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  1. I went a little overboard Black Friday shopping. #noregrets So if Birchbox cannot process my payment on the first go do they try it again the next day or do they give you a day to get your affairs in order?
  2. I wanted the curated box but its sold out. I picked the black/grey shadow the only other option was the gold/green and I would never wear that.
  3. The Tarte looks like setting powder. I have some from a gift set awhile ago and it makes me kinda ghostly. This bag looks kinda meh.
  4. I am so interested in the mascara, and so want that palette and polish yet I'm still heavily debating this. Does anyone know if they sell out quickly usually, like do I need to decide ASAP or can I really weigh my decision?
  5. I hoard makeup, rarely use it. After having Mac's Ruby Woo for a whole year I finally got the courage to use it. I think I rocked it. <3 This thread is gonna make me want to do my makeup daily now.
  6. Wow, thats a great deal! I hope its still available come payday. Fingers crossed. Been dying to have a legit Beauty Blender.
  7. @@pearldrop Thanks so much for the info! Signing him up ASAP. I'm so using his account for points to spoil myself though! Mawhaha.
  8. They look to be bigger. At least the one quad sample I have from Coastal Scents is super tiny (and everyone wants to talk about theBalm for small samples!). I do really like the mauve/pink pair. How does this sample choice work? Do I get to pick a for sure item for my box each month? I kinda think I got the jist and super bummed I got stuck with a shadowstick this month instead of a fabulous red lippie because of not realizing I could choose.
  9. Do I get anything referring friends? And if I sign my BF up for a box will I get any awesomeness for referring him? Sorry for the questions, but I knew if anybody knew the answers it would be ya'll. I think my BF would love to get a box but I wanna get the most bang for my buck before I pull the trigger.
  10. Just joined the waitlist. That bag is so much better value (so far) than the Sephora one.
  11. Couple things, is the packaging the same lipstick packaging so far because it is totally adorable. And how do I sign up for the waitlist? I'm in Dayton, smack between two of the original test markets and got so annoyed when I first saw it announced. But now that they are seemingly sending to other cities I wanna jump on this sample train!
  12. J. Cat eyeliner pencil - ugh hate eyeliner pencils, I only use gel. Figs & Rouge primer - I'll use it. Crown crease brush - always love brushes! Dermelect ugly nude color polish Smashbox mascara The bag is fab though. Rather lacklustsr for my first ipsy. Is there a special referral bonus if I refer myself?
  13. Does the price go up after a presale? I need that polish and palette!

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