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    Obsessive makeup collector, living in the city with my boyfriend and kitties.
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    Dramatic makeup, collecting all the shiny colors, pottery (I wheel throw and hand build) fostering Bengal kitties
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    Synthpop and Industrial, EBM. Mesh (The UK band, not the US)
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    Dune, Old Man's War, almost any sci fi
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    Urban Decay, Nars, BFTE, Sweet Libertine, Illamasqua, Makeup for Ever
  1. aaagh. I just unsubbed. I forgot November was all about lips. I should have kept it for one more month. *drat*
  2. Thanks! I didn't even realize it at first because it was a small card, and I almost threw it out!!
  3. Shipping notice, but no box yet. I did check out the loyalty program (btw, hi guys, long time but i'm back) and it seems like not as good a deal but they are doing what they can to make up to folks - ie, if you were a continous subscriber you can turn in 250 points for 35$ off $45. I can understand why they'd want to make sure there was some purchase. Honestly the old program was a little too good to be true, and I do want them to remain in business.
  4. So it's been forever since I've been on MUT, but had to log in and share that not only did I get my box today, but I won one of the 100$ Nordstrom Rack gift cards!!! What's wierd though is that it didn't actually come with the card, just a note, and I have to contact them to redeem it.
  5. Aaaack. So sad, I missed the sign up by about a week. Real life has really put a crunch on my ability to be on MUT this year, and I was looking forward to participating. Ah well, I'll watch and admire all the elflings!
  6. That's crazy - I sent it from work Friday the 18th. I did send it from the office and have no control on what route it takes once dropped off, so it's possible USPS got goofy with it. And it was sent very very late (much later than the two week period allotted due to a personal crisis) I hate the Chicago mail system. I'm just relieved it got to you, I was getting really worried.
  7. That's concerning - please let me know when you check again. It was sent on the 18th. I can PM you the address I sent it to to confirm.
  8. Hi - just wanted to make sure that DeSha received the journal?
  9. I'm so sorry. The journal was sent out on Friday. The last two months have seen the end of my 6 year, live in relationship, and I forgot I had it. I sent it USPS and it should be to the next recipient between Wed-Fri.
  10. I'm sorry guys. My 6 year relationship has been imploding and I had an unexpected work trip. I haven't had a chance to write but I don't want to hold it up anymore, since I'd originally planned on getting it out Saturday but life just throws you a curveball sometimes. I'll mail it tomorrow and if there's room at the end to tack me back in, please do.
  11. Maybe it's a cream/balm lip item? Orrr a cheek/lip tint? It could be a match for what's on her mouth.
  12. Where are you guys seeing the follow this thread button? I'm lost too - it feels very messy to me.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Donna529 I emailed memebox about the Banilaco box. It is the 1st box in the many I have ordered that fell way short for me. For the 39 USD I paid I thought it was a rip off. No more branded meme's for me. Was that box the superbox by Banila, or the memebox by Banila, because there were two. I thought the last one spoilered was the memebox not the superbox so I wasn't too annoyed. I was really hoping for a full size of the foundation.
  14. I'm actually happy about getting a palette! I used the one we received last november all the time, and I love collecting shadow colors , so I'd rather get that than blush. On the other hand, I've found myself using almost everything they send, even the staple items from last spring.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Courtnee Cool, I actually don't mind the colour on your lips, think its nice. Thank you! I'm not used to wearing such a bright color on my lips, but it's definitely fun.

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