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    Who has time for interests besides makeup?

    Seriously, outside of work, I read (mostly mysteries, mostly cozies), knit, play with my cats and watch DVDs with my husband -- mostly independent, vintage horror; movies. We're also Dr. Who fans, especially of the classic series.
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    I work in finance, evaluating credit worthiness of companies.
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    We watch a lot of comic movies. I'm also a fan of fantasy (LOtR). But my personal favorite movies are probably The Joy Luck Club and Star Wars (or, as it is now known: Episode 4: A New Hope, but it will always just be Star Wars to me).
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    Favorite authors: Louise Penny, David Eddings, Laurie R. King, Elizabeth Perry
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    I've travelled to 6 continents, including Antarctica.
  1. I get that it may be the right decision to make for their business reasons. Just don't have your CSRs tell people that it's for "security" reasons, because honestly, I'm just not buying it. We use IE 9 at my work. IDK how recent that is, as I don't use it at home. I think I'm going to see if I can just switch the email address on that account, so it comes to my phone, rather than my work email. I don't have any issues clicking through using Safari.
  2. There were so many pictures of gloved hands on the Pinterest board, I'd bet that's it's gloves. I like those mitten/glove combo thingies. It's so cold where I work, I can see wearing them during the day!
  3. I really wish they would drop the nonsensical "Internet Explorer isn't safe" line and make their website compatible with it like literally every other company in the world does. I use my work email for my non-Aces account and I don't have a choice but to use IE, so I had to call to make my sample pick. The good news is that I was on the phone for a total of 2 minutes and already have the email confirming the pick. Hope it goes OK for everyone else.
  4. So I just checked the credit card that I use with my super-cheap 3 month Julep sub. The pending charge reflects the cost of one add-on polish, plus tax (about $7.50). So it appears that September is still covered under that original subscription. So if you were able to take a chance on not being charged for a new sub (which know some people couldn't risk) -- looks like the gamble probably paid off. We'll see what happens next month. I no longer have enough Jules associated with that account to cover even 1 add-on, so if they are going to charge me for another 3 month sub, I will just cancel the account. It also appears that they are trying to update the section where they show Maven boxes in the My Orders section to reflect subscription and use of Jules. It may not include discounts, though, since it shows that I'd be charged $10.35 and I was charged a few dollars less than that. But it's better than seeing $48! Edited to fix spelling.
  5. @@Bikerchic - that was my thought for their theme: extend the summer or something like that. Tanning products are very polarizing (can't stand them myself), but I can see how they might fit into a "not ready for summer to end" box. There was bound to be something I didn't like eventually.
  6. I got the email at 1:20 (eastern), but didn't get a chance to select until a few minutes ago. Looked like everything was still available. I got the Liz Earle, as I've never sampled it. I'm hoping I can get the Shiseido on my non-Aces account tomorrow. Got it last month I'm my Aces box and -- while I have no idea what exactly it's doing, my skin has been so smooth since I started using it. I may have to actually buy it!
  7. I think Capaldi will be OK once he gets the "feel" of his Doctor. As for the whole searching for Gallifrey thing, who knows? It may just be another of Moffat's wibbley-wobbly, timey-wimey things that never gets explained unless you read an interview in a fanzine and catch an interview on BBC's website. I'm surprised my husband (who is the one who got me into Doctor Who in the first place!) is still watching at all. He's been complaining about it since Saturday night.
  8. @@LadyK - glad you guys are OK. Some of the damage in Napa looks pretty bad. Our cats started acting weird a little while ago and I heard these weird "puffing" noises outside. There was a flotilla of 5 hot air balloons going over our house! Here's one of them. Edit for better pic:
  9. The replacement pick two for the 2 not resealable packets was a Coola tinted moisturizer and a Folie de Joie sample. I like the perfume, but will the Coola ever end?

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