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  1. I noticed that I'd been referring lots of my site's visitors to Ipsy but hadn't received any referral points in AGES. Then I logged into Ipsy and saw that my referral code had changed- it was now longer with a string at the end describing the traffic source. Has anyone else noticed this? Do you know if you will still receive points when people follow the older style of link (meaning that none of the hundreds of visitors I've referred have subscribed?) or if you have to update to the new link (did I miss the announcement or something?). THANKS
  2. There is a new rewards up today. It's 1500 points in exchange for a "mystery glam bag" in a "Throwback Thursday" bag and featuring five deluxe and full-sized products that apparently got "rave reviews". I hesitated to click, but did redeem. Also, I no longer see how many of each reward are left. I rely on groupthink to decide!
  3. I just wanted to point out that the masks actually retail for $6.99 EACH, and the reward was for a four-pack. Baksshi sells the four-packs for $24.99 on their site. The price might be a little higher than, say, what you'd pay for a lot of the Korean sheet masks, but it's of a comparable value to the other rewards. I redeemed for the masks, and also recieved the bareMinerals lipstick this month. I would not have thought coral was the best lip color for me but I actually love it- I wore it out last night immediately after receiving it, and then dit a light application (blotted with tissue) again for work today.
  4. I got the perfume box, as I wanted. My $10 beauty surprise was a Yaby eyeshadow palette is some of the most nauseating colors I've ever seen.
  5. Nope, my polish is a deep teal shade called "Curfew". It is not for sale on their Canadian site and it's marked down to $2.99 in the clearance section of the US site.
  6. More poop for me this April! - Prevage eye serum sample. 2ml in a foil sachet. - LA Splash nail polish in a shade I'm pretty sure is discontinued (it's not on their website) - BH Cosmetics eyeshadow trio worth less than $3 - pur-lisse facial cleanser (I'm okay with this one). They also seem to have blocked me from posting on their Facebook page or something. I post, and then two seconds later my posts always disappear.
  7. Thought I should update as Topbox "resolved" the situation. I posted earlier that I received three tubes of Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara from Topbox (a mini in January, a mini in March, and a full-size as my beauty surprise in March). Today I received the replacement products: TWO PRIMERS. It looks like the mini mascara was replaced by a Pari primer (super-shimmy, called an "eyeshadow enhancer" and recommended for use on the face AND body???) and the full-size beauty surprise version was replaced with a Cover FX Anti-Aging Primer, which is actually ANOTHER duplicate as I received the same product in September 2013.
  8. - Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. I'm happy but shocked at how downmarket Clinique's packaging has gone since I last bought this product a decade or so ago. Unless they cheapened the packaging for beauty boxes. - Belvada Cosmetics Blackhead Facial Mask. Not on the Belvada website and I am suspicious of this brand. - Lashem Picture Perfect Instant Wrinkle Remover. I've tried Nanoblur and not seen significant results; this seems similar. I don't have wrinkles yet but I do want to even out my skin tone. We'll see. - Benefit Bad Gal Lash. This is a duplicate as I received it in my January box. And my $10 beauty surprise was... Benefit Bad Gal Lash! I'm not joking! It was full-size this time, but seriously? Two tubes in one box, plus one in January! If I liked it that much I would buy it; I want to try NEW things in a Topbox. Topbox has promised to remedy the situation, however. I will update!
  9. My Topbox this month (February 2014) included four products, one of which was an old Essie nail polish from their Fall 2012 collection and another being a three-dollar (full size!) lip balm in grape flavor. Definitely not luxurious! I also had a terrible "beauty surprise" last month. I've seen some other blog posts for this month and it looks like they were just clearing out their warehouse and sending old junk to everyone. Lots of people got Cuccio polishes (the same shades that went out in December 2013) and I saw a lot of people receiving a B. Kamins cream that went out in February 2013! I would cancel but they charged me for March a week ago, so I'm stuck with it for another month.
  10. Has anyone else noticed a DRAMATIC increase in the amount of junk e-mail they're getting lately? This time last year no junk mail would get past my filters, and now I sometimes get ten spam messages a day. It started within a month of Glymm going out of business, and I'm wondering if they might have sold their subscriber lists to sketchy advertisers.
  11. Lisa Kisber, the former face of Glossybox in Canada, is pretty much denying anything to do with the mess. I find this rather odd as apparently she also works in a consulting role for her family business which specializes in liquidations. Surely a lawyer with expertise in liquidations (which probably explains all that discontinued crap in the boxes in December!) would know the warning signs of a company going out of business. I also just saw on Twitter that the former CEO of Glossybox (Andrew Tischler) said that he worked for Glossybox.ca while it was undergoing a consolidation into a North America-wide firm. This is in line with what Lisa Kisber said about Glossybox.com taking over Glossybox.ca but Glossybox.com is denying this. Unlike with Glymm, which was registered directly to Paul Fournier, it's harder to trace Glossybox.ca operations (especially recent operations after the "consolidation" overseen by Tischler) back to any individual. I do know Glossybox originated in Europe, so if local operations are licensees or franchisees the German offices might be able to shed some light on what's going on.
  12. I definitely think the beauty box market is saturated with too many companies offering too many boxes, and consequently the available supply of samples (from all companies) is being watered way too thin. I think the beauty companies should scale back their collaborations and only work with the few boxes that have good customer service, reliable shipping and sufficient strong brand partnerships. Let the other ones die off. What has been very apparent here in Canada is that a bad box reflects not only on the box provider, but also on the companies inside the box. Glossybox did possibly-irreparable harm to Revlon and Avon here when they shipped out discontinued, liquidated products from those companies' Eastern European operations. They also sent out expired samples of Prevage, which immediately devalues that luxury brand. I personally believe Glossybox Canada has secretly shut their doors and made off with subscribers' money (much like Glymm did earlier this year), and I do believe that governments need to built stronger protections for consumers of these boxes. Canadian subscribers are no longer sure a box is worth the risk.
  13. And Glymm has officially gone out of business. Apparently they sent an email to subscribers, but I certainly did not receive it. All of their staff have updated their LinkedIn profiles to show they no longer work there. Their PR Director changed her Twitter handle. All Facebook and Twitter accounts have been closed. But the worst part is... NO MONEY WAS RETURNED TO CUSTOMERS What kind of DISGUSTING people still owe customers products from a previous year then auto-bill them for the upcoming year when they know full well they're going out of business within days? Thieves, that's who. Best of luck to everyone disputing charges with their credit card companies. If you didn't get the email there are copies posted online to help you with the dispute.
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