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  1. I'm trying to hold out for when those stupid UD eyeliners go on Sale... -.- anyone have any clue when this will happen?
  2. This is my first empties. So Here I go.. I also managed to HIT PAN on several items. Full Sized : Bath and Body works Shower gel in Butterfly Flower Dove go fresh Deodorant in Rebalance Bath and body works Shower gel in Wild apple Daffodil L'oreal power moisture shampoo L'oreal power moisture conditioner Dove cream oil shea butter body lotion, Not only full size, but 25% bigger bonus size! St. Ives apricot scrub Giant Mouthwash 1.5 liters Elf Brush Shampoo bath and body work sensual amber body wash ( i sure did a good job getting through my body wash this month) A Giant bag of cotton balls jumbo sized 600 count ( this is a feat because I have loads of cotton balls) ONyx professional Moisturizing formula nail polish remover 16 oz. Biore Combination skin balancing cleanser Revlon Colorstay foundation Jenna Kidd lipgloss ( YES I actually used up a lipgloss!) Art Deco black nail polish Color Club black nail polish ( both are the lining polish) Deluxe: Urban Decay Primer Potion in Travel size. I used up all of it Even cut it to get it out. Burts Bees hand salve Foils: Face Cleanser from First aid Beauty Soap and Glory body butter REN clean skin hydra-calm global protection day clean There were more foils but I lost them... =( Over all I tried real hard to keep my empties.
  3. So the old formulas are worth the 6 dollars they are now!? I was gonna buy ten after my friend purchased me one for my bday. Glitter rock..... I LOVE theses and I can justify buying them cause I have nothing like them. So I bought two more. Star gazer and diamond dog. But I will own all of them. They are really amazing and I've been getting non stop compliments. Even if I wear glasses. I normally just use it in my lid. Then use a matte shadow that's complimentary on my crease to blend it better then just apply the brow bone color. It's amaze balls! Ill attach a photo of my look today. Simple and goregous
  4. I have been soon pretty well. I started out wanting to make this month a complete no buy. But seeing as this is my first attempt later on I decided to make it a low buy. This was to try to train my brain to know I don't need extra things. My huge problem is wanting to but things just because they're on sale. I've been pretty good avoiding that. For example I went all chic week without caving and buying things just because they were 15% off. It might sound silly to some. But it's my own personal problem. I've been known to buy lots of junk just because it said sale! I have bought a few things. I purchased the aqualillies palette a few says ago. And some items from urban decay ( bf rewarded me 40 dollars so it was practically a gift) when urban decay was having that 2 day sale I wanted to buy all of the palettes and primer potion even though I have so many primer potions I won't need any til I'm 40! ... That's horrible. But I didn't do it! In proud of myself for that one. I believe may I will try a complete no buy. This excludes my 5 yr anniversary. I still have to purchase him a gift! But I really am determined. I've spent way too much the last few months. I have to do an empties here in a few days! I've hit pan on loads if items and completely used up several things. I'm even including the Pens I've used too. Cause that's an accomplishment even if its not makeup I still buy way too many pens. Lol! Lemme know how everyone has done this month. Since its almost over!
  5. [/img] EOTD -- Uzi on brow bone, free love under that. Psychedelic sister in crease and fishnet on the lid. The liners I chose today was yeyo in tearduct and mainline on the lash line and bottom lash line
  6. Blah! Curse you low-buy April! I seen this early this morning and naturally wanted to jump on these offers ( sold off a lot of my old fun, dangerous and feminine palettes) ... then I have this travel size setting spray but REALLY want to buy the full size since mine is almost gone. BUT NO! I had JUST made a purchase at sephora for the Tarte Aqualillies palette and that order alone exceeds my monthly spending money for the low buy =(
  7. I'm waiting it our. I hope they post it may1st when I'm allowed to buy again. Since I've been on a no buy all month.
  8. Lol, Meaganola you got me excited. But those are the shadow pencils on sale, not the liners. I have those shadow pencils and I'm not that found of them really.. =( Or any creamy shadow.. Lol. >.< Im waiting for them to put the liners in the sale section. once they do I'm buying every one of them.
  9. Lol! Tulosai, that's funny. And really sweet of him though! My boyfriend doesn't really mind when it comes to makeup or even nailpolish because he knows I'll use them and take care or them. But history shows when it comes to purses I destroy them. sometimes he's a little more strict than I want him to be. He's really holding me to my NO BUY / LOW BUY month.. And I wanna kick him for it sometimes, lol >.< May 1st I'd definately purchasing atleast 1 moondust. I'm not kidding when I say they are gorgeous. I have nothing like it in my collection so I can justify it. hehe.
  10. Day 22..... I am golden thus far. But I need to thank my boyfriend for that. Went to sephora Saturday and was soooo tempted my the fragrance sample boxes. Apparently they have a new one filled with perfumes I haven't tried.... I wanted it so bad. Along with everything else in the store. The urban decay moon dusts were there and I played with them and they are as nice as i thought theys be... i needed them. But my friend bought me one for a late birthday present. So I now own "glitter rock" and friggin love it. Then we went into the new Vera Bradley store and I thought I'd be okay going there because I'm not that big if a Vera Bradley fan i mean I like them but I ruin purses so It wouldn't be worth it for me..... BUT I was wrong! I went in there and they have suuuuch cuuuuute purses I wanted one soooo bad.... But my bf came to the rescue when he told me that I'm friggin crazy and NO WAY on the purse hehe. Looking back he's right. It would have been a regretful splurge purchase, but I'm thinking of having him get me one for our anniversary next month. But hes more against the price than I am. So I unno go I'm going to pull that one off
  11. It depends on the individual. But according to several articles your hair grows 1/2 and inch every month.
  12. Uh oh loops, that sounds like trouble. Go in with Bandana around your eyes, earplugs in your ears and some type of breathing apparatus that blocks the smell of perfume from your nostrils. Hope all goes well with her situation, but make sure your spending situation is in control. That seems so horrible haha. I've been having loads of temptations or just in general days I want to go but something new.... A lot of those days recently. I think it's because of the stress I am suffering from. Only 3 weeks of college left and I have so many things due. Let alone studying for finals. I just want to go shopping to help me feel better. And if I added sephora to that mess id surely buy something. Hold strong for the both of us lol
  13. So so soooo pretty! I'll do my EOTD too! This is fun. hehe. wearing the Naked basics palette W.O.S on lid, naked 2 on crease, faint on outter crease and venus on brow bone, using Whiskey today! My fav. chocolate brown eyeliner. EVER. =D With yeyo on the tear duct. I'm also wearing benefit they're real mascara and my browns are done using my all time favorite brow kit - Wet n Wild's ash brown kit. It's amazing, I've been using it for years and years now, never once have I switched. Tried others but I just LOVE it. =D
  14. 16.50 shipping included, sold several already, lol.
  15. Java, I've tried that, but since I got the urban decay eyeliner vault I can't stop using different liners. I literately have maybe 2 sharpens on my perversion pencil yet, but it's taking forever to finish it up, lol.Good luck! Keep me updated, I'm curious too. =D And Lioness , I completely understand. Especially the Sale section of Sephora. But I'm at the point where my BF has me feeling guilty if I buy it, cause He's the one who gets the mail, so he'll know. Lol.>.< Its awful. We need Make up Anonymous for real!
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