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  1. If anyone has a spare Ulta code that they won't be using, I'm looking for one as well! Usually I get all their mailers, but the post office has been terrible recently (it's been taking 2-3 weeks for me to even receive letters and small packages). Thank you!!
  2. I really enjoy NatureBox! I haven't had a bad snack yet and receiving a box every other month has been perfect. I only get five snacks right now, but it is a good switch from the snacks I usually pick up from grocery stores. Their customer service has been wonderful too!
  3. I stopped by my SiJCP yesterday and also grabbed the skincare bag with: 2 of the PTR Retinol Fusion Algenist Genius cream GlamGlow ThirstyMud GlamGlow PowerMud My store allowed multiples so I got the last two PTR. Tried it for the first time last night, it made my skin feel real smooth, but only time will tell! I always really enjoy the pick-your-own skincare bags SiJCP offers!
  4. Thank you for posting this deal! I wanted to pick up a couple rubber ducks, but they went out of stock when I was checking out. That's okay though, I just picked up some eyeliners and nail files. Eyeliners will be stocking stuffers or given away.
  5. I actually think I just figured it out. This must be the box that got returned to them due to an incomplete address. If I recall correctly, they had reshipped the box to me, but it's so strange that they would now ship me the returned box months later!
  6. So this is the oddest thing! I received this box already and have been unsubscribed for about two months now. Yesterday, I received a Fedex number saying a package is coming from Glossybox. I received it today (super quick!) and it is another one of the Bergdorf Goodman boxes! I'm not complaining, but I am really confused!!
  7. Just received a 20% off coupon in my email The one with few restrictions
  8. My Algenist promo came in a box with a label, but I wasn't after the bag anyway. I recently picked up and started using some Algenist products and really like them, so the promo sizes are amazing and will be lovely for travel. I wasn't yet willing to shell out the money for the Genius cream, but I have two deluxe samples to try now thanks to this promo and the JCPenny Sephora Favorites Skincare bag. JCPenny also had an Algenist GWP so I was able to get that as well!
  9. I have this dress up for swap! It's size small. I would love to swap for another dress in size small! Apologies for the terrible lighting! I can try and take more pictures if anyone is interested
  10. Here are the three dresses I received! The only one I am not fan of is the last one with little deer print all over. I haven't tried any on yet but the other two are up my alley!
  11. I think that is exactly what has been happening to me! I am spending less overall, but it feels like more since I end up getting more at one time once the stress kicks in. Thank you for the advice! A small purchase here and there may help more than my larger splurges.
  12. I had started off well this month, then got hit with some stress at work (coworker basically trying to throw me under the bus), and ended up purchasing a couple dresses for the fall along with a new foundation from Nordstrom and a few items from Target and Trader Joe's. Now I really need to get back on track and stop purchasing things. Despite this weekend, I am doing better overall, but I still want to try and stick to a no-buy.
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