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  1. You guys are the best What's so crazy is how well this makeup worked for me because I have super dry skin and milia around my eyes that makeup loves to cling to. Most gurus on YouTube complain about how cakey this foundation is and how it clings to dry patches, but I have never seen my complexion look so natural. Where I fake tAn, my color is the one for medium with neutral undertones, maybe number 28? Matches perfectly. But yeah, with all the colors I seriously took a while guess haha I do want to say though that I think the biggest factor is the setting powder I use..Ben Nye is INCREDIBLE! Have you ladies tried it?
  2. maysj18


    I am shocked at how few people use or talk about this line of hair care. Granted, it is an Aussie company but I bought it at TJ Maxx on a whim and whoa, it's incredible! I have always used Wen as I love the concept; however, this shampoo is actually very similar. Short list of ingredients, no parabens/sulfates/blah blah, and of course no animal testing. I got a massive shampoo/conditioner set for $28 and it will last forever. My hair has never been so manageable. I haven't deep conditioned in weeks (see ya later macadamia!). I hope some of you will try it! I have insane frizzy hair and they have two lines for those like me, but they also have a tea tree oil variant for people with thin hair. My mom got that one and she adores it. She's skipped conditioner before because of it. Attached is a picture of my fro so you can get a better idea of my hair type.
  3. So I have been using Xen Tan for the last year and recently had the idea to use a gradual tanner on the days I don't use the Xen Tan. So far it's been working pretty awesome. I don't notice much of a fade at all between applications. I have looked everywhere to see if Anyone else has done this but to no Avail. And just some additional info: I mix Xen Tan Absolute Luxe with a thick body cream and once I have showered off the color guard, I am about 4 foundation shades darker than my natural tone. I build for 2 days and that will last about 5 days. Well now instead of building, I use a gradual tanner everyday I don't apply the Xen Tan and the color lasts really well. Any opinions?
  4. Lock It foundation with Ben Nye Banana powder and Naked3 for the eyes
  5. Mine is Clinique's Lash Doubling mascara. It is so wonderful. Not clumpy at all and makes my eyelashes so pretty! The onlyproblem is that my eyes water which causes it to bleed really bad. It bleeds worse than any other mascara I've tried. Problem solved by getting the waterproof version ))
  6. And when I say get your heart rate as high as possible, I don't mean that. I meant get your heart rate to as high as it can be while still being in the healthy range. Theres a way to figure out your target heart rate. You can google it
  7. Hey! Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in. Just because you cant run for 10 miles doesn't mean you can't get a good cardio workout. There is a form of training called HIITS, which stands for high intensity interval training. Basically, you try to get your heart rate as high possible and hold it there for 1-2 minutes, then cool down for 2 minutes, then raise it again, then cool down. Do this for 15 to 20 minutes. What I would do is get on the treadmill and walk on an incline to warm up at 5 mph, then I canceled the incline and sprinted at 9 mph for 1 minute, then walk at 5 mph with the incline for 2 minutes, thensprinted again. I only did this for 20 minutes. Strength training is also veryyyy wonderful and you will NOT become bulky like most women think. It is the best way to tighten because with cardio you are breaking down muscle, so to build it back you must strength train. Planks, push ups, and other exercises are great. Search youtube for core work outs and HIITS workouts and alternate for a couple days a week. Youll love it and it will give you some variety!
  8. Hey vogueboy, will you message me?? I see that you're a moderator and I have a question
  9. That's fine! I was skeptical of it but it actually covers dark circles well! Have you ever used it?
  10. I mentioned it in my comment. The Maybelliene Vitamin C Dark Circle Corrector. It's wonderful and I hardly have to neutralize anymore because my dark circles are so much better
  11. They line the bottom of my orbital bone one the areas closest to my nose, are tiny and match the color of my skin for the most part. My problem is they cling to any sort of makeup, making them so much more noticeable. I moisturize twice daily, always use creams specifically made for the eye area, exfoliate a couple of times during the week, and all in all take very good care of my face yet these little bumps won't go away. Anyone else have these?
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