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  1. I didnt get an email notification, but I see a label created on my USPS dashboard that is from their shipping location. I can't wait to see what this is!
  2. Woo, my package is on the move already, and it's 7.5 pounds! It has got to be the Summer LE box! I don't have an estimated delivery date yet, but I'm on the East Coast, so it probably won't arrive until the end of next week or later.
  3. I think this box *might* be shipping soon...I have a Popsugar shipment in the "label created" stage on my FedEx dashboard, and it's coming from Gilroy. I thought it might be my June box, but my monthly boxes normally ship from New York now. Getting excited!
  4. I love the candies too, and I just tried the beauty oil on my hair and the elixir /serum on my face tonight. I'll have to give it a few days to see if they will work for me long term, but my first impressions are pretty great! My skin is really glowing and my hair feels great! Both products seemed like they might be too heavy for me, but they really melted into my skin and hair very quickly without feeling greasy (after the first minute or two).
  5. @@DianeER, I got that exact box, just a slightly different ring! Edit: Duh, I just saw your other post before the photo! Box twins!
  6. Holy crap, I found my ring! No wonder I didn't see it the first time I went through the packing material...it's a chain type ring, so it was all balled up in a teeny little ball. It just barely fit me, and my fingers are small. I love it though, as I really like dainty jewelry!
  7. I just got my box, and I also had an empty Tassia Cannelis envelope! Other than that, I am very happy with what I received, and I guess since it was my first box, I got a few things left over from previous boxes, which I'm actually happy about. I received: 1) Popup candle in Montwalk scent 2) Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensee 0.25 oz purse spray 3) Honey candy 4) Lavender sachet 5) La Fare Volumizing and Shining Shampoo (6.7 oz) 6) La Fare Succulent Foot Cream (1 oz) 7) Oliv' Beauty Oil (2.5 oz) 8) Oliv' Radiance Elixir (0.5 oz) 9) Rose et Marius melon & basil exfoliating soap (1.18 oz) 10) Panier des Sens relaxing lavender hand cream (1 oz) 11) Sothys lipstick in Beige St. Germaine 12) Sothys nail lacquer in Beige Doux 13) Sothys matte eyeshadow in Taupe Intemporel I'll have to figure up the value later, but I do feel like I got a lot of nice things I'll use and enjoy for what I paid for the discounted annual sub, especially of they resolve the issue of the empty envelope. I just hope things get back on track for Vol. 1.4, and we'll see more of the higher value fashion items.
  8. Yep, I'm on the East Coast, and my first box is scheduled for delivery tomorrow! Super excited, and I'm really liking the looks of the boxes I've seen so far, even if the value is a little lower than expected.
  9. Does anyone actually have an active tracking number? I got my notice on the 1st, but it says "shipped via FedEx on May 6"?!
  10. This will be my first box, and I'm so excited! Can anyone tell me which shipping service they use, so I can start stalking my dashboard for signs of shipping, lol?!
  11. Ok, so they're going to an every other month schedule after the April box? I guess I read the last email too quickly, because I was thinking I wouldn't get another box until May. This is a pleasant surprise!
  12. My breakfast bag was fine, but the lips bag from March smelled very strong, almost like gasoline. I'm not usually very sensitive to smells, but I have to admit, this bag made my eyes tear up a bit. No big deal though. I don't really care about the bags, so I threw it away. Normally I save bags like that to make Christmas gift bags for a local domestic violence shelter, but this one was truly unsalvageable.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like the last box shipped out in early March, so I'll have to wait until early May to get my first box?! Nooooooo! (Between this box and the Rachel Zoe box, my thoughts are like an annoying kid at Christmas....is it time to ship yet? How 'bout now? But I waaaaant it now!)
  14. I feel like a lot of the colors look way too much like Julep colors I already have...but I'm probably just reaching saturation point with Julep polishes!
  15. Mine is on the move, but it's only made it to Newark, CA. Although my Fedex delivery estimates are usually a day or two further out than it actually takes, mine is saying that it will be delivered Thursday of next week (the 26th). Uggghhh...slowest shipping ever!

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