as bonus items....I'd be all over that. Sign me up. Right meow.
  4. One of my 11 Yr Old Ballet students: "See, Cinderella needed to play some pranks on her evil stepmother and stepsisters, go get herself a nice suit, go off and become an independant business woman." Me: "Maddy,...I can't even." LOL

    1. vogueboy
    2. pokeballssohard


      Homegirl has got the right idea.

  5. Ya'll aren't joking! I started using the snail eye cream I received in a box a while ago and whoooooooaaaaaa.....HEAVEN. How did I ever live before I had this eye cream?!
  6. ::whisper:: "Whatever you do, don't say pumpk-" "DID I HEAR PUMPKIN?! Quick! To the nearest Starbucks!!! Woman on a mission!"

    1. zadidoll


      Very few Starbucks here, lots of Dunkin Donuts. I had their Pumpkin Creme Latte the other day (iced not hot) and it was... interesting. Now their Pumpkin Pie donuts (a pumpkin filled donut) are to die for and I really enjoy their glazed pumpkin donuts.

  7. Ooo! I hope I get it before me and Hubby's 5th anniversary at the end of this month! How shmoopy is that? 'Cause I'm the crazy type of avid romantic sappy girl who'd love to wear a bridal themed box of makeup on her anniversary LOL
  8. Sigh....my Hubby says I need to join this thread LOL I have boxes piled up that I want to review and I'm so behind, so there's product after product sitting there unused...::facepalm::...and yet the new box pretties call to me. I must ignore their siren call!
  9. I'm curious as to what the difference is between the Cacao box and the Chocolate Mania box???....of course that didn't stop me from ordering it! LOL Chocolate? I'M IN!
  10. Come oooooon Starbox! Come to mama! lol
  11. This may sound a little nuts, but I want a kitty cat box! Stuff with leopard/cheetah print on it, some makeup, or anything kitty related. 'Cause I'm a crazy cat lady LOL
  12. I am STOKED about collab #3! I'm a big fan of Dani, I love watching her videos everyday. It's just a weird day if a new Coffee Break with Dani video isn't up! Love it! (Which of course means I had to order it ::facepalm:
  13. ::sigh:: I dunno.....I definitely agree with most of you, I feel like I've seen these colors before! I really do want to try the lip products though, as I've been LOVING their recent beauty products (their Blank Canvas primer and eye primer are some of HG products at the moment and their eyeliners are to die for! I wore them during a serious workout and they lasted the entire time!). I'll probably regret it later, but I used my Jules for the Bombshell box and three add-ons (Ana, Ryan and the Plush Pout in Almond Nude). Yeah, if I didn't have those Jules, I probably would have skipped. I've seen it all, Julep, come on! Blow us away already!

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