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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Autym Henderson My .500 box was just delivered, only I'm at work for the next 8 hours..... Waiting is a pain. mine is .5100 so maybe the same box
  2. Provides great Matte finish all day
  3. oh man it sucks so many of you had such terrible reactions to the acne products!! I know what the 3 step one was, I used it for years and had great success as a teen. It didn't cause any extra acne this time, but wasn't great either. The 2 step one for me was awesome though! Started clearing up my acne within 3 days and my skin is sooo smooth and completely clear now. I love it so much I'm continuing it LOL...does anyone have ANY idea what the cleanser was? I know what the treatment was and I'm thrilled we got an entire tube haha
  4. I got a survey saying I'm made the "semi-finals" for a vox box. They asked me about no-calorie water enhancers, did anyone else get this email?
  5. Pretty sure I'm getting this one. My weight was .5610 whats in the little jar?
  6. Ok I think I'll just have to stop visiting the BB facebook page. The women that comment there are some of the most vile and rude people I've came across! For the sneak peek #4 they showed their staff wearing the same shade of lipstick and people were calling them ugly, etc. The people there are just so negative and rude. /end rant
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