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    Addicted to subscription boxes but slowly dialing down. :) My finances were screaming to be rescued lol! Currently I subscribe to Glossybox only as that is the only box that has been consistent in quality. The one box I can't give up!

    Items I would like to trade away:
    -Teez Head over Heels nail polish in the shade "Smoking Gun." (a gold glitter shade, from Glossybox May 2015).
  1. That propolis essence is so fantastic. I loved it at first sight because of the pretty packaging but the actual product itself is great! I'm so pleased. At the time I received the box, my skin was dry and irritated and I had no idea why. I applied the essence AM and PM every day for several days and I really think it helped to soothe and re-hydrate my skin. It is slightly sticky but I don't care if it heals my skin and makes it glow! I live near a Skinfood so I'm happy that I can restock at any time. Do you live near any asian beauty supply stores? I do see it on Amazon for around $24 which seems reasonable.
  2. I appreciate that they gave 7 packets of the egg mellow cream to try but they gave me a yellow eyeshadow. My skin is yellow enough, I don't need a pale yellow eyeshadow! Lol. I don't even want to try to make this shadow work for me.
  3. Got my box today! I'm surprised by how much I like the bracelet. It's much prettier and more expensive looking in person! I'm relieved that I got the eyeshadow crayon in Rococo, a French gold color. It's not the shade I wanted, but I can make that work. I would've been at a loss with the blue one. Does anyone have tips on how to make the bag work? I'm 5'2 and the straps are much too long. The bag hits against the upper part of my thigh and it's just not a good look. At that price point they should've made the strap adjustable!
  4. I agree with you about the hourglass lip gloss. Any other color I would have been fine with but there's been too many deep reds going out in subscription boxes lately.
  5. My first time purchasing a net-a-porter box. The packaging is just beautiful and luxurious! I only bought the box for 2 of the items: the invisible lip liner and the lashfood mascara (I am determined to make my lashes grow). Combined, those 2 products equal almost $40 so I saw it as paying $15 more for all those other expensive extras. I wish it had included another hair product and 1 fewer skin product, but oh well. I'm still happy with it. I can't wait to see what they release next!
  6. Ohhh I'm jealous! I would much rather receive that! If I hadn't looked at this thread I would never have guessed that Vine Vera is a scam. The packaging actually looks quite nice. Now that I've read all this about the brand, I no longer want to try their product.
  7. I loooove it. 1st time trying it thanks to glossybox and they couldn't have picked a more perfect color!!! I just want to wear it all the time
  8. Got my box today. The only variation i got is the mask in soothing cucumber. Has anyone tried the teez lipstick yet? I'm in love! I thought I would dislike the color on me but it's actually very beautiful, great for the remainder of this winter season. Application is very smooth, great pigmentation. I think of it as a creamy matte with a slight sheen...does that make any sense at all? I love the formula and it makes me want to grab more colors from the line.
  9. FFF customer service responded last week and are shipping my missing/incorrect add-ons. The weird thing is, they didn't ask me to ship the incorrect items back to them. I'm going to have to email them about that. Fingers crossed that this time everything is correct. Does anyone know how to use the hellofresh voucher? I tried to redeem it but I keep getting "Coupon could not be used." I'm probably being an idiot and doing it all wrong. I can't find any specific instructions for redeeming it either...were they written in the booklet and I just completely missed it?
  10. It's not the most exciting box but I think the box is so pretty. I just can't bear to toss it or recycle it...I must find some way to use it around the house. The eyeshadow arrived completely smashed and a mess. Customer service has always been pretty responsive but I'll just try to see if I can fix it with rubbing alcohol. The nail polish color is BEAUTIFUL. It's just so...dark and vampy and perfect for the season. I don't know why, but I like this burgundy more than any other nail polish burgundy shade I've gotten. I got the lipstick color in "First Class," and although I'm glad that for once, Glossybox didn't send me a hideous beige/brown shade, I wish they had sent me one of the crazy purple shades Gold Label lipsticks has. I think I'm one of the few subscribers who actually wants those colors!
  11. I think it should be fine. I've used sugar scrubs on my face many times without any problems. I think it's really just about the individual ingredients in the scrub and making sure you are not sensitive to any of those. I do wish the product label lists each individual ingredient though!
  12. I got my first box this morning and I was so excited. I like the curation of items although fingerless gloves confuse me. The Zoya nail polish I got is "Dakota" and it's a gorgeous color. Only problem is, every subscription box I have ever subscribed to has sent me several polishes in a similar color. Lol. Berry hues seem to be the shade of choice for all beauty/lifestyle subscription boxes. I'm pretty excited about the hello fresh card because I've been reading reviews on the service and it seems interesting to try. The thing I'm NOT happy about, however, are the add-ons. I was quite disappointed actually. I picked out 2 of the mugs, the juice beauty apple moisturizer, and the orange umbrella. I got the black umbrella, the juice beauty exfoliator, and one of the mugs is missing from my box. I mean, being displeased about an umbrella color is so trivial, but I did specifically choose the orange umbrella for the bright color. I would probably have let it go entirely if they hadn't messed up with the 2 other things as well. So I'm going to email customer service and hopefully they will be responsive....
  13. Wow she is so gorgeous! I love this eye look! I usually stay away from non-neutral eyeshadows but she makes it look so good and so flirty.

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