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  1. I've definitely been taking advantage of free or cheap samples offered by companies directly. For example, Alima Pure offers $1.50 samples of products and they send two free samples with every order on top of that. I wanted to try the Dr. Hauschka line, so I just bought the sample kit for about the price I would pay for a sub box and tried out all the products before I decided which I really wanted in full-size. Sephora also offers a few sample kits with travel sized products at the register. I think as the market becomes more saturated companies are willing to offer free or affordable samples of their products to customers on their websites. I've noticed quite a few smaller natural companies doing this. Also, if I want a good deal I'll look at ebay. It can be a good resource for new, unused beauty items that regular people or authorized dealers want to sell, including lots of samples and travel-sized products.
  2. Was the lip scrub full-size? I noticed the sticker on the bottom said it was 1 oz, but it looked like the label for the full-sized product had been slapped on a sample. I could be wrong, but it doesn't quite look like 1 oz to my eyes. Maybe .5 or .6 of an ounce? A bit misleading, but I still enjoy it. I too passed on the spring cleaning box. I have way too many products as it is. I'm starting to just buy samples from the companies themselves when I want to try a particular product. I'm also finding products I really like and getting into more of a routine, so for now Goodebox every other month is my only subscription. If the July box is a bust I'll probably cancel.
  3. Wow, the May favorites box really was a good one. Mine arrived in the mail today and included: A full-sized 1.7 oz Coola Cucumber mineral facial sunscreen with spf 30 (retails for $36!), a packet of the Honey Stinger pomegranate passion energy chews, a full-sized Keeki organic lip shimmer in "flirty," 1 oz samples of both the Pangea Organics Japanese matcha tea with acai and goji berry facial mask and the Nigerian ginger sweet lavender and thyme facial cream, a 2 oz sample of the Spa Technologies hydrating laminaria oil, and two teas from Teatulia. I'm most excited about the facial sunscreen because the ingredient list looks perfect for my skin.
  4. Someone asked on Facebook what was in the May favorites box and Yuzen replied with the a list of the individual items from past boxes: "Our current Favorites box has perfect summer prep products - Coola sunscreen, Spa Technologies body oil, a rich Pangea facial mask, Keeki lip shimmer, a light moisturizer from Pangea, Teatulia teas, fruity energy chews... You'll love it! Thank you for ordering!"
  5. I ordered the favorites box last night after they revealed on Facebook what was included. I noticed this morning that they're sold out again until July and they've changed the price to $29. Still a good deal though since in the past I've calculated about $77 in value and lots of large sample sizes from the favorites boxes. I like being able to see if the contents fit my needs before I order, so I've been really happy with this one-time payment system for boxes, but with their increased popularity that might not be the case anymore.
  6. After spending a bit of time with the products, I think I like this May box much better than my March box. The March box had two full-sized products, so the size of the box was impressive. However, I wasn't a fan of the products. I don't use toner, the eye cream made my eyes itch, the scalp mud treatment didn't come with directions and ended up being a disaster in terms of getting it out of my hair, and the hair removal product was quite sticky and ineffective for me so I ended up tossing it. The only product that was a win for me was the Astara daily facial scrub. It's still a part of my routine. Now, the May box is smaller (and I'll still criticize it for two of the six items being edible) but I like the brands a lot more. I've heard goods things about Shea Terra and I like the elixer both as a face wash and as a mask. I've wanted to tried this brand for a while now. I'm using the vitamin C serum and gave the lightening one to someone who was looking for something to deal with dark spots from acne scars. My lip scrub is raspberry lemonade and I'm not sure what it's doing but it's fun to use. The chai bar was fine for a snack but the gum only kept its flavor for about 20 seconds and then it was completely flavorless. So I'm using three of the six products regularly and enjoying them. And the ingredients list for all of the May products are a lot cleaner and more straightforward than the March box. The April box did look more fun in terms of the tinted lip balm and the Alima Pure pigments. Still slightly perturbed that I haven't gotten any makeup or hair items yet. I've never tried the lip balm but I love their foundation and eyeshadows. (And they send three free samples with every order.) Odd that there was no "expert" this time around, I wonder if they're changing their format?
  7. I signed up for the bi-monthly sub box and have gotten the March and May boxes. I realized after opening my second box that I haven't gotten a single makeup or hair product yet! That was a little disconcerting. A mix of makeup and skincare would be ideal, but I've been inundated with skincare so far. (I also thought two "beauty food" items in the May box was pushing it for a sub that isn't supposed to focus on snacks.) I've been thinking about canceling and getting the All Natural Face box because I feel like I have more skincare items them I'll ever need. Or perhaps Eco Emi? They seem to do a decent job of servicing a large member base and incorporating different types of products. So yeah, the fact that I've missed out on the tinted lip balms and the more makeup focused boxes is disappointing. I definitely indicated I was interested in makeup in the questionnaire. I wrote to tell them that concentrating all the makeup items in one month's box can mean those of us on the bi-monthly plan only get skincare from the sub service and they wrote back essentially saying "Well, last month's box had a lot of makeup in it so this month's didn't." I'm not even sure they read my email because they were talking to me as if I was getting the June box when I clearly stated I am on the bi-monthly plan, didn't get the April box with all the makeup items, and wouldn't be getting another box until July. I've also noticed that people that make a stink on their Facebook page get a much longer and more thoughtful answer than those of us who would rather contact them privately through email to share out feedback. I thought I would give this service one more month and then decide if it's really for me. Was there an expert curator this month? I tossed the card but I don't remember seeing one. I still like the idea of getting to try out brands through samples, and I like the idea of the surprise. I've come to think of Goodebox as a natural alternative to Birchbox in terms of the size and number of samples. But out of twelve products in my first two boxes I would consider purchasing a Shea Terra product, an Astara product, and maybe a serum from Pure+Remedy. Three for twelve isn't great. I'm curious to see what people get in the Spring Cleaning box. I briefly considered getting it but it sold out in a matter of hours. And I really don't need any more samples for the time being.
  8. I found myself liking the Favorites Box better than the Spring box, actually. In the Spring box I didn't care for the fragrance or the Jane Iredale lip treatments (Though the PureMoist LipColor line is fantastic and not drying. I love the color Renee, a really unusual bring pink for a natural line.) I gave away the moisture mask (not right for my skin type, but the antioxidant mask by Juara is one of my favorites) and the bath salts (don't do blue dye). Over the past few months I really enjoyed the espresso scrub, the marine repair cream, the candle and of course the truffles. I still have a decent amount of product left. Both boxes come out to a similar cash value of around $75. But I'm just more impressed with the quality and size of the products in the Favorites box because they're more useful to me personally. The fragrance collection is much more appealing to me than the Spring fragrance. The Red Flower cream & cleanser, the cowgirl ranch hand cream, and the bath salts all smell amazing in their own way (I don't say that about too many products) and I really like the ingredient lists. I haven't tried the Jamu oil or the Almonds, but I'm intrigued. I like that the oil is so multi-purpose. Great sized samples and really great, high-quality ingredients. I hope that Yuzen will offer more boxes like this in the future because I like getting an idea of whether or not the contents are mostly things that fit my skin type and needs. It's also nice that they don't charge any extra shipping because I've seen some companies that do for these special boxes.
  9. Did anyone purchase the Yuzen favorites gift box? They recently sold out of the Spring boxes and are offering a one-time "favorites" box instead right now until the Summer box in May. I was intrigued because it's not a recurring subscription and I wasn't a member when these previous samples were sent out. Anyone have experience with these products in past Yuzen boxes? http://www.yuzenbox.com/gift-yuzen-favorites/
  10. I noticed quite a few threads on Goodebox from months prior but nothing current. I'm curious if anyone has any recent experience with this box? I signed up this past weekend after canceling Yuzen. I thought Yuzen was a decent service (I picked it out of a list of natural beauty box services I started investigating back in December: Kara's Way, Eco Emi, Green Grab Bag, etc.), but the change to quarterly and a less than satisfying encounter with their customer service gave me some doubts. I could have stuck it out another quarter, but I wasn't sure the value was there for me personally to justify the $26 and three months is a long time to wait between boxes. Plus I'm a college student and I hope to start saving more once I'm working full-time, so I told myself I get only one subscription service. Goodebox pique my interest because I like that they have an every other month option. (Didn't want to look back in a year and realize I spent a small fortune on samples.) Judging from past boxes, the offerings were consistently things I would like or at least enjoy trying out. I expect to receive less volume for $16 than I maybe expected from Yuzen at $26, but honestly my Yuzen box was very similar to sample sizes found in a Goodebox. I also liked that they have a curator each month, makes the selection feel more purposeful. I'm hoping I miraculously get a February box at the end of the month instead of having to wait until the end of March for my first, but I'm not sure how many subscribers they have or the likelihood of extra boxes.
  11. As I start to use the products I'm realizing that a little goes a long way, so I'm not as bummed about the size anymore. The scrub and the repair cream are very nice so far, though I don't see myself buying the full sized versions. I like the idea of an every other month option, but every three months is a bit too delayed for me. So I think I'm going to give Goodebox a try and cancel Yuzen for the time being.
  12. I might be in the minority here, but I'll throw this out there incase anyone else agrees. I was disappointed with the Feb-April box. First of all, no full sized products. The largest sample was the espresso body scrub at 2 fl oz. The avocado banana mask was meaningless to me because you can request free samples from the company's website through this sample request form. They'll send you a .5 oz sample and two smaller packet samples at no charge, and you get to choose the products. This is how the cost breakdown went for me using the sample sizes and the full-sized retail value: Value of box: Perfume sample- $0.60 Bath salt sample- $2.26 Candle- $14 Marine repair cream- $14.40 (estimated sample at .3 oz) Mask- $6.25 Scrub- $12.80 Chocolate- $4.00 Lip stain- $6.25 (0.02 oz sample estimate and $25 full-sized at .08 oz) Lip drink- $1.33 (0.02 oz sample estimate and $12 full-sized at .18 oz) Lip plumper- $6.25 (0.02 oz sample estimate and $25 full-sized at .08 oz) Total: $68.14 The two items inflating the value of the box are the candle and the repair cream, two items that are (in my opinion) way over-priced at their full-sized retail value. No way would I ever pay $14 for a mini candle barely the size of a shot glass. The lip treatments were incredibly drying on me (except the lip stain). The bath salts were useless to me because I don't use products with Brilliant Blue FCF (one of the reasons I got into natural products was to avoid artificial colorants that can give me a reaction). I think the product I was most satisfied with were the truffles, which is odd to say about a box aimed at skincare and beauty. I personally would pay around $5 for the mini candle, $7 for the espresso scrub, $5 for the facial cream sample, $4 for the chocolates, and maybe $5 for the lip stain. The rest of the products were either of no use to me or were available for free elsewhere. That's a personal value of only $26. This is my first box after a mix-up with my January order and my first impression is to cancel this subscription and look into Goodebox for $16 every other month.

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