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  1. So should i stop using it? I don't see how it is going to make my skin better. I mean i understand purging but is this purging?
  2. Has anyone used this for acne? I been using it for a few weeks and all it has done is create more cystic acne in my jawline area. I already had a lot of cystic pimples but now not only do i have that, i have 30-40 more pimples in that area and its very red. I read that lot of people have an initial breakout but is it really this bad? My jawline has went from severe to very severe now.
  3. Hi i tried that soap and it broke me out really bad. Does anyone here used epiduo can give me their experience?
  4. Does anyone know how long a tube of epiduo should last? I was given 6 samples of epiduo from my dermatologist and each one is about 2 grams. I spoke to someone who has these samples and was told those samples should last 1 month or so thus each of these 2 gram samples should last 5 applications? Would that be correct? Does anyone know how much does it cost without insurance? I googled and it seems like its around $400 for it? Should i wait until i run out of samples first before purchasing it? Also, i have a coupon card given by my derm for the epiduo and i read that it saves $50 off epiduo since i dont have insurance. Does anyone know the approximiate price for it? Another question i have is do certain places charge more or less for these prescriptions? Such as a regular drugstore vs a big name drugstore? Or should prices be all around the same? I would like to know where i can get the epiduo the lowest cost as im from nyc. Okay so i been using it for 2 week now. However it seems to cause my cystic pimples. The first few days it seemed to help but the breakout now is really bad. I gotten more cystic pimples in the area. Also im a bit confused about the applying the epiduo. I was insftructed by my derm to just use a pea size amount. I know what a pea size amount looks like as i seen pictures of what ppl do with pea size. But do they mean pea size for the entire face? Or do they mean pea size for each area of the face? For example, i have very bad acne on my right jawline. I also have a good amount of acne on my forehead. Then i have a good amount on the left side of my face. Does that mean i use a pea size amount for each of those 3 areas thus 3 pea size amounts or just 1 pea size amount for all 3 places? Because if someone has acne in many areas of the face, i can't imagine a pea size would be enough if they have pimples everywhere. Also, is applying moisturizer necessary? Does applying it make it work better or not work? Really want to know your experiences with epiduo on this forum. Thank you.
  5. Went to dermatologist to look at my acne. My acne is moderate close to severe but my jawline is severe. I was told by looking at my face, to use epiduo as the topical cream and solodyn as the antibiotic. I was given a few samples of epiduo and solodyn as I don't have insurance. I was told that its very expensive without insurance. I was told it would take 4-6 weeks to see some type of results but it should clear up your skin in probably 3 months or so. I checked reviews online and from what i read, epiduo doesn't really do much. Thoughts on this? Did this work for you? Im told to only use this at night. Also, i know epiduo has Benzoyl peroxide but does this work better than it? I was told i could just use 2.5 or 5% BP if i dont want to spend the money for the epiduo since i dont have insurance. I could get acne.org bp and thats $25 and would last a very long time. What about epiduo? I also read a lot of ppl mentioning that going on an anti-biotic is the worst thing you can do. Is this true or false based on your experience? I read some reviews where ppl mentioned there is hair loss as a side effect and that it doesn't work at all. I did read some good reviews about it but mostly were negative. Is epiduo + solodyn a good choice for moderate to a bit close of severe acne? I read reviews that this is what most derms prescribe to patients where their acne isn't severe but its getting there. I had asked if i would been a candidate for accutane and was told its best to do this first to see if it works. Which is more important? Epiduo or solodyn? And how long should i use it before i can say... okay this isn't working or making it worst. Should i stop asap if either of these are causing problems?
  6. I have a couple of acne cystic pimples on my jawline that are huge. Its red and inflamed. Its like a pustule but really big and a few of them. Im very depressed b/c of this. They are very painful. I read about these cortisone shots online and most ppl say it helps for those inflamed cystic pimples. However there are some cases where it didn't go right such as atrophy. But from what i read, the atrophy in the skin gets better within 2 months with most people. Would you suggest getting these cortisone shots based on your experience? Most ppl say they got it b/c they couldnt stand those huge cystic pimples on their face so would you say do it? These cystic pimples are huge and it usually takes 1 month at the minimum for it to get better and longer for it to be able to pop. I can't even pop it now. Of course it scars as well when i pop it. Would love if any of you can tell me what was your situation and if it did good or bad for you. I mean i don't mind having a dent on my face for 2 months b/c these cystic pimples are just huge. I seen some photos of ppl who had dents but they are from ppl who have it on their cheeks and if these cystic pimple is on my cheek, i might not do it. But since its around the jawline, i want to.
  7. Someone in another forum replied with I found this: http://www.popthatzit.com/acne-treatment/acne-definitions/ Pustule: Pustules, while similar in appearance to macules, are active infections of the skin that consists of dead skin cells and bacteria. These lesions are spherical in appearance and are filled with pus. Often reddish in color, pustules may be painful and will break open easily if scratched or bumped. Pustules will likely heal without other aid; however, some will develop into cysts. Cysts: Usually occurring in conjunction with nodules, cysts are considered severe acne lesions and are usually very painful. They penetrate the skin deeply, and usually result in scarring. Filled with bacteria, dead skin cells, and white blood cells, cysts are often severely inflamed and almost always cause scarring. When a nodule and a cyst occur together, it is often referred to as nodulocystic. Nodulocystic conditions are often only treatable with isotretinoin. So sounds like a pustule can also be a cyst. So it isn't an either/or but can be both! So in the the first link i posted, is this cystic acne? Is it a pustule? Is pustule a form of cystic acne? The thing is people say cystic acne you cannot pop it. The thing is for me, after some time though it takes very long, i can pop it so its not a cyst but a pustule?
  8. http://www.acnetreatmentserum.com/cystic/ I have about 3 of them on my face right now. 2 at the jawline one on my cheeks and yes thats how big each of them are on my face. I see people talk about cystic acne and how you can't really see the head... but isn't this cystic acne? I hear ppl talk about how they have that nasty cystic acne thats under the skin. Is this under or not under the skin? Assuming there is no whitehead on the picture, would this be under or not? Because when i think cystic acne/pimple, this is what i imagine ppl mean. But then i hear ppl say its under the skin and doesn't form a head and you can't pop it. So does this picture have a head? Can this be popped? If it doesn't have a whitehead here... does that mean no? I'm very confused at the type of cystic acne there is. Can someone post a picture of cystic acne where the pimple doesn't have a head and thus can't be popped? I'm really confused.
  9. Does this work for cystic acne? Anyone used it? I seen reviews on amazon that says it works but on makeupalley many mention it doesn't. They say its a small bottle and its very weird to put on the pimples. Does it work for inflamed pimple cysts? I seen someone mentioned it works for cysts that hasn't been raised yet but what about cystic acne pimples? Someone mentioned the drying lotion is for small or regular pimples but the buffering lotion works for those nasty inflamed cysts. But one review from amazon with a lot of likes mentioned it doesn't work for real cystic pimples as he/she said others who said it works for their cystic acne don't truly have cystic acne.
  10. If it is used for insect bites that are big, would it be fine for cystic pimples that are huge, painful and inflamed?
  11. Anyone here used this before? I bought it on amazon because some ppl mentioned it works on acne pimples and cystic pimples. But i also read it caused huge problems for a few ppl though some others say they dont know if its true or false. Is this safe to try? Have a few huge cystic pimples thats red and inflamed around my jawline area.
  12. http://www.acneandskinremedies.com/Cystic-Acne.html For example if you look at this, they classify this as cystic acne. But would that be considered severe acne?
  13. Most people who don't have acne who see people with just mild acne would probably notice they have pimples. So they would say that person has acne. Now if that person has moderate acne... they would say that person's acne is pretty bad. But for those of us who have acne and know whats its like to have it, we know how a few pimples or so is mild acne. Most of us could tell the difference between whats mild and moderate/ However, i was always confused what is the difference between moderate and severe acne. For example when you see a person with 20+ pimples are they are not cystic pimples, then we can say its moderate acne. Am i right or wrong on this? Now if they have 20+ pimples that are cystic... do we say thats severe acne? What if someone has mild acne around a few parts of their face but then have 3-4 big spots that are cystic pimples that are like the size of a dime on certain areas of the face. What if they have just 1 or 2 of those really nasty spots. Is that considered severe acne since they are cysts? Like if you have just a couple of them on your face that are cystic acne, is your acne considered severe or is it just moderate to severe? Or is it severe on one side of the face and mild on the others? Its like the other side of your face isn't bad at all but then one side has quite a few problem spots but those spots are huge and cystic. What is that considered?
  14. When you say organic honey, do you mean pure honey or raw honey? And is it better to use it as a cleanser or a mask? Did it help you with acne?
  15. I read lot of acne prescription creams/gels don't work based on ppl expereinces. But for those that do work, is there any that doesn't have any initial breakout? The same with antibiotics. Is there any that work but doesn't have any initial breakout/purging? I'm speaking about only products that dermatologists prescribe only and not over the counter products that you can just buy.

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